Best soundbar for PS5

Posted 30th Dec 2022
Currently have a Samsung Q600a (only ARC not eARC) which is a soundbar with subwoofer. The dimensions are perfect (main reason for purchase) as the bar itself sits on the mantle and the subwoofer behind the sofa which is directly opposite.

I've now got a HDMI 2.1 + eARC Samsung TV with my PS5 and want to maximize what I can achieve in sound output but still remaining within a soundbar + sub format (no extra speakers) and keep the price decent maybe around £300-£400?

So for any audiophiles the question is it worth upgrading or stick to what I have? I don't really know which sound settings are the best either so even pointers for that would be much appreciated.
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    Have a look at Q800b or q600b. It's quite a slim soundbar.
    The newer Samsung tvs and soundbars have q symphony which let's you use the TV speakers in conjunction with the soundbar, a useful feature (edited)
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    naz400r Author
    Went for the q800b on the current cashback deal 🤝
  2. Admast79's avatar
    Samsung Q930B?
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    That has surround speakers.
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