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AVG Internet Security 2020 1 Year FREE at sharewareonsale
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Terms and Conditions This is a 1-computer 1-year license May not be resold Technical Details Developed by AVG Version is v2020 Supports Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10 (32-bit … Read more

They work, while illegal and for some reason claimed to be a possible risk, they do work. I was using the 7 day free VPN since the ones given in the codes don't work.


Careful, this is what my AVG for free reported when I visited the link.


Hopefully!! Fingers crossed.


Hope they keep working. possibly next system update the codes will get blocked. but I hope not... Had the same with these codes with malwarebytes/ccleaner and others then get blocked eventually a few months down the line. but hopefully they keep going... (y)


Well I been using it for over a week and nothing so....obviously avg haven't picked it up. And the fact these codes have been around for a few months and still work again indicates they work.

AVG Internet Security 2020 ( One Year Free ) at sharewareonsale
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Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
AVG Internet Security 2020 ( One Year Free ) at sharewareonsale
STOP VIRUSES AND RANSOMWARE: Our cloud-based artificial intelligence and the world’s largest threat-detection network protect you in real-time from viruses, spyware, ransomware, an… Read more
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I know that of the tests that Which do, Windows Defender did badly. So as I know a totally independent source found WD failed in tests why would I trust it. Also as Which tests found problems, but AV Comparitives (who gets much of it's funding from business) report they couldn't, I know who I trust. Av Comparitives also use a lot of headings that seem to be long winded way of saying the same thing Which say. That overly long list also becomes much shorter when you remove the headings that have nothing to do with Windows Defender users.


got redirected to https://sharewareonsale.com/checkout/order-received/15186398?key=wc_order_T2BrHQY4ADS4p The download link for AVG Internet Security 2020 is given to you above. Download and install AVG Internet Security 2020. After install, run AVG Internet Security 2020 and register it with any ONE of the following license keys: License Key #1:GV2WLG-2A2HP2-4847H6License Key #1:FN357Q-HYYCZ2-4PC836License Key #1:CLXRDA-DUY5F2-5QL7ZW


I honestly wouldn't trust a Which report when it comes to something this specialised. Which do consumer product testing. The links I've provided are from industry recognised testing bodies, in fact all four organisations specialise in IT Security testing, it is all that they do. Look at how Which say they test products: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/antivirus-software-packages/article/how-we-test-antivirus-software So, they do a malware test and test phishing links in emails. That is it, plus how easy it is to install and how many resources they use. Compare that to the methods that AV comparatives use: https://www.av-comparatives.org/test-methods/


Which (Consumer Association) tests give Defender just 63% AVG gets 82%. They give Defender (out of five stars) 1 for anti-phising 3 for Virus scanning 2 for False Positive prevention Various other lower scores than AVG (Buy a Which subscription for more details) and Defender has no E-mail protection


last time I used AVG there was a load of crap left after uninstalling Not the same as old AVG, now free but linking to many pay options

AVG Internet Security 2019 Free for 1 Year
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Posted 13th Nov 2018Posted 13th Nov 2018
VG Internet Security 2019 Free for 1 Year: Just download AVG Free Antivirus Online installer Once the installation is completed, launch the AVG main window, click on the … Read more
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Followed the given instructions by another poster "Once the installation is completed, launch the AVG main window, click on the My AVG tab, then click ‘My Subscription’ and select the ‘Enter License’ option. Next, enter below license code and this will give a One-year subscription of AVG Internet Security 2019, finally update the components of the software and restart your PC AVG Internet Security 2018/19 License number : IBY9X-ESYXT-W4BZQ-QI4WX-A9LI7-INRS3" It didn't work for me still tells me that AVG expires 15 January 2019


Dont work, shows as trial


Thank you so much! This worked!


It worked then I have typed in the licence key. Thank you very much :)


I went to the official AVG website and downloaded the antivirus. Should I type the licence key or copy and paste? I have pasted it. Will try again.

(PC) Free AVG Internet Security 2018 for 1 year
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Posted 17th Aug 2018Posted 17th Aug 2018
(PC) Free AVG Internet Security 2018 for 1 year
Sharewareonsale giving free AVG Internet Security 2018.
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Loooool, yes, Sophos Free, AND Kaspersky Free are very competent indeed too. :-)


And get infected with as many viruses known to man


My thoughts are deeply concerning.


Lol. Speaking of which, what are your thoughts on SmoothWall Firewall then?, or ... thanx. :-)


Proper IT guys don't use Windows. So there's that.

