Which router?Asus RT-AC86U o Synology RT2600AC/ MR2200AC?Advise needed

Posted 15th Sep 2022
I almost decided to upgrade and undecided about which ones would serve me better. I'm aware about Asus having Merlin firmware whereas Synology routers not offering alternative ones. I intend to create also a basic home NAS system but never accessed any files remotely through SSH VPN or similar. Hence why I wanted some advise. Do those brands offer some apps or easy way to visualise your home files remotely or such possibility requires separate fuff like Plex or FTP and similar?I mean,do their apps or web access to the routers also allow to control any files attached via their USB ports? I don't want to pay for NAS devices and want to attach some HDDs and use the routers only to access my files.
If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.
Assuming the performances of the Asus and Synology routers being on a similar level,then the easier to use in regard of the remote access feature,NAS and VPN server would be the best for me to choose.
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    This is a pretty weirdly worded ask. You wish to run plex on your router? There's one that I know of - amazon.co.uk/NET…YA6
    I remember that there was some PITA way to update Merlin firmware with PLEX but that most def isn't great.
    I'd basically say:
    1) Are you behind a CGNAT - this can make PLEX/VPN be a bit difficult.
    2) Probably router doesn't matter - If you're already thinking of building a NAS, then just do that. Buy a cheap Optiplex (80ish gbp) and spin up a NAS image (for example OMV). Plex/Jellyfin will be just a quick install away. There are some VERY easy to follow youtube videos.
    3) Most routers will have some UPnP Media Server, but it's not great and very rigid in its capabilities.
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    italondonistaavataurino Author
    Thanks for your answer. At first to be able to browse my files from a couple of external HDDs plugged into the routers' ports would suffice. I don't need much performance,just having my files available in my network and also accessible remotely in the easiest way possible. I won't have broadband internet via cable,only through mobile with a spare Huawei's p40 pro plugged to one of the routers' ports as modem.
    Over time I might invest in dedicated NAS hardware but for now it's about having the best router with 3/4g dongle/android functionality via USB and basic files sharing features NAS-like. Hence my limited choice about the routers as specified (not investing in wifi6 routers for now).
    I got IT background but not fuffed with NAS before nor much with accessing files remotely,hence my request for advice
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