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Whole Fresh Scottish Loch Sea Trout £6/k - MORRISONS - Avg £21 per fish - Instore Only
LocalLocalFound 10th MayFound 10th May
Morrisons have LARGE (£20+ per fish) whole Scottish Loch Sea Trout on offer at £6 Kg Till 20th May Fresh Fish counter deal Quote: "While you shop… We’ll prepare any fish you choose… Read more

If you're thinking of sea lice, as the name suggests, they're not a problem in fresh water. It kills them!


Lice (cheeky)


At that weight, they're definitely farmed.


These trout are 3kg - 4kg each so there should be less waste when the Morrison's fishmonger fillets them for you


Scottish loch trout are generally pretty small so you'd need a few to make 1kg. These will be farmed in a net, possibly in a Scottish loch.

AVG Internet Security 2018 - Free 1 year license
Found 22nd Oct 2017Found 22nd Oct 2017
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AVG is horrendous


I installed AVG Free 2018. Downloaded from AVG website. Entered the OP's serial number. Works fine. Installed on laptop and PC. Valid for one year.


Sorry but I do not trust Microsoft to protect itself from viruses which exploit the vulnerabilities of the microsoft OS


Did you put the license in correctly and it's listed in the window? As I said above, this might not work if you have had any AVG antivirus/internet security on your computer before, trial version, free version or paid version.


No states 1 month 11/21/2017

AVG Internet Security 2017 - 2 Year Unlimited Devices (PC)
Found 6th Aug 2017Found 6th Aug 2017
Back down again. AVG Internet Security 2017 - 2 Year Unlimited Devices (PC) Decent price. Hope it helps.
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It's quite interesting that in a recent test by one of the big antivirus testing labs Defender/MSSE outscored Avast, Avira, AVG, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Panda among others in a real world protection test. IF this is not just a blip and it really has improved recently, then there really is no valid reason paying for or even using any other free antivirus.


I tend to disagree, and so agree with oligreen: in practice, and for most domestic users Defender is just fine. Since we changed to Windows 10 (on about 8 or 9 desktops, laptops and tablets) we have had no problems, we used the free version of AVG previously and it seemed to work okay, but was fiddly compared with Defender.


This is better than Windows defender. What's the first thing that any would be 'hacker' has to get around, in trying to install stuff on your pc? anything installed by default on every windows pc: windows defender. Hacker = not necessarily a person! So install something else. Like the free version of AVG which doesn't contain all the extras which I think are unnecessary if you surf with care, but retains the best detection features of the program.


In practice does this do amy more than the free stuff in Windows 10 (Defender) and the spam filter in Gmail? I rather doubt it, so it will have to be cold.


This software is basically redundant now, and it's almost a crime to me that they can still sell it. There is plenty of free software that does a far better job than this, and as long as you don't go round clicking on bait and opening any and all exe files; Windows Defender will do just fine. The only possible reason I could advise having this, is if you have elderly relatives with PC's you can't access regularly.

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AVG Internet Security 2016
Found 28th Nov 2016Found 28th Nov 2016
$27.49 - now Free! (100% off) Limited time offer, while supplies last!

Have to download their installer, then through that they download an AVG installer that errors when you try to use it.


and hang around for the next batch of free 1-year subscription promo codes. Currently half way through my first year, can't fault it yet. Maybe AVG is free just now because they've been bought by Avast.... 'clearing' stock ...


If you want to go down the free route Avast is a far better bet.


..... ''while supplies last!'' LOL


Hate all the nagging and bloatware AVG tries to give you. Get MalwareBytes, everyone!

AVG Ultimate Amazon PC Download £3.60 12 Months & Unlimited Devices
Found 4th Oct 2016Found 4th Oct 2016
Amazon download which covers all of your unlimited devices for 12 months. I've installed it on a tablet, android phone and PC all without any problems and it upgrades for free to w… Read more

When you posted it it did show the cheap price when I went through the whole checkout process. Didn't buy it in the end but It was active for about 10 minutes or so


Ah, it looks like the price has now just changed. It must have been moments after I posted it. It had been at £3.60 from last night. Sorry.


Gives option for 1 year or 2 year, the wording does not say 12 months for me. £69.99 or £89.99.


full price here


That's weird, I definitely get £3.60 when choosing 12 months and PC Download.