AVG Internet Security 2018 (3 computers) only £9.99 (80% off) @ Groupon
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Posted 19th Jul 2018Posted 19th Jul 2018
AVG Internet Security 2018 (3 computers) only £9.99 (80% off) @ Groupon
AVG Internet Security provides a fully loaded security solution for 3 PC’s, up to 3 years and will guard against everyday digital dangers. System Requirements Windows 10, 8, 7, V… Read more

As Duncan Bannatyne says, "I'm oot!"




Which can be said for ALL AV products! Personally use the MS Bit Defender which is as good as any


Unfortunately statistics of virus infection prove that “common sense” doesn’t quite work


Just use common sense 2018

Whole Fresh Scottish Loch Sea Trout £6/k - MORRISONS - Avg £21 per fish - Instore Only
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Posted 10th May 2018Posted 10th May 2018LocalLocal
Whole Fresh Scottish Loch Sea Trout £6/k - MORRISONS - Avg £21 per fish - Instore Only
£6£7.4920%Morrisons Deals
Morrisons have LARGE (£20+ per fish) whole Scottish Loch Sea Trout on offer at £6 Kg Till 20th May Fresh Fish counter deal Quote: "While you shop… We’ll prepare any fish you choose… Read more

If you're thinking of sea lice, as the name suggests, they're not a problem in fresh water. It kills them!


Lice (cheeky)


At that weight, they're definitely farmed.


These trout are 3kg - 4kg each so there should be less waste when the Morrison's fishmonger fillets them for you


Scottish loch trout are generally pretty small so you'd need a few to make 1kg. These will be farmed in a net, possibly in a Scottish loch.

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AVG Internet Security 2018 - Free 1 year license
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Posted 22nd Oct 2017Posted 22nd Oct 2017
AVG Internet Security 2018 - Free 1 year license

AVG is horrendous


I installed AVG Free 2018. Downloaded from AVG website. Entered the OP's serial number. Works fine. Installed on laptop and PC. Valid for one year.


Sorry but I do not trust Microsoft to protect itself from viruses which exploit the vulnerabilities of the microsoft OS


Did you put the license in correctly and it's listed in the window? As I said above, this might not work if you have had any AVG antivirus/internet security on your computer before, trial version, free version or paid version.


No states 1 month 11/21/2017

AVG Internet Security 2017 - 2 Year Unlimited Devices (PC)
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Posted 6th Aug 2017Posted 6th Aug 2017
AVG Internet Security 2017 - 2 Year Unlimited Devices (PC)
Back down again. AVG Internet Security 2017 - 2 Year Unlimited Devices (PC) Decent price. Hope it helps.
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It's quite interesting that in a recent test by one of the big antivirus testing labs Defender/MSSE outscored Avast, Avira, AVG, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Panda among others in a real world protection test. IF this is not just a blip and it really has improved recently, then there really is no valid reason paying for or even using any other free antivirus.


I tend to disagree, and so agree with oligreen: in practice, and for most domestic users Defender is just fine. Since we changed to Windows 10 (on about 8 or 9 desktops, laptops and tablets) we have had no problems, we used the free version of AVG previously and it seemed to work okay, but was fiddly compared with Defender.


This is better than Windows defender. What's the first thing that any would be 'hacker' has to get around, in trying to install stuff on your pc? anything installed by default on every windows pc: windows defender. Hacker = not necessarily a person! So install something else. Like the free version of AVG which doesn't contain all the extras which I think are unnecessary if you surf with care, but retains the best detection features of the program.


In practice does this do amy more than the free stuff in Windows 10 (Defender) and the spam filter in Gmail? I rather doubt it, so it will have to be cold.


This software is basically redundant now, and it's almost a crime to me that they can still sell it. There is plenty of free software that does a far better job than this, and as long as you don't go round clicking on bait and opening any and all exe files; Windows Defender will do just fine. The only possible reason I could advise having this, is if you have elderly relatives with PC's you can't access regularly.

