Is there anywhere to View/Demo Dell XPS laptops instore

Posted 17th Mar 2023
Hi all, is there any store where you can go in and view the Dell XPS 15 or 17 instore? Somewhere around London ideally.

I'm keen to check one out before buying online.
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  1. CharlieCheeze's avatar
    Currys have a premium section. Always Dell XPS there.
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    Really, i went into Currys New Malden and the guy said they didn't have any instore on show. Though that was about 1.5 years ago.

    Be awesome to know which store you've seen them in?
  2. Russ2626's avatar
    John Lewis Oxford St
  3. googleboogle's avatar
    John Lewis, PC World, Currys, some CEX
  4. neversay's avatar
    Not sure I would replace my XPS13. The external build quality was excellent but the heat management was poor and I suspect took out the sound on it. Like most providers, the support (and drivers) are poor unless you like trawling through forums or paying for extended support. Will probably shift to a Samsung Galaxy laptop next time. (edited)
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    Dell driver support is spot on through the dell optimiser or dell command update. 
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