Three-PC Two-Year AVG 2015 License: Anti-Virus (£9.99) or Internet Security (£19.99) (Up to 83% Off) @ Groupon
Found 25th May 2015Found 25th May 2015
£9.99 for the anti-virus (83% off) £19.99 for Internet security(75% off) Anti-Virus 2015 Helps stop, remove and prevent the spreading of viruses Protects the PC from malware Helps … Read more
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Deal is over now. Just tried to purchase and it's "No Longer Available". Shame.


Really am so shocked at the coldness. Lolz. Seriously 2yrs for complete protection against 'everything' at this price is fab!?


I was going to leave this as obviously we aren't going to agree, but I would just like to update my previous belief that AVG updates once a day. The AVG Free manual states: "AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015 is by default scheduled to look for new virus database updates every four hours." The AVG Internet Security (and Antivirus) manual states: "AVG Internet Security 2015 is by default scheduled to look for new virus database updates every four hours." The paid versions can be manually set to 2 hours but because the AVG updates are not released at a fixed schedule, it doesn't mean you are going to get updates any quicker by doing this. AVG themselves recommend leaving it at the default of 4 hours. Whether you think this or the other things in the paid versions are worth the money over using the free version, is up to you...


Comment Nope ... Less frequent updates = not the same. We can do this forever, because you're missing the point. I'm not saying that the free version doesn't offer protection, what I'm saying is that you shouldn't vote cold based on the fact that there is a free version available because it's not the same. I don't know why I'm wasting my time actually, because this site is almost worthless these days ... It's not a deal unless there's a half naked woman in the post


a Barclays bank account is free ,!

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AVG Internet Security 2015 1 YEAR FREE LICENCE WORTH €44,99
Found 10th Jan 2015Found 10th Jan 2015
HOW TO DOWNLOAD AND REGISTER THIS OFFER The download links for AVG Internet Security 2015 are given to you above. Download and install AVG Internet Security 2015; during installat… Read more
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Website says the sale has ended. I've had the product installed with the key and it expired in November.


Still working :) i got 374 days too !


Awesome, just upgraded thanks a bunch!


Thanks Op


Used the code on my spare pc and laptop, thanks.

TuneUp Utilities 2013 by AVG 1 Year Single User Clean, Optimise & Speed Up PC £3.79 @ eBay / itsup2u02
Found 19th Sep 2014Found 19th Sep 2014
Great value for this software, normally £39.99 and on sale online for about 15 quid

This software works a treat, if your computer is a couple of years old and it's beginning to slow down, it would remove all the unessary files slowing it down. I bet all those bashing it haven't tried it.


Well I am aware of how to empty the recycle bin and temp files etc so no it didn't just do that. For the average person who doesn't really know beyond that the it will remove all of the built up nonsense on there that people install unknowingly but have no idea is even there let alone how to remove it. The reason it sells well is because it does a job admittedly if you are a tech expert or someone who understands a computers system the there will be no real need for it. Most people aren't however and like this type of software as it is right for them. Horses for courses


These programs are borderline malware. cold.


these programs e mostly for people who know nothing other than using fb amd skype


this debate is going to drag on lol

Free AVG Internet Security 2014
Found 3rd Jun 2014Found 3rd Jun 2014
AVG 2014 Free for limited time AVG always gets good reviews and they do a free version anyway but this is their full product which normally sells at £54.99 Details can be found h… Read more
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Odd choice of name; penicillin is completely ineffective against viruses and many bacteria are now resistant to it. Hope the programmers' IT skills are better than their biology. Pretty sure my PC is allergic to AVG as it hasn't worked properly since I installed their free trial.


have always used avg free and well satisfied


If you are with Barclays Bank, you can get Kaspersky for free as long as you are with them for up to 3 devices.


Sorry, only just seen this I would say it depends on your setup, for the average home user then Bitdefender and Windows Firewall is nice and lightweight Avira was good but it feels too bloated right now, Kaspersky is good if you can justify spending money on it. For a firewall Zonealarm is OK Comodo is good but recent update has left it broken for me Tinywall seems to be great but it just blocks everything by default so takes lots of config for a home user. It changes each month though, best to research online if security is important to you.


