Mobile phone price increases for new contracts

Posted 4th Mar 2023 (Posted 43 m ago)
Does anyone know if the inflation price increases will be implemented on a phone contract i take out today? Is there a cut off date of some sort? Thanks
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    Depends on the network. Some will slap the increase on straight away if your first bill is generated before April 1st. Others have confirmed new customers will be exempt from this year's changes now. And some offer fixed pricing throughout the contract.

    The best thing to do is ask whoever you're considering signing up with for confirmation.
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    No. You will fine.
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    Will i? i can only see 1st april as a date regarding this
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    Thinking of going with o2 but I have a contract with o2 already that has just been stung so would like to avoid it.
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    I would personally avoid o2 anyways as even if you don't get an increase until next year, when it does come it will be RPI+3.9% which is a fair bit more expensive than the usual CPI+3.9% That most other networks use.

    If you are happy with o2 Signal, then I would suggest you go with Giffgaff if you just want a SIM Only. Or Tesco Mobile if you want a phone with your contract. Neither of these increase their prices during the contract (For Tesco you need to sign up to Clubcard prices for this, but its free to get one if you don't already have a card)

    Giffgaff is 100% Owned by o2. Tesco Mobile is 50% Owned by o2. Both use the exact same signal that you would get with an o2 SIM in your phone. But you have the benefit of fixed pricing.

    If you fancy a change then EE and Vodafone have both confirmed that anyone who signs up today won't be affected by this year's increases. And for next year both of them use the cheaper CPI+3.9% increase too.
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