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30% off Le Creuset 20cm Cast Iron Casserole in Cerise - £129.50 @ Amazon
Updated 17th JunLast updated 17th Jun by Mr_Gus
Amazon have various discounts of Le Creuset cast iron casseroles. I noticed 30% of the 20cm Cerise casserole. Happy shopping!

Yeah, bread baked in this manner is good. But depending on the size of your oven, (badly insulated metal box) its guzzling energy compared to an instan tpot which can tenderise via the pressure cooker, ...30 minutes + warm up time, holds temp well thereafter, absolute energy miser. I've yet to try bread in my instant pot mind (6 litre version)


You have one of your dinner guests sit on it during starters to keep it warm. (y)


The good thing about a cast iron pot is it’s versatility. For example, I mostly use mine for baking bread, cakes, chilli con carne, curry’s etc... which are all cooked within 1 hour or so on a low heat.


Nice if you can live without sticking it in the dishwasher, yes dutch oven type thick cast iron is great for so many dishes but i'm in two minds, "more or less" the same can be achieved in terms of long n slow cooking but saving money on the fuel by means of something like an instant pot. low wattage, high pressure breaking down the sinews etc for a lovely hearty winter stew for example ((with a cast iron inner sheathing)) ..job done & simple inner pot of stainless steel to steam cycle clean with a bit f washing up liquid & water then a light scrub ...bingo! I'd "like some" but my head says I wouldn't use it because I don't have an aga on 24-7 anymore & so its a shedload of energy using a le creuset (potentially) Great if you d have a farm home cooker / heater on though.


A lot of people do collect Le Creuset though. If this deal only helps one person then I will still be happy ... :D

40% off Le Creuset stoneware deals- mugs, teapots, jugs etc... at BrandAlley
Updated 23rd MayLast updated 23rd May by knivesuk
Some good discounts on le creuset stoneware if you are collecting, lots of colours too. enjoy!

£5.95 delivery


£32 for a set of egg cups 😬 Lovely stuff but a little too expensive for my taste


TK max don’t stock gradient colours though only the flat colours :)


Also saw £15 off £60 spend on first order...think u have to sign up for newsletter so might be useful for some who need to buy (embarrassed)


They have a £15 off £60 spend code ‘lovebrandalley’ too.

Le Creuset 20cm Cast Iron Casserole Pot - £87.50 @ eCookshop
Updated 28th AprLast updated 28th Apr by pablozzzzz
No explanation needed...
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Ceramic aldi is pants compared to le creuset from tk maxx


Having owned a set for years I can tell you IMO they don't cook anything better than any decent cookware. Quite so. I spent quite a bit on a set of saucepans, frying pan and glass lid for it. Saucepans too heavy to be practical and due to a combination of being too shallow with a pouring lip liquids are forever spilling over. I invariably have picked up cheaper and lighter cookware to use, even now I have an induction hob. I got through two frying pans in pretty short order because I actually wanted to fry things in them at high temperature, like steaks, only to discover too late that trashes the non-stick coating. The best part was the glass lid - it fitted a decent frying pan that I could use on a high heat. They sit pretty much unused in the cupboard and have done for years, despite my brother in law's covetous eyes and enquiries attempting to secure some freebie ironware. And I'd rather toss 'em in the council tip than give them to him. (lol)


Le Creuset is hugely overpriced for what it is. Even at the discounted price it's silly money.


Better off with the Aldi range


Out of interest why is this so expensive? Does it cook food better or is it just to show off the brand name?

Le Creuset Flash Sale this weekend -  30% Off Build Your Own Set and 30% Off Exclusive Sets
Updated 28th AprLast updated 28th Apr by watto44
Good discounts on some Le Creuset items in the flash sale. But hurry, ends on Tuesday.

I always go on you tube and look at people using them. There's a good few videos on there.


Cool thanks. I picked up one of their woks when it was really cheap on Amazon and am happy with it. Seen the frying pan reduced a couple times now and am very tempted, would just like to know some other's opinion of it


I've ordered one of the ones on this offer. I'll let you know when it comes and when I use it. I own several pieces of Le creuset and I've got to say that I absolutely love using it and if it's looked after properly it should last a lifetime. I know that it is expensive but cheap isn't always cheerful.


Does anyone have any of their frying pans? Interested to know your opinion of them


Sorry just reread....... traybake might be stoneware, not cast iron

Save up to 40% on Le Creuset at The Hut Group!...... Bargains to be had!! :-)
Updated 23rd MarLast updated 23rd Mar by hb10
Save up to 40% on Le Creuset at The Hut Group!...... Bargains to be had!! :-)
As per the title, grab yourself a bargain!!…. Good selection to choose from too. :-)

Egg cups, grand mugs and pepper mills are a good price in various colours


Shame there's no storage jars as we're after some


Sorry I'm not sure what the hut is? Is it a website or is it a shop?

