Posted 7th Feb 2023
So I sold my phone to music magpie, it now seems that it has been lost, the last email I have received is that it has been processed by Royal Mail and nothing from here however, I have lost the post office receipt (I have never done this before) I do however have proof that I have it to Royal Mail and that they processed it so someone must know where it is?
have I lost an iPhone 14 pro and the money that they were supposed to give me?
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    Did you get an email saying 'item on the move'? If so it should have a track my order link on it which when you open it, has the royal mail tracking number on
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    U are receiving emails? do you not have a tracking number via the email? You must have sent it tracked yes?
    Have you disappeared? (edited)
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    Do you have a music magpie account. If soo your reference should be in there
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    @Misslovely is a Music Mcpie expert
    Lol. No idea on this one
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    If you sent with the prepaid postage provided by Music Magpie then the package will be insured.

    When you send items using our FREE Smart Send Service, they are FULLY INSURED. This means: once your Parcel(s) have been accepted at your local Post Office – which means they have been scanned in-store and accepted by Post Office staff for ‘return’ to musicMagpie – your items are FULLY INSURED up to the VALUE in GBP (£) that the Company/we exclusively provide for them. This value is detailed in the Pack & Send Guide sent to you for each relevant Order (which has a unique Order Number).
    (…cs/ )
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    If you look in your account the barcode etc will be there that you scanned.
    also the deliveries were a little slow due to strikes etc.
    I had to chase mine up as no emails etc but received payment after I sent email. 
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    OP was last seen posting themselves into a Royal Mail postbox. However they have lost the receipt of themselves, they have the original online tracking number and the proof that they climbed into the post box.
    Have we lost an OP and the update that they were supposed to give us?