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Denon HEOS AVR 5.1 AV Receiver, 4K Ultra HDR, HDCP 2.2, ARC, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital & DTS-HD £189.59 delivered @ Amazon Germany
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Denon HEOS AVR 5.1 AV Receiver, 4K Ultra HDR, HDCP 2.2, ARC, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital & DTS-HD £189.59 delivered @ Amazon Germany
£189.59£49962%Amazon Germany Deals
Good Price for this AV receiver next best price in UK £499 at Peter Tyson £549 Denon HEOS AVR 5.1 AV Receiver, Bluetooth, HDR, HDCP 2.2, ARC, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital & DT… Read more

So after a month they cancelled my order ! What a joke !


Same here! Why did it take them 7 weeks to figure that out???!! Very annoyed


Order cancelled via email!


What speakers?


Will these speakers be ok with this amp I ordered a few days agoäuse-Dunkel-silbernes-Gehäuse-Schwarze-Seitenwände/dp/B06X6FY6CG?ref_=mw_olp_product_details

Denon AV receiver AVRX550BT @ £199 at Richer Sounds
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Denon AV receiver AVRX550BT @ £199 at Richer Sounds
£199£24920%Richer Sounds Deals
Denon AV receiver AVRX550BT @ £199 at Richer Sounds VIP exclusive available in store & telesales. Sign up for free VIP membership and get this quality AV receiver with £50 off… Read more
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how to get VIP price? Already signed up to VIP




is this any good for home cinema?


A lot of entry level receivers have such penny pinching omitting screw terminal binding posts in favour of spring loaded clamps.


Was seriously tempted with this to upgrade my 10+ year old Denon but found a refurbed Sony 1080 for £279. Hope it’s as good as my Denon has been for so long. Heat added OP (y)

Denon AVRX550BT & Elac Cinema 5 5.1 Speaker System £449 @ Richersounds
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Denon AVRX550BT & Elac Cinema 5 5.1 Speaker System £449 @ Richersounds
£449£64831%Richer Sounds Deals
Online & Instore

Ooh denon!


Very nice


Their yoghurt tastes good, so these must be good too


It's a denon m8888888


Denon AVR X2500H £349 @ richer sounds with 6 year warranty and free delivery
Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
Denon AVR X2500H £349 @ richer sounds with 6 year warranty and free delivery
S ince the price drop on RS have reduced their online price to £349. You will have to go to a store or call their customer service and mention that petertyson … Read more
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Put a note in your 2025 diary... (shock)


This is a good price since it's unlikely to go down to £299 until the 2600 model energies in early summer.


Yep you are right. Just reserved one at my local branch (last one - been popular suddenly.....) they cleverly dropped the price to match PS so they don't have to price match and sell it for £339. Still a cracking deal! They did match the 6 year warranty though. I prefer having it chucked in instead of paying for it separately but that's just me.


I purchased this on Saturday with a price match and six-year warranty from RS for £369.00. Just called them and was given a refund of £20 due to price reduction, so £349.00 and a six-year warranty. Thanks op for the heads up.


Ah ok thank you for the clarification

Denon AVR-X2500H Atmos AV Receiver - £324 @ Richersounds + optional £35 for 6 years warranty
Posted 8th FebPosted 8th Feb
EDIT: Price drop again, thanks to SudarshanaVinod Now order online, price has dropped to £349 with another £25 off with code AV25. Optional 6 year warranty @ £34.85. Link above… Read more

Hmm. No attachments. I've replied to their email and copied in the Southampton store: I'll wait and see what they say. Thanks


Check your email, if already shipped, they normally send a pdf document which has the invoice attached. It contains two pages, the second page is the proof of 6 year supercare warranty - it's only a single page document. If you have already received the goods and for some reason are missing, just give them a call and they will resend it.


Invoice? (shock) All I have is the confirmation email, which does list the Supercare as a separate item. I normally don't bother with extended warranties, but since my last Denon didn't last much beyond two years I thought it prudent this time. These things generally take the form of insurance policies, so I thought perhaps there ought to be some sort of policy document. If that's the case I should be ringing the shop, but if proof of purchase is enough I won't sweat it.


Ah yes mate, for some reason I thought you had a x500 (2018) range. The x400 (2017) range is different in that regard - that was one of the ‘bigger’ changes between the 2018 and 2017 models - the OSD output. I say ‘bigger’ in quotes because like you say, not a major thing if you don’t care of OSD.