Biggest Le Creuset Caserole 40cm!!! was £425 now £246 at Amazon
Updated 27th JanLast updated 27th Jan by Jazzy192
Biggest Le Creuset Caserole 40cm!!! was £425 now £246 at Amazon
Not available on Le Creuset website!!! Optimum all Round Cooking PerformanceOnly 3mm thickness all round offers the perfect balance between weight for performance and lightness f… Read more
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Grandparents had a whole set of Creuset stuff that was passed to me around five years ago and most still used weekly. I wouldn't buy anything like tea cups etc but any of the cast iron stuff is great and still looks in great even though its around 40+ years old.


I have this and it is great for cooking large batches of stew, curry, bolognese for the freezer but as you would expect it is damn heavy when full up. It just about fits inside an Aga but Le Creuset do not recommend using it in the roasting oven nor on the boiling plate so mainly for slower cooking or on the gas rings. It easily straddles both gas rings on an Aga.


I don't understand why they don't make a larger version.


I bought this last year but sent it back - I have several le creuset pots but this one was mahoosive and far too heavy on its own let alone when full - think it’s to cater for 12 plus people or to cook a whole goose / turkey.


For that price it had better be full of pot! 8)

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Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole, 24 cm - Cassis £107.50 @ Amazon
Updated 12th JanLast updated 12th Jan by donslibi
Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole, 24 cm - Cassis £107.50 @ Amazon
£107.50£14928%Amazon Deals
Following on from the £149 deal, this is £43 cheaper for a different colour. Ships in 1-2 months. Amazon usually over estimate this though. Product information 24 cm , Round , Cas… Read more

Same price here and in stock: https://www.ecookshop.co.uk/ecookshop/m/product.asp?pid=211772434


£149 and it Ships in 1-2 months. wow what am i waiting on.



Le Creuset Signature Round Casserole, Ocean, 24 cm - £149.99 @ Amazon
Updated 12th JanLast updated 12th Jan by rofldinho
Le Creuset Signature Round Casserole, Ocean, 24 cm - £149.99 @ Amazon
£149.99£21530%Amazon Deals
Suitable for use on all hob types, including induction, in the oven or under the grill Dishwasher safe and suitable for the freezer. Ceramic hob heat source compatible Easy-grip,… Read more

I am a big fan of Le Creuset products, their cast iron/enameled products are top quality and what's important their customer service is immense. However, all of their casserole products have seemingly jumped massively in price in the past few years. How did a 24cm casserole dish get to £150 on sale? I bought a 28cm for £110 on sale in 2015 from Amazon, and a 25cm Oval casserole dish for £65 on sale again from Amazon. At those prices I'd say it was the absolute limit for what they're worth and nowadays if I needed an enamelled product I'd look elsewhere.


I don't think it's possible to buy an electronic device without any Chinese made components.


I bought a bunch of vey expensive All Clad pans years ago. They are so efficient that you can boil water on the lowest heat on the gas hob. And they will outlive me!


I'm sure it is as well but not through choice. Are there any tablets that aren't made there or contain components not made there? And like most things made there it will be landfill in 3 years of less.


I'm pretty sure that the device you're typing on was as well, but you still bought it. Yeah, I got one last year. After half a dozen uses, the paint flaked off, then it rusted underneath. Its "half price" for a reason.

Cooks Professional Cast Iron 8 piece pots and pans set, £117.89 with code @ Groupon
Updated 12th JanLast updated 12th Jan by cambria
The price for the 8 piece set is £130.99. The code 'TRIPLE' works for new accounts to bring the cost down to £117.89 (use a different/new email address). You should also be able … Read more

I've received these. Very happy with the '5 piece's grouping but the handles on the saucepans seem a bit ropey. Also it's (maybe) being delivered by Hermes (annoyed)


Already tracked @ £23.58 so if it confirms I've paid £107.41. There's always a chance Quidco won't play ball if you use a code anyway so I'm happy regardless. Maybe the TRIPLE code has expired perhaps now we're into 2019?


There are usually loads of Groupon codes kicking about but fingers crossed for your cashback!


Cheers OP. Couldn't get the code to work, even with a new account, but a possible 18% Quidco softens the blow. Have some heat like these pans will when they get here ;)


Delivery is 'expedited' so they're going to work off some extra turkey!