Free AVG internet security (antivirus) license for 1 year..
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Posted 24th Dec 2016Posted 24th Dec 2016
Free AVG internet security (antivirus) license for 1 year..
free AVG Internet security license for 1 year. I myself have posted it in advent kalendar deal. but this is for people who have forgotten to open the calendar..And this deal I thi… Read more
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Your text here


(Translated) Note posted on the chip.de site: Note In their own right: Due to a misunderstanding with our partner AVG, we assumed to be able to give "Internet Security" on Christmas Eve to the CHIP-users. However, it is the annual license of a specially adapted version of AVG Antivirus Premium . We regret this confusion and hope that you, dear CHIP users, still have fun with the full version and also without "Internet Security" a nice Christmas celebration. With best regards, the CHIP editorial


d ditto


Nope, all I get is "503 Service not available, Sorry, the requested server is currently unavailable. Cause may be high load or maintenance.". Same thing reported in the comments as well. EDIT: Finally got it to download, but it is what others are saying, this is AVG Antivirus and not AVG Internet Security.


​well I've installed it already wonder why you get that error try going thru this url http://www.chip.de/s_specials/Download-Adventskalender_74217484.html

AVG Internet Security 2016
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Posted 28th Nov 2016Posted 28th Nov 2016
AVG Internet Security 2016
$27.49 - now Free! (100% off) Limited time offer, while supplies last!

Have to download their installer, then through that they download an AVG installer that errors when you try to use it.


and hang around for the next batch of free 1-year subscription promo codes. Currently half way through my first year, can't fault it yet. Maybe AVG is free just now because they've been bought by Avast.... 'clearing' stock ...


If you want to go down the free route Avast is a far better bet.


..... ''while supplies last!'' LOL


Hate all the nagging and bloatware AVG tries to give you. Get MalwareBytes, everyone!

70% off a yearly AVG subscription £20.99
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Posted 23rd Nov 2016Posted 23rd Nov 2016
70% off a yearly AVG subscription £20.99
Think this is a good deal as AVG is a personal favourite, usually have the free subscription.. ;) normally 69.99.. .

Kaspersky works well for me


You're better off protecting your computer with a wooden spoon. Cheaper too.


I moved onto comodo too. Do have a Kaspersky internet security that I got from HUKD, from around June this year, posted at £1.99 and there was a 5 device deal for under four quid, and you get it free if you are a Barclays customer.


It is not worth it.


Am I the only one missing a trick here? I can get eset, or F secure for around £21 per year normal price. How is AVG worth £70?

AVG Ultimate Amazon PC Download £3.60 12 Months & Unlimited Devices
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Posted 4th Oct 2016Posted 4th Oct 2016
AVG Ultimate Amazon PC Download £3.60 12 Months & Unlimited Devices
Amazon download which covers all of your unlimited devices for 12 months. I've installed it on a tablet, android phone and PC all without any problems and it upgrades for free to w… Read more

When you posted it it did show the cheap price when I went through the whole checkout process. Didn't buy it in the end but It was active for about 10 minutes or so


Ah, it looks like the price has now just changed. It must have been moments after I posted it. It had been at £3.60 from last night. Sorry.


Gives option for 1 year or 2 year, the wording does not say 12 months for me. £69.99 or £89.99.


full price here


That's weird, I definitely get £3.60 when choosing 12 months and PC Download.

AVG Ultimate 2016 1 Year - Internet Security & TuneUp for Unlimited PCs, Tablets & phones £19.99 was £59.99 at AVG.com
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Posted 23rd Jun 2016Posted 23rd Jun 2016
AVG Ultimate 2016 1 Year - Internet Security & TuneUp for Unlimited PCs, Tablets & phones £19.99 was £59.99 at AVG.com
•All-in-one antivirus, privacy, & tuneup for UNLIMITED devices. Includes: •Unlimited Downloads of AVG Internet Security for Windows & AVG PC TuneUp for Windows •Unlimited D… Read more
Avg antivirus 2016 two year subscription £9.99 @ Groupon / Download Buyer
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Posted 4th Apr 2016Posted 4th Apr 2016
Avg antivirus 2016 two year subscription £9.99 @ Groupon / Download Buyer
For two pc one licence for avg antivirus 2016. This one much better than free one. http://www.downloadbuyer.com/showprod/3177

​ Then you have just proved it's not, it serves a purpose, to protect you from doing stupid things. Plus if you have a shared pc, cannot watch other people 24/7


All antivirus is snake oil. Use common sense, keep apps and o/s updated. Don't click links willy nilly. Visit reputable adult sites.


It's likely due to AVG receiving a poor reputation in recent years, particularly for bloatware. Just shows that sometimes rep does matter.:)


It strange Two weeks ago Kaspersky total security for a year subscription for £6.29 went over 2000 heat This one got two year subscription voted cold.


Kaspersky has been the top rated for a few years running. AVG had dropped down, but has surged back up the rankings in the last year or so.

