Is Lidl overcharging you??

Posted 26th Nov 2022
I'm a long-term, generally satisfied Lidl customer. However, of late, I've noticed something that's bothering me & that's the difference between the price indicated on the shelf & the price you're charged at the checkout.
It's been happening to me for a few months now & whilst I've noted it, I haven't really done anything about it. However last week, there were THREE items in my shopping where I'd been overcharged; leeks £1.19 vs 99p, broccoli 95p vs 85p & one where they'd scanned my Low GI loaf (£1.49) as a sourdough loaf (£1.69). I pointed these mistakes out to the checkout operator who duly corrected everything. However you are very aware that you're holding up everyone in the queue while someone is despatched to confirm the shelf prices.
So I shopped earlier this week & blow me down, the same thing happened again! I spotted that I'd been charged 85p for bread flour vs the 75p shelf price. The guy on the till sorted it but it wasn't until I got home that I realised I'd been stiffed for my loose peppers (45p vs 35p) & a couple of other items I need to check on to be 100% sure about.
This only seems to happen at Lidl (Aldi is fine) & I'm disinclined to put this down to 'accidents' because if this was happening 'accidentally' then I'd expect instances where I get undercharged & I don't.
Being honest, to me, the sums involved...10p here, 20p there...aren't that big a deal but to some people, they may well be & it's very likely they aren't even aware it's happening to them. Anyone who shops at Lidl & Aldi knows checking out is a pressured, race against the clock & not everyone checks their till receipts.
I have written to Lidl & they say take your receipt back to get a refund, which is nice but frankly, in this day and age, this kind of thing simply shouldn't be happening... especially when we're in the middle of a cost of living crisis!
Anyone else out there had this happen to them or is it just me??
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  1. SaymynameSaymyname's avatar
    This is 9/10 down to the manager on morning shift , Head office sends price tickets to store, its up to the Manager on morning shift to replace the price tickets.

    When you go to Tesco Asda Morrison Sainsburys vs Lidl Aldi do you see the difference in staff working, they are a budget supermarket with low prices so less staff therefore staff have more work to do and errors. But on the other hand your Local Store might have poor staff. (edited)
  2. EveryPennyCounts123's avatar
    This has happened to me a few times in Lidl but I’ve just left it and paid the extra. Just this afternoon in Home Bargains I was charged 99p on an item listed as 89p so it has happened elsewhere too. I think Aldi are better at updating their prices too.
    But if you ask me, Lidl are expensive for some things versus Aldi, home style chips 10p more, peas 4p more, deep pan pizzas 4p more are just some. Their basic foil is £1.22, Asda 68p and basic tissues £1.35, Asda £1.10
  3. deleted2646400's avatar
    Anonymous User
    So this is happening as they have increased the price of the product but forgot to change the shelf price. They will go back and change the shelf price for future customers.

    inflation for you. The price of sunflower oil has gone from £1.10 to £2.10 in one year.
    Joe90_guy's avatar
    Joe90_guy Author
    I remember the '70s so I'm well versed in how inflation plays out & I don't think this is what's happening at Lidl. Tesco, Aldi, Waitrose & Sainsburys all have to contend with rising prices but they manage to keep their shelf & till prices in alignment. It helps enormously that all of their prices can be instantly checked online, so there's never any dispute as to what the 'correct' price is. Lidl, for whatever reason, DON'T have a reference of online item prices, which leads to ambiguity which is I suspect, open to exploitation.

    It's not always the case but as often as not, the price discrepancies happen with 'offers' & I see this as especially problematic. You might see a special offer (eg for 99p leeks or 35p red peppers) & you think, 'Ah-ha! Cheap price. They're not on my shopping list but I'll stock up regardless'. When the offer price isn't honoured, you feel like you've been tricked into buying something you might otherwise have passed on. (edited)
  4. bigbargainberni's avatar
    I always check my receipt and always make them refund me. It's almost every time I go in a supermarket now that the price is different yes always higher at the til. Morrisons is terrible for this. Especially on the offers. If they screw an extra 50pence out of every customer that's a helluva profit for nothing. I am not going to let them away with it. The bloke on customer service in my local Morrisons hates me lol.
  5. JHD007's avatar
    Hmm interesting, I’ll be checking my receipts in future.
  6. leejay's avatar
    Yep noticed a few times and I wonder how many people are charged the full price on reduced item’s because in our lidl they like to put the reduced sticker near but not over the old barcode, especially on meat items.
    bozo007's avatar
    I learnt to check for this a few years ago. Now, I cover the original barcode before scanning; always use self service machine, so works for me.
  7. nandy's avatar
    Yes this has happened a few times to me. Like you say it's a pain having to wait in the queue to get a refund. There has been a few times when I just didn't bother because I didn't have time to wait. Contacted Lidl and they say "sorry, just go back for refund". The thing is it shouldn't be happening all the time
    I used to feel ashamed going back when it was only 10p but now I think why should I let them off, they wouldn't let me off if I was 10p short.

