Posted 25th May 2022
I'm about to buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic from Amazon Germany, cos it's still much cheaper than Amazon UK.
I'm sure I read on here users who'd done the same and said all works well on the watches in the UK.
I'd be really grateful for confirmation....particularly around Gpay, Samsung Pay, Blood Pressure and ECG.
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    Yes, works fine. Google Pay/ Samsung Pay works as it should. Using it with a non-Samsung watch too. Think ECG works only with Samsung phone so not an issue with it being from Germany (edited)
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    German watches work up to 8. After that they say 'Nein!'. (Ok, not funny. But I tried)
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    I remember people saying samsung pay has issues, and you have to download a firmware from your country which can be tricky
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    Thanks all....looks like it should work fine here. And so much cheaper, even including import duty etc. Ordered.
    How did you get on with this? Is all services working like you hoped in the UK
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    It's works perfectly here
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