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Are all Leon restaurants this bad?

Posted 15th May 2022
We went to do a bit of retail therapy when we felt a bit hungry. A Leon restaurant was nearby so we thought we'd try it. We ordered 2 'Love' burger meals for just under £20. For that price, they didn't even include a bottle of coke and only offer a tiny can of cheap pop. We waited for what seemed like an age. When the food came, we were given 2 cold burgers which resembled reshaped dog food under bruised, limp and wilting 'salad' bun. The waffle fries were soggy and cold also.

When I asked for a refund, they asked me if I were sure it's cold! I said put you hand on it and you will know it's cold!

Are all Leon restaurants this bad? Possibly the worst burger I've ever bought.
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