    This also happens in my local Morrisons. I stopped going because of them always overcharging but the other day I needed Soya Milk and Lidl have stopped selling it so I went to Morrisons. Sure enough they charged me £1.99 for potatoes costing 69p. Had to stand in a long queue for a refund

    Makes you wonder if it is an accident or they're doing it deliberately.
  8. dunny06's avatar
    Asda is the same with their reduced items that scans at full price lol
    48845567_1.jpg (edited)
  9. milady's avatar
    Another thing or tactic I've noticed, not in Lidl but elsewhere like Home Bargains, is a shelf of cheap goods and then one expensive item in the middle with no shelf price tag at all. You might be tempted to think, "well everything else is cheap, this won't be that much", but you don't know. And it's never something cheap that's missing its tag, either, just like it's always an overcharge and not an undercharge.
  10. anaxom's avatar
    This happened to me as well. Cashier wasn't really happy as she had to go to check the prices on the shelves especially with a long queue of customers!
  11. DealHub's avatar
    Just happened to me. Just bought a tub of 50 bubblemint chewing gum. It said 0.99 on the label, but 1.29 on the receipt I'll be querying it in the morning.
  12. Hearand's avatar
    Sadly it happens in all supermarkets, they miss changing shelf labels. Legally they don’t have to sell at the shelf edge anyway. Getting the store to refund after the event will be tricky as they probably have changed the label since then.
  13. IAmATeaf's avatar
    I get this regularly at my local Morrisons so we are in the habit of always checking. Just 2 weeks ago we got overcharged for some Warbortons bagels and Imperial Leather soap bars so had to go to CS, which in my local Morrisons is never staffed to get just under £6 refunded back.
    Joe90_guy's avatar
    Joe90_guy Author
    At least there's a customer service desk at Morrisons. Lidl has zip, nada, nichts. (edited)
  14. Kornelius's avatar
    Prices in LIDL are rising faster than they can update shelf labels
    rev6's avatar
    Cheese Garlic breads are 99p now. I almost walked out (edited)
  15. HappyShopper's avatar
    This is not a new phenomenon and, unfortunately, isn't restricted to LIDL.

    I think it is more frequent/acute at the moment due to staff shortages and fast rising prices.

    I find it tends to happen more frequently on items that are on promotion - the promotion finishes but the SEL isn't updated and is still showing the promotional price - thing is, promotional prices tend to sway your buying decision so it's frustrating when you get to the till for the item to scan at the non-promotional price.

    I always highlight this to staff there and then when this happens and they always reduce the price accordingly. To save time, I also take a picture of the item and price on the shelf and show this to staff which sometimes saves them running to check.

    As a side note, I think stores/supermarkets are really struggling with staff recruitment - my local ALDI still has non-food items from many months ago for sale and this whole area is an absolute mess - the OCD in me really struggles not to start tidying up.
  16. sjs31's avatar
    I've found it happens in all supermarkets (even at M&S occasionally!) so I always scan down the receipt before leaving the store.

