HELP needed, please, on SKY Soundbox

Posted 4th Jan 2023
I have two of these fantastic units, one on my kitchen TV - no problems as connected by optical; with other one serving my PC delivering sound via Bluetooth, which means lips are out of sync to screen. Can I connect this via a Toslink to HDMI from PC (in order to provide optical connection to PC to soundbox) and still control sound levels from PC acting as an 'amplifier'. Thought I'd ask before buying Toslink to HDMI adaptor. If it helps anyone, I find these Skybox units a really great medium for providing sound (albeit now discontinued but available second hand as 'cheap as chips') TIA and many regards. John.
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    Are you sure both ends of your Bluetooth connection are the modern 5.0 or at least 4.0 aptX? I use a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver with this to get TV sound across the living room to my old Apple earpods and the lip sync delay is barely noticeable. Ditto if I use Bluetooth 5.0 wireless buds with my PC or laptop.
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    john_n3MU Author
    Thank you.
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    Why can you not just connect the soundbox to the PC with HDMI? iirc these soundboxes have HDMI in and out allowing passthrough to you TV/Monitor
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    john_n3MU Author
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