I totally agree I would not be without virus protection - its just what I read in a mag

FREE AVG Internet Security 2013 Download with LICENSE KEY for 1 Year
Found 13th May 2014Found 13th May 2014
Get Free AVG Internet Security 2013 key for complete 1 year absolutely free with this brand new offer. ▶ AVG Internet Security 2013 is a comprehensive security software for Window… Read more

Who has expired this deal? It still works...


If its preactivated, its definitely fake. Don't install it people, AVG would never giveaway a preactivated copy of the product.


From the start, it's trying to get you to install OTHER stuff from them, most to be PAID FOR and others saying you agree to your "data being used" - no thanks


cheers op


Voted hot. Is actually 2014 version licensed for 374 days and works fine on Windows 8.1 for me.

AVG Anti-Virus 2014 Free Edition
Found 9th Sep 2013Found 9th Sep 2013
This is a great free Anti-Virus program, I've used it for years and never had any problems so I'm recommending it to the people! Check the FREE Anti-Malware program I've posted h… Read more
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No problem. No hurry at all.


Yeah thanks, I did receive it. I will reply to your questions at some point tomorrow via PM; I hope that is okay. :)


Must have missed the original reply. Got the PM you have sent and I have replied to it tonight (Thursday - 7.45pm). You can let me know if it came through.


I completely understand what you're saying, in fact, I agree with you; I do believe there should be at least some encryption involved. However, as a whole, Google Chrome is still an excellent web browser for simplicity, speed and security (apart from the minor issue above). ;) You're more than welcome Mike17396. To be totally honest with you, I haven't tried avast! personally, however from research and looking at independent data from AV-TEST and AV-Compatives, amongst others, I can tell you it is the best free anti-virus software out there. Use Malwarebytes too (the free version is good enough), just do a Full Scan every month or so, and both of those security products together, should do the job nicely. By the way, just in case anyone is wondering why I haven't used avast! personally, it's because I am using McAfee at the moment (don't ask why, long story) but I definitely aim to swap it for Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 soon; as Barclays customers get it free. If it wasn't for the Barclays offer though, I would probably be using avast! :)


Hi Transformers, I ended up taking your advice and swapped to Avast. Obviously I can see no difference but I guess it seems to be the highest rated at the moment, I still believe AVG is a great free antivirus, thanks for the advice anyway! :)

AVG Antivirus 2013 1-PC, 1-Year License £4.95 Direct from V3
Found 24th Mar 2013Found 24th Mar 2013
Great deal for AVG Antivirus 2013. 1 Year License for 1-PC. It's on offer for limited time!
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That's eBay for you. so many scammers and dis honest sellers/buyers.


Thats fair enough, and i presume their was nothing you could do about it either because it was two months down the road. to be honest i hate eBay as well, full of people thinking they can get something for nothing (sellers and buyer) and they wonder why traffic is slowly dropping off from their website.


Had two incidents on ebay where I purchased Kaspersky and Norton. 2 months or so down the line. Keys were not working no more. Contact sellers never got reply. From that day onwards I never buy from eBay any more.


Why not? i sell lots of Software online, admittedly 95% of my sales are on Amazon, but all of my software is 100% legitimate, if you buying from a private or a none VAT registered company i would agree with you but any VAT registered company selling bogus software is then liable for a law suite.


Microsoft Security Essentials is great, that's what I use on my laptop. However on Windows 8 it is called Windows Defender. This is for the AVG fans LOL

AVG Pro Android Free for Samsung Phones @ Samsung App Store
Found 15th Mar 2013Found 15th Mar 2013
Samsung giving avg pro free on android via Samsung apps Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

a lot of reviews saying cerberus drains battery & if you use it's features too many times they revoke them permanently. i use seekdroid. need something for my nexus tho which isnt 3g.


Alot of reviews saying the permissions are ridiculous so i'm staying clear.


I have a samsung galaxy ace and see this as Samsung mocking me for buying their shoddy product that doesnt have the space to fit the antivirus on.


useless to be honest.