Could well be the case, mine's an x2400h. But you'd imagine the OSD without reprocessing would be much less processor intensive. It is still very crisp with OSD turned on, there are just little things you notice, especially with 20GB movie files, mostly subtle tones missing when comparing.

Denon DHT-S514 - £208.76 @ Amazon Spain
Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
Denon DHT-S514 - £208.76 @ Amazon Spain
£208.76£32035%Amazon Spain Deals
2.1-Channel Configuration 69W Total Power Output Dual Tweeters and Mid-Range Speakers Bluetooth Music Streaming Wireless Subwoofer with Dual Woofers 1 x HDMI-In / 1 x HDMI-Out… Read more
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Need some help. Have amazon prime. A delivery charge is still being levied - that adds about €18. How did OP get this item delivered for free (to get £208.76)? I live in Greater London.


"Mmmm Danon'e" That's all I heard when I read that brand name.


What's the warranty situation? Does Amazon UK honour anything or is it back to Spain?


Yeah not bad for a refurbished soundbar. The rating that made up the 180w is nowhere near a normal households in-use scenario. Front 45W/ch (1kHz, 6ohms, 10% THD) Subwoofer 90W (100Hz, 3ohms, 10% THD) The Denon has 2 tweeters and 2 midrange drivers plus the 2 low frequency drivers on the sub. I can imagine this sounding much clearer for a start.


Well this is just an example:

Denon DM41 (Silver) Hi-Fi with Monitor Audio Bronze 2 (Black) Speakers £349 Richer Sounds
Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
Denon DM41 (Silver) Hi-Fi with Monitor Audio Bronze 2 (Black) Speakers £349 Richer Sounds
£349£52834%Richer Sounds Deals
Great mini hi-fi system with a fantastic pair of speakers. The speakers retail for £249 on their own so you are getting the hi-fi for £100 effectively. Note that you will need spea… Read more
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Yeah, it has Bluetooth instead. Works well for me streaming from iPhone/iPad, quality is great and none of the connection hassles I’ve had with other Bluetooth receivers but obviously depends on your device having Bluetooth!

My dm39 just died after many years of good service... Looking at this but notice its not got the USB plug in on the front, that I use frequently at the moment, can anyone tell me if it still has this??... Just read they removed it, shame.


I'm not an expert on this at all, I just did a little reading up and asking around prior to purchasing, so take everything I say with a large pinch of salt :) but the two things that jumped out at me about these vs the 3020i are: 1. Bass: the frequency response of the Bronze 2's goes down to 42hz whereas the 3020i's stop at 64hz. If you are in to music in which bass is important, this difference could be significant. Also see the woofer size, 5" vs 6.5". I suspect the 3020i's are designed to pair up with a subwoofer, while I'd say the bass on the Bronze 2 is pretty impressive on its own in my room and certainly no need for a sub for me (I'm into electronic music so bass is fairly important!). I've not heard the 3020i's so could be totally off the mark. 2. Ease of positioning: the Bronze 2's are front ported, which as I understand it means you can probably get away with positioning them closer to a wall. Again, not got anything to compare with here but mine are probably 6 inches or so from the wall and sound great. Richer Sounds may be able to demo the two for you if you have a branch nearby!


Oh damn, I bought a set of Bronze 1s, an amp and DAC from the same company a few days ago, cost me £520. Great deal OP, those speakers retail at £250 a pair.


How do the Bronze 2 speakers compare to the Q Acoustics 3020i's for the same price?

Denon AVR-X2500H 7.2ch 4k AV Receiver + Q Acoustics 3050i Speaker Package - £1248.88 with  Peter Tyson price match @ Richer Sounds instore
Posted 4th JanPosted 4th JanLocalLocal
Denon AVR-X2500H 7.2ch 4k AV Receiver + Q Acoustics 3050i Speaker Package - £1248.88 with Peter Tyson price match @ Richer Sounds instore
£1,248.88£1,299.904%Richer Sounds Deals
This is a bundle which has saved me about £500 in discounts! It's not an "official" bundle but Peter Tyson are offering a deal where they bundle the 2500H with a Q Acoustics 5.1 sp… Read more
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Yes certainly, from what I've experienced anyway. The sub isn't a monster for sure but it'll put out some decent low end.


So larger soundstage then? I see people complaining about the size of the subwoofer on this setup. I only have a 4m x 4m living room so don't see that a massive subwoofer would bring me great benefits.


Floorstanders sound larger. Bigger cabinets Usually more/larger drivers.


