Victoria Rail Station to Gatwick Airport terminal North. Last train time?

Posted 12th Feb 2023
What's the last train on a weekday from Victoria railway station to Gatwick North?

I'm looking at traveling maps and it gives mix messages. First it tells me last train time and the other says it runs 24/7? Coming from North London. Trying to cut costs by traveling by public transport than cab
. Thanks
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    Thameslink trains run all through the night from St Pancras via Blackfriars
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    You need to be searching for just Gatwick Airport station, not North. The station is connected to the South terminal and there is an inter-terminal train that takes 2-3 mins to take you to North. And search on the National Rail website, not maps.

    Please also look at a change at East Croydon as Thameslink trains do not go to Victoria. Another option is to look for trains from London Bridge. (edited)
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    I am baffled by your strange request /question. Why don't you Google search it to your own satisfaction? The two services which run there are Southern railways and Gatwick Express.
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    Not used the direct VIC > GTW for a while but Traveline indicates weekday
    "last" direct departs 00:02
    "first" direct departs 04:30
    with multiple inbetween options via Blackfriars and / or various bus connections.

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    Get the right device with the right magic words and all your questions can be answered. "Hey Alex, pop down the local train station and find out if they have any timetables they no longer have a need of". "Hey Alex WTF does 24/7 mean? And don't say 3.428571429"
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    Are you going away?
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    Just a hunch, but I'm thinking Tunisia 😁
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