hot water tank - timer

Posted 27th Feb 2022
Hi everyone

hope someone can help me. anyone know what this timer is for which is connected to the megaflo hot water cylinder I have.

it's been on the middle option for as long as I can remember but curiously I clicked it to the bottom option (off I think).

heating system is connected to nest and I've noticed for some time that even though my hot water was not being heated, I could hear a humming noise from the cylinder, even after the heating of the water was switched off.

my hot water is heated between 3am and 5am every day and this morning, even at 7am I could hear the cylinder making a light humming noise, like it was still heating the water.

I checked nest and the pump connected to the cylinder and it was off. so I decided to take a closer look at the timer and then clicked it down and the humming stopped.

anyone know what the timer is for please?
thank you. There may be follow up questions depending on the answers
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