Looking at buying this package with either the denon or Sony 1080 receiver. Trying to work out if it's worth the 360 extra for the tall boy speakers as opposed to the 3010i set front and rear from the 3010i cinema package. What are the advantages of the floor standing speakers other than looks? I am big into high res audio and movies hence looking for a system that will do both instead of having a seperate hi-fi.


What I meant is have you Actually got it home and unboxed etc?

Denon AVR-X2500H Atmos AV Receiver £364 w/code @ Richer Sounds
Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
Denon AVR-X2500H Atmos AV Receiver £364 w/code @ Richer Sounds
Best price ever on this? The code works on AV Amps over £300, so tried on this and yep... Here we are :D It's been creeping down slowly but surely - Also carries great reviews. U… Read more

My old receiver just packed in. I was looking to get this receiver but the code looks to be expired now :(


I purchased on Sunday, so not sure if they would match after I picked it up? I used the AV25 code to get it cheaper.


Did you price match with superfi? If you do, they could knock off another £10 price matched with superfi's £399 with 5 year warranty. So you could get it for £389 with 6 year warranty. You could still ring them and do it.


Hot. Purchased today and really impressed so far. Got the 6 yr warranty as well, so paid a total of £400.00


No worries. Yours was cheaper.

Denon AVC-X6500H AV Receiver w/ Monitor Audio Silver 200 AV12 Speaker Package - £3499 @ Exceptional AV
Posted 31st Dec 2018Posted 31st Dec 2018
Denon AVC-X6500H AV Receiver w/ Monitor Audio Silver 200 AV12 Speaker Package - £3499 @ Exceptional AV
Probably of limited interest to most but this is a cracking deal for a top AV amplifier and 5.1 speaker system. Separately they sell for £4564 on the same website so this bundle g… Read more

So loaded that 3.5k turns you off a bit of hone entertainment pmsl end of terrace low end no doubt


Im loaded cuz I'm tight and proud of it


People who say they wouldn’t dream of spending xyz are just tight


Whatever you people say good, bad, medium... Still tooooo expensive!



Denon AVR-X2500H - Price match £374 @ RS with 6 year warranty and Free del
Posted 30th Dec 2018Posted 30th Dec 2018
Cheapest i have seen. Electric shop has this @ £384 with a 5 year warranty with code xmas5. Link Richer sounds £399 with standard warranty. Richersounds price matched and I … Read more

Ok thanks


Bb123. I'm away for the weekend. I'll look on Sunday. I followed some advice on Avforums.


Any suggestions on what settings worked. When I play music, only the two front speakers and the subwoofer works. Is it so? When I play movies, the two front and surround are underpowered. Hardly any dialogues on 2 front except back ground sounds. I can only hear the center working. Tried every setting. All speakers are set to small in the configuration including 2 front on a 5.1 system


If you want it for home cinema surround as well you do want something like this Denon


A 2 ch amp will work well for home cinema as well as music? Cheers

Denon AVR-X250BT 5.1 Channels 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth £149 @ richersounds
Posted 29th Dec 2018Posted 29th Dec 2018
At 130W of power per channel, the 5.1 channel Denon AVR-X250BT AV receiver powers quality home theater that’s accessible to everyone. Watch your favorite shows with Full 4K Ultra H… Read more

£179 again now


Excalty what I require. Some impartial input from A HUKD reader , would be greatly appreciated, please suggest? On a budget and nice pair of monitors 🎶🎵🎶 For just TV & films .......


r4w80: I normally like Polk, but I don't know that kit :) Only superfi are selling Polk TL1600 in the UK and have got good reviews. Most of the reviews can be found on US sites like crutch fields and bestbuy.


I normally like Polk, but I don't know that kit :)


Nice receiver, shame about the speaker terminals :(

Denon DM41 mini system silver or black @ Richer Sounds £179
Posted 26th Dec 2018Posted 26th Dec 2018
Denon DM41 mini system silver or black @ Richer Sounds £179
No speakers included I think this is supposed to be a rather well respected mini system. Silver Black… Read more
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Phew....this thread still stands (y) Bit strange to drop the USB. Quite useful to have one, even if it's just for occasional charging of a device.


I bought one of these on black Friday from richer sounds for £179. I also bought the 6 year warranty for £17.90. I replaced my DM30 which has served me well. I'm still using the Mission speakers that came with the DM30. Great sound and build quality. Voted hot.