Le Creuset Stoneware Mugs 350ML Cassis - 3 for £15 Le Creuset
Updated 10th JanLast updated 10th Jan by said_enough
Normally £10 or so each, these are half price at £7.50 but 3 for 2 on the Cassis colour, so you get 3 for £15 delivered, or basically a little over the normal price for one.

mine still haven't arrived ~ Anyone else not had delivery yet ?


1 had a chip in the rim and other had glazing issues


My 3 were OK. What was up with yours?


Mine arrived today 2 of the 6 where faulty. Worth inspecting the quality when you receive them.


It's worth a try. Worst case I just cancel and return for a full refund. Probably in their interest to just refund me £7.50. I'll be giving it a go anyways. I can't lose. I either get it or I cancel and return the order in full.

Le Creuset Stoneware Dinnerware £5 Pop Up Shop Cheshire Oaks McArthur Glen Outlet
Updated 6th JanLast updated 6th Jan by rachelandgromit
Le Creuset Stoneware Dinnerware £5 Pop Up Shop Cheshire Oaks McArthur Glen Outlet
All bowls, small and large plates £5 at Cheshire Oaks in the pop up shop, nor normal Le Creuset shop. Grey, Orange, volcanic and other colours. These are the £5 items (other colo… Read more
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I don't have one! Useful to know though as when we upgrade the kitchen I hope to get one...


Just don’t put them in dishwasher- we have a whole set of bowls and all of them are chipped from going in (mad)


11 items for £45. Now means I have 6 plates, side plates and bowls. I only have the cereal bowls but I love these as they are so deep, ideal for soup too. Shame the cups weren't £5. These were £7.50 but I didn't buy any as I'd spent enough! I've got 3 but will have to wait a bit..


There is currently two, the normal permanent one and a pop up one about half way round which is temporary, this offer is only in the pop up one.


I thought the Le Creuset shop at Cheshire oaks was a permanent fixture not a pop up ?

Le Creuset Stoneware Mug, Casis colour  £7 prime / £11.49 non prime Amazon
Updated 31st Dec 2018Last updated 31st Dec 2018 by kahimmmiah
Le Creuset Stoneware Mug, Casis colour £7 prime / £11.49 non prime Amazon
£7£1553%Amazon Deals
Nice mug with the usual Le Creuset 10 year guarantee. Good 350ml size for you tea!
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Same price at peter jones


Stupid price for a mug - one for the brand snobs I guess.


So heavy...


Very true TKMaxx is very hit and miss with Le Creuset items and colours mainly blue and Grey's


£7.99 each in TKMaxx though the choice of colours is always limited when available. I have a few and they are very good and survive a couple of drops.

Le creuset casserole dish at Selfridges for £172
Updated 31st Dec 2018Last updated 31st Dec 2018 by joesmum
Le creuset casserole dish at Selfridges for £172
£172£21520%Selfridges Deals
Le creuset casserole dish
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just mentioned to OH that i was giving some stuff to a charity shop and saw a woman buy a set of 3 of these pans (orange) for £39. He was not happy! I didn't even know they were any good!


TK Maxx are very good for Le Creuset stuff I find.


Go easy it's their first deal... Next time they might follow the sheep and post a video game (please not this one though http://www.selfridges.com/GB/en/cat/microsoft-fifa-18-xbox-one-game_933-10044-MISOFTXBOX1FIFA18/ ).


Arabella Jane ... sounds like name of someone who would work at Selfridges.


It’s quite common to get better deals on Le Creuset at John Lewis or other retailers

LE CREUSET Almond / Stone 'Round' Teapot £12.99 or 'Grand' Teapot £14.99 at TK Maxx (£1.99 C&C)
Updated 17th Dec 2018Last updated 17th Dec 2018 by sanityassassin
Small round teapot is 12.99 and the larger one is £14.99:( https://www.tkmaxx.com/home/kitchen/stone-teapot-16x15cm/p/85529676 ) I can't find these anywhere near this price online… Read more

They had the smaller teapots in a purple colour at my local TK Maxx the other day (London Tottenham Court Rd), as well as a few other Le Creuset dishes, cups, salt and pepper pots, etc. at decent reductions. Worth checking instore! :)


Big one oos now


Good find. So pretty <3

Le Creuset Cast Iron 20cm Round Casserole Black Onyx now £87.50 and free delivery instead of £150 - @ ecookshop
Updated 16th Dec 2018Last updated 16th Dec 2018 by jemmarocks
Le Creuset Cast Iron 20cm Round Casserole Black Onyx now £87.50 and free delivery instead of £150 - @ ecookshop
I’ve been looking for one of these for my lovely Mum for Christmas. She’s wanted one for ages but never got herself one. Really pleased with it and quick free delivery. Le Creuse… Read more
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What’s the difference between this and the cast iron one other than the weight?


