Coke Zero, Diet coke, Diet Pepsi or Pepsi Max. Which one do you prefer?

Posted 2nd Jun 2022
I think Pepsi Max.
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  1. mutley1's avatar
    regular coke. all the diet ones taste terrible and i would rather just have water.
  2. echobase's avatar
    Pepsi max but if you’re a tight gitlike
    me Aldi Zx cola is decent for 47p for 2 litres.
  3. Toon_army's avatar
    Green tea for me
    Rmcstar's avatar
  4. Dubski's avatar
    I prefer pepsi max too 🤤
  5. Mich8ll8's avatar
    Coke Zero without a doubt!
  6. immy_ashraf's avatar
    Coke zero
  7. bozo007's avatar
    Coke Zero
  8. optrex10's avatar
    Pepsi Max then diet coke. Coke zero is vile and has a disgusting after taste you'd be better off drinking lidls own brand (edited)
    cecilmcroberts's avatar
    Agrees with this.
  9. preecey's avatar
    Pepsi Max is better than Coke Zero.

    However, this is unpopular opinion - I'm VERY partial to Coke Zero Vanilla. Love the stuff.
  10. psychobitchfromhell's avatar
    Pepsi max
  11. darkstryder360's avatar
    Diet Coke/Coke Zero. I can't tell the difference.

    Pepsi Max is purely drank only when Coke isn't available. 2nd best, and always will be.
  12. fattyflumpalump's avatar
    Pepsi max
  13. Ukguy101's avatar
    Pepsi Max beats them all with ease.
  14. col1001's avatar
    Another vote for Pepsi Max
  15. Mr.Plow's avatar
    It's Pepsi Max from me too
    Rmcstar's avatar
    Thought you'd be a lucozade only fan
  16. RadiantDuck's avatar
    Pepsi Max ginger
    fattyflumpalump's avatar
    That wasn't an option but I'm with you on that one
  17. Trevormal's avatar
    Coke Zero
  18. Conkers816's avatar
    Started off on full fat Coke when I was about 19 for a few years before switching to Diet. Stuck with that for 30 odd years (and no doubt many thousands of pounds!) before trying the "new" Coke Zero a few years back and immediately switching.

    Don't mind Pepsi Max in a pinch though.
  19. Haircut_100's avatar
    I don’t really have any preference of them, I tend to more often have a Pepsi Max than the others but that’s only because I tend to find better deals on them in places like Heron Foods or Home Bargains. But really though I don’t mind any of them or even Lidl or Aldi’s own brand diet colas, I’ll happily just go with whatever is cheapest and not really notice too much of a difference between them all.
  20. slimy31's avatar
    Pepsi max.
  21. infectious's avatar
    Pepsi Max.
  22. ChelseaRae's avatar
  23. JohnStuartEtheridge's avatar
    None of them
  24. nopartylikeansclubparty's avatar
    Cole zero all the way
  25. Ozzark3's avatar
    By far Pepsi Max for me
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