Posted 6th Dec 2022 (Posted 1 h, 55 m ago)
due to recent expose of security risk with Eufy security cameras where Eufy stores footage without consent in cloud which can be accessible by anyone.

question is can we return our purchases for a full refund based on security breach ?
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    have you tried?
    Not sure, hence asking
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    Regardless of manufacturer obligations:
    if the product is not as described then you have a claim opportunity against the retailer.
    Any claim does not necessarily require a return.

    Check the product description at the time of purchase, and if that description makes a statement that you can now show to be inaccurate then you have a claim route against the trader that advertised and supplied the non-conforming product.

    Not quite comparable but indicative of how other security product manufacturers approach product non-conformance / performance issues:
    Swann is voluntarily offering full purchase cost refunds or 40% discount against new Swann products for buyers of its Intcam outdoor cam that has reached end of life due to a possible battery issue (no security issue):…980…ol/
    Question would be has Eufy has launched something like that as I cannot see on their website or on Internet.
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