Win an Uber Eats Voucher / 2 Litre 7up Free @ 7up Moments

Posted 22nd Jun 2022
If you change your address and phone number, you can complete this as many times as you want.…nts
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    Thank you won first time
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    Have you won anything
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    Trying since last 10 minutes...won nothing 😁
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    Great OP, won
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    Thanks @Glitchi
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    Only a bottle of 7up for me
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    47666703-iNVNO.jpgOkay won something after 5 tries
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    Winner here on first try (edited)
    Got the same. Went with the bottle of 7 up
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    First try, free botlle of 7up, result 😁
    Thanks OP
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    Won £25 voucher
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    Just had another go on this and won a £25 Uber eats voucher!
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    how are people doing this multiple times, i get already entered today
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    I've won 4 bottles, lol. Is it meant to be the same barcode on the voucher every time?.
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    Did anyone experience Sainsbury is not accepting this 7up printed coupon and said they need original type. I am confused now..what is the benefit of winning?
    Nope, accepted mine.
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    Did anyone check with Asda. My coupon won't go through.
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    Does anyone know which supermarkets this voucher is any good for?
    Anonymous User
    Used my 7-up 50% grocery with Iceland. Only saved couple pound overall as prices are inflated + 10% fee, del and bag tax.
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    I hi don't know how to win
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