Yes it was on previous version, you're correct


I'm pretty certain my denon dm38 had an USB input, so it's functionally that that they have removed


I apologise, it was posted way back in November so that's an old deal listing.

Denon AVR-X2500H - Price match £389 @ Richer Sounds includes 6 year supercare warranty and free delivery!
Posted 26th Dec 2018Posted 26th Dec 2018
Denon AVR-X2500H - Price match £389 @ Richer Sounds includes 6 year supercare warranty and free delivery!
Peter Tyson have these reduced to £399 with a 5 year warranty. Richer sounds £399 with standard warranty. Richersounds price matched with their 6 year warranty and knocked a furthe… Read more
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Yeah I'm torn between the two - but think I'm going with the Denon as they are so closely matched and Sony seems to drop support for their hardware/app within months of it being released =(


For a similar price this looks a good bit of kit......


Just set mine up. Very happy.


I have this: got it about 4 years ago (if not more) imported from the US. It only does 1080p but is superb. My house is only small, so can't comment on extreme range but I've been able to use it outside without much issue through an exterior wall. There are probably better versions that do 4k now too.


Thanks! Adds some perspective to what I want

Denon AVRX3500H (Black) Atmos AV Receiver at Richer Sounds for £589.00 With free hdmi and 6 Year Supercare
Posted 23rd Dec 2018Posted 23rd Dec 2018
Denon AVRX3500H (Black) Atmos AV Receiver at Richer Sounds for £589.00 With free hdmi and 6 Year Supercare
£589£699.9916%Richer Sounds Deals
WITH free hdmi and 6 Year Supercare, just bought from richer sounds went though Tele sales, asked them if they would price match the Peter Tyson deal here… Read more
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Depending on how much time and effort you want to put in, to get the best results and performance possible, Audyssey XT32 is far superior room correction technology compared to the proprietary EQ on the Sony. Personally, I find XT32 better than most others (even Athem's ARC) which is what puts AVR's from Marantz and Denon ahead of most others for me. From 2012 onward I owned a few AVR's with XT32, as similar priced AVR's were held back by lower quality EQ technologies and just didn't get close to the performance of those with XT32. ARC (Anthem) is fairly close to XT32 and then I'd put YPAO (Yamaha) as the best of the rest. I now have an AVR with DIRAC, which is as good as it gets before you have to look at silly money for more in-depth 'professional' calibration.


great stuff thanks for that!


From there website lotus, link here GOOGLE ASSISTANT Ask your Google Home, Google app or other devices with Google Assistant built-in to control content across your listening environment. Start music in the HEOS app, then ask your Google Assistant to control volume, play, pause, skip tracks and more. ‘Works with the Google Assistant’ feature is always improving — further enhancements arrive in 2019.


are they adding google home support for these yet? currently have an X2000 but want HDR support and a bigger power supply


Good to know.. thanks very much indeed.. For me personally.. I don't actually need a phono stage as I'm running DJ setup of Technics 1200 with a Native Instruments z2 mixer. Of which I think it would be hard to beat with a built-in phono stage in an amp and also the pain of unplugging everything just to enhance sound quality ever so slightly or not, as the case may be in this instance... Have a great day Alex

Denon AVR-X2500H 7.2ch 4k AV Receiver (Dolby Atmos and DTS:X) + 6 years warranty £419 @ Richer Sounds (w/ price match)
Posted 17th Dec 2018Posted 17th Dec 2018
Just got off the phone to Richer Sounds and they will happily price match the Peter Tyson offer (£429 with 5 years warraty) but at 6 years and at £419! Peter Tyson offer This i… Read more

It's true there is very little difference between the 2400H and the 2500H. But there are a few things to consider. 1. The 2500H has a better spec DAC. 2. The 2500H has a functioning OSD at 4K. Not sure about the 2400H. 2. The 2500H has a Phono input in case you want to connect a turntable for your vinyl. 3. The 2400H is no longer stocked by Richersounds and at Peter Tyson it only carries a 3 year warranty. My Denon 2100W failed after only 3.5 years so I wouldn't buy one without a 5 year warranty minimum. This would bring the price back up nearer the 2500H which has a longer warranty. That's if it's even possible to purchase an extended warranty. The 2400H with 3 year warranty at PT is £349. The 2500H with a 5 year warranty at PT is £399. The 2500H with a 6 year warranty at RS (price match over the phone) is £389 which is what I paid today. So essentially for an extra £40 I got the newer model with double the warranty. No brainer for me.


ah sorry didn’t see that thread, I normally go to search on AV Receiver group hence didn’t show up

bouttime2've just advised me to follow the instructions of my own deal that I've posted here!?


phone and price match peter tyson which have for £399 with 5-year warranty


But that doesn't include 6 year supercare warranty.

