Nissan juke 2014 engine oil

Posted 28th Feb 2023
Hi, I have the engine oil light flashing on my nissan juke 2014 and I been trying to figure out what oil I need to put in. Can any mechanic advise me on this please.

Full model is Nissan Juke Tekna Dig-T 115
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    A flashing oil light (oil can flashing red) is a big warning sign check the oil level on flat ground using the dipstick if it has one fitted if the level is up to the maximum line the flashing light is telling you your oil pressure is low . If that is the case don't start the vehicle and get further advice as starting the engine with little or no oil pressure can ruin the engine in seconds and engines aren't cheap running into thousands even for a second hand engine. But it also could be a faulty oil pressure switch giving false readings. (edited)
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    adamey19 Author
    Do you know if AA would be able to look at this, I have the full breakdown cover
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    Have you checked the oil level? A flashing oil light could mean something else. I,e low oil pressure.

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    Two seconds with Google suggests an issue with oil pressure, not oil level. Time to visit your nearest garage?
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    Or Skip
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    I'd be more inclined to ask a mechanic / determine if the oil light flashes when oil needs topping up or when the pressure is dangerously low.
    If the latter, it may not be worth throwing oil at it...
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    Dipstick ! (edited)
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    These French Nissans are so unreliable. My condolences
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    The second-generation Juke was unveiled on 3 September 2019 in London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona and Cologne.[26] It went in production in October 2019. Nissan continued to build the Juke at its plant in Sunderland, UK.
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    Stick the reg in euro carparts website.. probably in handbook as well
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