Fab, thanks


I have this one and it's fantastic. Solid casserole dish and you can tell the quality against inferior ones. I would say it would be big enough for 3-4 people full.


Thanks momble. My mum should be fine with the lifting but thanks for the advice


You're going to have a "smashing" time sticking that on the hob. I'll get my coat...

Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Stir Fry Pan - 26 cm £69 - Amazon
Updated 7th Dec 2018Last updated 7th Dec 2018 by cattons3
Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Stir Fry Pan - 26 cm £69 - Amazon
Le Creuset Frying pan. Model Number 96202026000000

Same! Such a good deal.


Unfortunately it's got me hooked so I've bought a few more bits. Ouch!


Gutted I missed it


Probably this one, I got the same. Amazing value. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/amazon-le-creuset-toughened-non-stick-stir-fry-pan-30-cm-with-glass-lid-4538-3093052


I must have missed you posting that deal.

Le Creuset Winter Sale - upto 50% off
Updated 1st Dec 2018Last updated 1st Dec 2018 by GOHOHO9O
Le Creuset Winter Sale - upto 50% off
Actually looks like a decent sale. I'm not sure what their black Friday offers were but a lot of items have 50% off. This casserole dish was £235 and is now down to £117.50
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And the drop in value of the pound, £1.40 to £1.14


Thats inflation for ya


Similar experience for us. We bought one in a sale from a discount shop, and 5 or 6 years on it developed a crack. We took it in on the off chance to our local Le Creuset High Street shop and they replaced it without a moments hesitation. Definitely a good investment. That was actually their stoneware, yet still covered by same service.


I'm looking for a 22cm shallow casserole, not on the sale here, £95 on the site, anyone seen any cheaper? Don't care about the colour but Le Creuset only, no knockoffs lol.


I had an older one that I seem to remember costing me £35, possibly in a sale at Allders :) . The enamel chipped a couple of years ago and I took it to a Letter Creuset shop for advice. They replaced it on the spot with a new one with £120 tag on it! Seems like a good investment to me, if that service continues.

Amazon - Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Stir-Fry Pan - 30 cm with Glass Lid £45.38
Updated 23rd Nov 2018Last updated 23rd Nov 2018 by windym
Amazon - Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Stir-Fry Pan - 30 cm with Glass Lid £45.38
One of the best Non-Stick Stir-Fry Pan The best price ever
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Mine arrived perfectly packaged in two separate deliveries and I am delighted. I was at Swindon Designer Outlet today and it was £104 without the lid.


Pan and lid delivered today, all good. Cheers OP.


Pan arrived too. Shipped in the original manufacturers box that was actually open. Complained via chat that this is plain stupid and got £15 credited to my account without asking for anything. That makes the deal super sweet (y)


My pan has arrived, dent-free. But the lid sent separately which should have arrived today has now been delayed in transit somehow.....still a great deal though. Thanks OP!


Might explain how they were able to sell them so cheep!. Lets see what our replacements look like tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Buy 2 selected pieces of Le Creuset and save 30% off combined price! @ Amazon
Updated 5th Oct 2018Last updated 5th Oct 2018 by chitychatty
Buy 2 selected pieces of Le Creuset and save 30% off combined price! @ Amazon
As per the title - Choose one piece of Le Creuset cookware and one accessory and save 30% off the total price!

Came here to say this...




Just get it from TK Maxx.


Massive rip off. Like ☝🏼 said!! £130 for a roasting tin!!! Oucha


Le Creuset is quality stuff but £130 for a roasting tray (after discount) is ridiculous IMO. Not voted as it may be useful for those about to pull the trigger anyway.

Aldi cast iron range preorder from 16th instore 20th prices from £12.99 - £24.99 eg large tagine £19.99 more in OP @ Aldi
Updated 21st Sep 2018Last updated 21st Sep 2018 by Loubou
Just seen advertised as pre order from this Sunday (16th) and in store from next Thursday (20th) Aldi's own cast iron range called Crofton is very similar to Le Creuset available … Read more

I finally managed to get a griddle pan today. <3 You are right. It's definitely a Le Creuset pan on the box. (excited) (excited) (excited) That's bad.


These are very cute. <3 <3 <3


In the store. Slim pickings. Got a grill pan, the roasting tray and the shallow casserole. Only available in white or grey. This was at Birmingham Selly Oak. Only 1 grill pan left when we left.


Did you get yours delivered or in-store? I went to my local Aldi today to get the griddle pan and they hadn't had any delivered to their store. When I phoned Aldi to find out more, they said that many stores didn't receive any of the Cast Iron range and the Steam Generator Iron and many other things. (shock)


Just had an email about these today Mickey Mouse limited edition Le Creuset

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