Help with buying a new computer!

Posted 7th Mar 2023 (Posted 8 h, 25 m ago)
Hi, I'm looking to replace my computer which I bought from a deal on here roughly 10 years ago.
Since buying it, I have done a few upgrades.
The current specs are:
Intel i5 3550
250GB SSD for OS
1TB HDD for storage
500GB HDD for Audio Samples

I currently use it for Illustrator (t-shirt deisgn), music production and the occasional Word document.
I was thinking to either build a PC which would be my frst time doing so, buying a pre built one or getting an M1 mac mini off eBay.

I was looking at something with a 5600G CPU but wasn't too sure how that compares to the M1. Also my budget will be around £450-£500.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    I'd imagine an M1 would be great as it was their top of the range CPU.

    Make sure you have enough RAM for your needs, 8GB seems a little low nowadays. Secondhand RAM for your current machine would be a cheap upgrade if you are running out, SSDs are also cheap.
    The suggestion is that the 5600G would be 4 times faster (CPU) than the i5 3550:…325…825
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    5600g is good alrounder. Def check sarden out. Comparing a Mac and a pc really depends on the software you use. I only know games. YouTube will be your friend for illustration and music. All I would say is that a pc won't lock you in.. so a lot easier to upgrade step by step if you wish.
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    Thanks, I'll have a look at Sarden84's deals! Looking at the cpubenchmark ratings that's a masssive difference.
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