MP3 player recommendation, reasonably priced

Posted 9th Feb 2023
My son is off on a school trip soon, and while phones are banned they do allow MP3 players. Of course, I seem to have binned all my old MP3 players because I never thought I'd use them again!!

Has anyone got any recommendations for something that will suffice? Battery life is probably the main consideration, ideally I'd like it to cover the round trip journey (coach to Paris) without needing charging. SD card storage is also good as I have a fair few spares lying around. Amazon have a typical selection of chinese tat with single digit reviews, but I'd prefer a recommendation if possible.
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    sansa clip i wud buy have a look on ebay or amazon
    That's great, they look to be within budget and readily available, thanks for the recommendation.
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    Phinistec Z6 on Amazon-very good build quality,1500Mh battery,sd card slot.There are better ones,but quite expensive-over 100quid,not worth for the purpose.
    It looks like there is a lower capacity model for just over £50, it looks quite robust too. Thanks for the recommendation.
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    Ah, that's a great idea, thanks. It would be good to actually see them up close.
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    if you rockbox the sansa clip you can play flac, mp3, most audio file formats. pretty simply to do, just google the guide

    you can also rockbox the classic ipods with HDD. apple don't like flac so this makes the ipod do much more, plus you don't need to use itunes, you can drag and drop in explorer
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