    If at Tesco or Asda I say that "I've been overcharged" - in addition to a refund Asda gives a Gift Card with a couple of quid on it as an apology and Tesco has a 'double the difference' policy

    At my local Sainsbury's I use their hand-scanners when shopping so can spot errors immediately. ( I also take a photo of the shelf price to show staff at checkout so they can over-ride the price).
    A chap at Sainsbury's admitted some of their shelf-edge price labels are often wrong as the 'person responsible for changing them' isn't always there!
  17. AMaky's avatar
    Since covid I pretty much jave food delivery.
    However, tesco used to do double the difference price before. on meat joints when offer still on shelf ticket but not the till, used to be nearly free.
  18. Azwipe's avatar
    Always happens in Lidl as the staff aren't updating the shelf price. The Aldi stores near us have electronic prices on the shelves so they are always accurate.
  19. melted's avatar
    If it continues to be a frequent problem, you could put in a complaint with Trading standards mentioning how frequently it happens and that you have previous made them aware of the issue by telling their own head office about it in writing etc.

    Perhaps the member of staff who is supposed to update the labels is lazy, or more likely they don't have enough staff to run the store and keep up with the constantly updating shelf prices and the manager doesn't consider displaying correct pricing a priority.
  20. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Happened for years in my local Lidl, always check before I leave shop.
  21. NicPowell's avatar
    Asda are just as bad, always queuing at customer service because I check my receipt on the way out and spot several over charges. And it's always an over charge like you say but never an under charge which seems very convenient. And no it's not because of the recent price rises as its been going on for years
  22. milady's avatar
    Funny you should mention it, it's happened to me once recently where I did a double take but then I thought "oh well". It wasn't worth travelling back 35 minutes for about ten pence or whatever it was.
  23. u664541's avatar
    Always confudes me in Lidl (could be Aldi or both) that the shelf prices are above the items, not on the same level/below as in "traditional" supermarkets.
  24.'s avatar
    As hinted by others, I'd say it's due to lack of staff and no incentive to get it right (usually works in shops favour).

    Cynically, especially with 'offers' I wouldn't be surprised if it's deliberately bottom of the job list. Advertise an offer but don't ensure it's processes correctly (eg. sandwich meal deals) - 95% aren't going to go back and queue for 10mins for a 50p refund.

    If there was a good penalty/Trading Standards were properly funded it wouldn't happen. It didn't take Tesco long to stop their double-discount on misprices! (edited)
  25. nandy's avatar
    I take photos as well but they never believe me and go to check
    Joe90_guy's avatar
    Joe90_guy Author
    A few years back in my local Lidl, I got my phone out to take a picture of some flowers. I was going to send the photo to wifey at home to approve them before I bought them (she doesn't trust me with anything to do with colours!).
    Suddenly there's the store manager beside me telling me in no uncertain terms, that taking photographs in store is forbidden & that if I didn't stop, I'd have to leave the store!
    I did as he asked because it's never worth the aggro to argue. That said, the experience definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. A bit of politeness wouldn't have come amiss.
  26. dert's avatar
    Just jumping on this thread, been to my local Lidl today to pick up some beans, I believe I was overcharged a week ago so took a picture of the shelf price. at till 20p more expensive. So at least a week false advertising their prices, manager took the shelf price off after I queried!. Interestingly, I only just noticed I may have been overcharged on my BBQ sauce by 40p!

    Also, like others, I've previously experienced the reduced price going through at full price....Overcharging has occurred a few times from shelf price but this is the first time I've noticed its over a week! Will check price of BBQ sauce next time I vist,,,to late to go back today.

  27. milady's avatar
    Heads up everyone- this issue is ongoing! Just browsing my recent receipts this morning and noticed that I've been overcharged twice on my last Lidl shop, Colombian coffee was £4.50 on the shelf label but I've been charged 4.69 and a pack of leggings was 2.99 on the shelf but 5.99 at the till.

    I'll return the leggings but the coffee is annoying as I would have got M&S coffee if I'd known it had gone up.
    Joe90_guy's avatar
    Joe90_guy Author
    Having started this thread, I can now say I've now almost given up on Lidl as a place to shop. I like the fresh bakery stuff but I've come to the conclusion that for basic, everyday groceries, it's as cheap to go to Tesco (& get the Aldi price match stuff) & where Tesco is more expensive, to go to Aldi, where you can check prices online.

    One of the first & most basic lessons you learn in business is that in the long run, its way cheaper to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one. I suspect that Lidl are going to have to learn this lesson the hard way.
  28. ian_harrisondsu's avatar
    Been overcharged at Lidl.Twice for same item on different occcasions.
    Dirty trick department is running Lidl
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