Repost but this is a good freebie. Really does find threats on your device and the find your phone feature works well too. It doesn't waste battery like a lot of people say as it only takes 3 seconds to automatically scan a file in the background when you've downloaded it

FREE 30 DAY TRIAL Ultimate Protection for your PC @ AVG
Found 4th Mar 2013Found 4th Mar 2013
This is a good 30 Day FREE trial - Anti-virus / Internet security .. my years subscription recently Expired so i thought this will do until i find a good deal on another years lice… Read more

mmm like all these "WIN A LOG" deals... hardly a deal .. more like competitions




I have Microsoft security essentials when I give avg a go it picked up 5 spyware 1 virus that MSE had missed I changed becuase it can add loads of files. Look up devices and make sure nothings hidden and there was a massive list


It was always free as a trial for 30days. Should we start filling freebies with trials and demos? Cold.


jeeez -30 and getting colder hahaa is it that bad

AVG Internet Security 2013 and TuneUp Utilities 2013 @ Amazon
Found 27th Nov 2012Found 27th Nov 2012
4 User, 1 year License. Was £36.99, most other places reatil at £39.99. One of their "Deals of the Week"

{Citation needed}


Anyone that trusts the security of their puter to Microsoft is asking for trouble, Appalling track record.


If you have XP, Vista, 7 or 8 just use the FREE Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) and Microsoft Defender. IE 10 blocks over 90% of Malware on websites. Get MSE from: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows/security-essentials-download Use ComodoDragon browser for safer browsing if disinclined to use IE or Chrome: http://www.comodo.com/home/browsers-toolbars/browser.php


People still pay for this stuff?

Free 6-months Trial for Various Paid-For Anti-Virus (PC, Mac, Android) @ Facebook
Found 18th Oct 2012Found 18th Oct 2012
There are several to choose from. There are free ones in there as well, but since you can only select one you might as well get 6-months trial on premium one. One per Facebook acc… Read more

great from me too :)


Thanks :) At least I know some people finds it helpful.


I think it's great :) Voted hot


People are voting cold without giving a reason. That is not helpful :( Is is Facebook? Or is it the 'Free Anti-Virus is just as good'? I sure as hell am don't get it.


6 months norton .. hot!

AVG Internet Security 2013 for £24
Found 16th Oct 2012Found 16th Oct 2012
Full version of AVG Internet Security 2013 for £24 instead of the usual £40! A St. Patricks Day special apparently ;)
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Just pick up an older version off amazon for about £15 or less, the licence carries foward into the equivelent version of the latest release.


Oh dear. This deal is for AVG Internet Security FULL VERSION, not some free stuff - I could download AVG Free for that! oO


Try this for free https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/free-lifetime-antivirus-microsoft-security-essentials-1101569 https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/microsoft-security-essentials-free-anti-virus-spyware-download-for-home-small-business-1305476


Good call @stealadeal! But @Geekboy2k, that's not AVG!


and this......(_;) http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows/products/security-essentials

AVG PC Tuneup £7.99 @ Computer Active store
Found 28th Aug 2012Found 28th Aug 2012
This is £25.00 on the AVG website, grab a quick bargain. AVG PC Tuneup 2012 is a comprehensive maintenance tool that will help you cut system clutter, fix Registry problems, apply… Read more
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wow supercontastic


Got this free with a retail version of AVG Security last year. No updates for Tuneup since last November, think i will go back to one of the free versions when it expires.


These tools are available on windows if you have a bit of patience to find out how. Right click on desired hdd 》find disk cleanup. Saved yourself £8 there.


Agree, Ccleaner free and excellent.


I agree lol, but thought this may be of use to someone :)

AVG Internet Security 2012, 4 PC, 2 Year License (PC) £16.99 @ Amazon
Found 13th Feb 2012Found 13th Feb 2012
Avg Internet Security for 4 pcs and for 2 years, you have to look at the "More Buying Choices" its the first one at £16.99 by Amazon

AVG is a gimmick. Back in the old day it was a brilliant anti-virus but now it is just a pile of junk. Get Kaspersky AV or MSE and save yourself the hassle. You can get licenses cheap on eBay. Genuine ones too... VERY Cold from me i'm afraid... :(


Microsoft Security Essentials much lighter and faster. AVG used to be light on system before, but now with all the anti-spam, link checking malarky it's getting as bloated as Norton. Still quite a good price if you're after some commercial software.


Smashing price for 4 pcs and for 2 years thank you <3


Wow bargain


surely MSE for free is a better option, I gave up paying for virus programs years ago. Even the free avg is good enough for most. AVG FREE MSE Download (requires validated win install

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