Denon DM41DAB Hi-Fi with Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers £349.90 @ Peter Tyson
Posted 28th Nov 2018Posted 28th Nov 2018
Denon DM41DAB Hi-Fi with Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers £349.90 @ Peter Tyson
This deal went to 446 degrees back in September when it was £30 more so I thought I'd paste it in as it might help some people... Thanks to the original deal poster (I've copied h… Read more

This is back on Peter Tyson at £349 (was £379 for a while). My local Richer Sounds price matched (although they said they “don’t normally match packages” so worth checking first). Very pleased with the system on first impressions


I replaced my aging Sony amp with this one and it sound fantastic. Is a CD player that important when this amp offers bluetooth connectivity?


For this system, the Q Acoustics 3010 Speakers package looks good value for £249.90 !


Not a great amp, rather they lost the CD player and made it a 2x50w


have a previous version of this combo and it sounds very good. Also, speakers are front firing, so you can put them close to the wall. Because Peter Tyson are official distributor for Marantz / Denon and Monitor Audio, they always have great package deals. As an example, a few months ago they had Marantz NR1608 with MA 5.1 system and once you took speaker price off, the receiver was £50, instead of £350 if bought on its own. if you know what you want, just keep an eye on their prices.

Denon DM41 DAB Mini System EXC Speakers  - £179 @ Richer Sounds
Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
Denon DM41 DAB Mini System EXC Speakers - £179 @ Richer Sounds
£179£24928%Richer Sounds Deals
Excellent price for a fantastic mini hifi, available in both black and silver. I have this paired with Dali Zensor 3 speakers and it sounds every bit as good as the Marantz seperat… Read more
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Unfortunately thought the video as no use at all, I would pay £40 to fix a mint £180 system, if it was possi


No, it only has a line-level analogue input. Specification Active Subwoofer Output Yes Analogue Input 1 x RCA You could get a phono pre-amp quite cheaply, I believe.


Does it have a proper phono stage?


Given the price it is not worth asking someone to repair this. You can try and repair it yourself or save the money towards a replacement. below is the nearest video on what to do.


This would be ideal when paired with the Dali Zensor 1 that are on offer (£149). However, I would pay the additional £100 for the Marantz MCR-611, due to the streaming abilities and AirPlay.

Denon AVRX250BT 5.1 AV Receiver (Black) £149 @ Richer sounds
Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
Available online or in-store 5.1 channels 5 HDMI inputs, 1 out. 3 inputs being HDCP 2.2 70w x5

I would have probably gone for the Marantz NR1508. That or the 2400 (if available close by)


If I'm being honest, 8 cans of Heineken.


Yeah gonna give it till next week see what else becomes available


The 2400 is probably the best you can get right now for the price. £300 in-store


My 12+ year old onkyo 9.1 channel is on its way out... lost the centre and subwoofer channels. Personally looking for 5.2.2 with 4k HDR passthru as a minimum at the greedy 250 mark... Any suggestions. Denon 2400 looks good but slightly over budget

Denon AVRX2400 (Black)Atmos AV Receiver £299  Richer Sounds
Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
Denon AVRX2400 (Black)Atmos AV Receiver £299 Richer Sounds
£299£34914%Richer Sounds Deals
Denon AVRX2400 (Black) Atmos AV Receiver is now available at 299 in store Richer Sounds.

I got this last year in Richer Sounds for the same price. Seems to be holding its own if the price hasn't changed in a year. Fantastic receiver. Can't vouch for the Atmos as I'm using 7.1, however the Harry Potter 4k discs in DTS:X sound great!


Was waiting for this to come on sale during Black Friday, bought one yesterday. Had to do a 40 minute round trip because my local store was out of stock but there you go. Beware that being a member of the Richer Sounds VIP Club DOESN'T get you the free 6 year warranty on this. It's £30, refundable if not used during the 6 years.


Yes it has 2 HDMI out


I need twin output for tv+projector. Does this support that?


I don't have ceiling speakers hence I am not interested in Atmos :D My point was to inform people that just because it says Atmos doesn't necessarily make it better for everyone DTS:X seems like a decent alternative tho as it doesn't require ceiling speakers for pseudo height channels

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