How to resign from retail shop (boots)

Posted 21st Jul 2023
Hi, I wanted to resign from my first job at boots. I was told by my manager I would need to give 4 weeks notice. Do I just copy a template from Google saying when I am resigning and give that to them? Or would I be doing it wrong?
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    Yep, copy from google, ask ChatGPT, whatever. As long as it's clear that you're resigning and last working day will be X then that's all you need.

    Don't need to go into all the detail about how much you've enjoyed it and that you'll miss everyone and blah blah blah, just treat it as a formality for HR purposes (although you can if you really want). (edited)
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    You can quit without any notice, just don't expect a decent reference if you don't follow the company guidance.
    Historically companies could withold pay as it was seen as gross misconduct, that practise is now illegal and your company has to pay you for every hour you worked.

    Don't overthink your notice, no templates needed, it just has to be clear you're leaving and in writing, use this:

    Dear *Manager Name*

    I wish to end my employment with *Company Name*, I have enjoyed my time here and will miss the friends I've made, I thank you for the opportunity.

    My last working day will be on *DD/MM/YYYY*

    Best regards,
    *Employee Name*
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    (Insert Date)
    Dear ..........,

    I am sorry for your loss. I will be leaving on the th of the month


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    good luck in your next venture
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    Mahir_Qz5 Author
    Thanks I’ve got 2 pharmacy resits so need to focus on those
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    What branch you work at?
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    Not an employment lawyer but pretty sure you don't need to give them 4 weeks notice either. That's just the boss trying to exert their last ounce of control and make it easier for them to find a replacement before you leave. If it suits you to keep working for 4 more weeks then by all means do so. If you'd like to leave sooner do so when suits you. 2 weeks notice would be ample imho. I left retail jobs with 1 weeks notice no issues before.
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    Boots is 4 weeks according to employment websites
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    depends what it says in your contract if u signed one (edited)
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    I resigned via text to manager in 2017.

    Text was just one line.
    I am resigning and please treat today as start of my notice period.

    I asked him next day if he needs any email, he said that he used screenshot of my text and sent to HR to initiate exit formalities.
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    Do you have a copy of your contract? It should stipulate the notice and terms. The notice usually depends on your type of employment and how long you've been working for the company.
    Might be worth checking with HR if you don't want to lose any pay.
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    Just write a simple thank you and goodbye letter stating your official last date of employment and then hand it into the manager that’s all you need
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    I don't know if you are working full time, but do think carefully about resigning. Fair enough, you want to concentrate on your resits but the experience presumably you are gaining now in the pharmacy section (?) may well help when you are applying for a job after graduating.

    Pharmacies are closing including Boots and Lloyds.
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    Lloyds folded but boots its not closing, they are reevaluating there estate
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