Washing machine shaking the kitchen to bits...need help!

Posted 3rd Dec 2016
Evening all

I have a samsung 8kg ecobubble washibg machine that works great but when its spinning the whole kitchen shakes. It was bought from currys but they didnt fit it (plumbing issues and they wouldnt touch it), and its installed on a laminate floor with slightly creaky wooden floorboards underneath. Its sat in an area with just enough room for it but theres no access to the side or rear of the machine when its pushed back under the kitchen top.

On anything over 800rpm spins it shakes uncontrollably. The machine has 4 metal feet with rubber socks at the bottom of them. Ive tried having the metal feet fully loosened to raise the machine up and also lowered them to lower the gap under the machine but neither works for more than a day before the machine starts shaking again.

Can anyone offer any assistance?

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