Amazon insisting on a police report to replace a missing item

Posted 28th Oct 2016
Hi Guys

I am stumped here and dont know what to do (and probably will lose my Amazon account as well over this)

We had a parcel delivered to a neighbour we dont know by Amazon logistics, no problem I thought, until the neighbour came to the door with a open box, he apologised and said this is how it arrived and was not sure if he should of signed for it...

I get home and surprise surprise the box is intact but contents are missing (Laptop)

so I know I have a problem, I instantly take pictures and contact Amazon expecting a good reply, instead I get a "we need to investigate and will contact you within 48 hours"

Then just now I get a email saying no replacement or refund will be made until I report a crime to the police and contact them back with the policemans name and crime number etc!!!

I am disgusted, I am left with basically causing some serious grief with my Neighbour (accusing them of stealing) and getting the police involved!

Surely this should not be up to me? I checked the consumer rights and it states that unless I nominate a 3rd party to receive my parcel them Amazon are responsible for it until it is in my po cession......

has anyone else had this? Amazon said their courier delivered the parcel in good condition and at the correct weight, so they are all but saying the neighbour nicked it, but is it now me who has to report him so i get a replacement?
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