AVG Easter Offer Was £59.99   Now £19.99
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Posted 25th Mar 2016Posted 25th Mar 2016
AVG Easter Offer Was £59.99 Now £19.99
Internet Security, PC TuneUp & more... AVG Ultimate - Save 66% Kung Fu malware & hackers with AVG Internet Security Tick green, 16 x 16 px Online shield: dropkick infecte… Read more

If you must buy this Google avg and privacy first :(


Kaspersky was on here last week for as low as £1.99 Total security 2016 for 5 appliances. I am running it now. Much superior to free AV. Now that was a deal.


I use the free Microsoft AV. I also use the free Zone Alarm firewall to stop unwanted outgoings


Hard to believe people still pay for antivirus, windows defenders is more than IP to the job these days and Avast has good detection rates.


had my only ever breach of security using this crap, never again. Avast has proved far more secure.

AVG Ultimate 2016 2 Year - Internet Security & TuneUp for Unlimited PCs, Tablets & phones £29.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 17th Mar 2016Posted 17th Mar 2016
AVG Ultimate 2016 2 Year - Internet Security & TuneUp for Unlimited PCs, Tablets & phones £29.99 @ Amazon
let's see how cold this is going to go, like any other antivirus deals. seams like a good deal to me although I have just renewed my bitdeffender licence 2 months ago. this is fo… Read more

Agreed. G2A is amazing for legit keys for games, Windows and AV suites


I would not pay for an antivirus. Obviously if you are a novice, have children... maybe a paid one will give you peace of mind as those have features that typically tell you if you are making a silly change on the system. Windows by default will notify on a key system change such as installing something. Children should use limited user accounts to stop them installing unwanted and intrusive software. Flash and Java have security holes. Good thing is you don't really need them anymore. YouTube doesn't need Flash these days. For sites that need it, you can enable it on a site-by-site basis with a browser like Firefox. Keep your browser and system updated. Just use some sense and don't install any unknown software. Sufficient protection is provided with a free anti-virus or even built in Windows one. Opening a file claiming to be music that brings up that security popup is a no go. If you don't need Windows programs or care about games...there's always Linux.


Yes you are wrong :(


maybe I am wrong. but as far as I remember, info from years back, the motor was the old one, the virus definitions would had been updated as the paid version. maybe they've changed.


sorry but you don't have a clue what you are talking about, cannot believe you could post something like that, you need to do some research before telling people that. The big companies give their software away for free because they sell to corporations and the free services allow them to keep a head of the game. If the software was 3 year old everyone who uses them wouldn't have a computer that would work now because its full of viruses. had to come back to update, sitting here shaking my head with your post and its not very many times that happens. Unbelievable.

6-month license free AVG Internet Security 2016
Posted 28th Jan 2016Posted 28th Jan 2016
6-month license free AVG Internet Security 2016
AVG Internet Security provides you with protection against viruses, malware, spam, scams, phishing, and more. Plus, it has additional features such as a firewall, internet accelera… Read more

would not touch these guys with a barge pole after the problems i had - had documented proof they'd cancelled my auto renew in 2013, they still took payment in 2014, took ages to get through to someone via emails who could sort it this may be free and thats fine but i'd advise everyone NOT to join up as a paying customer


thanks op. talk about good timing, my antivirus is about to run out, was looking for new antivirus, and i saw this.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS This is a 1-computer 6-month license, for noncommercial use and new users of AVG May not be resold

LHR - Orlando Flights (via JFK) 14 nights flying on Good Friday 2adults & 2 children - avg £660
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Posted 12th Dec 2015Posted 12th Dec 2015
LHR - Orlando Flights (via JFK) 14 nights flying on Good Friday 2adults & 2 children - avg £660
Ok a bit specialist, but I was looking at guide prices for going to Orlando. We're looking at Easter 2017 but thought id check for Easter 2016 prices. Went to Expedia and found a… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

It's alright my bikes outside


Nothing like comparing apples and walnuts !!


It's just summer I think it's a lot. I went in May once and it was ok. This time Iv booked my flights £1k economy in August each and then really gulped trying to get affordable hotels!


350 per person direct flights leaving Easter Sunday. Hotels are a little dearer but then compared to your flight deal I'm still quids in


I'm not sure what you wanted to see, but the LA area and Southern California is stuffed full of stuff to see.

AVG Ultimate 2015 - Protect & tune up all your devices - 2 Year. £26.99 @ Amazon.co.uk
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Posted 25th Sep 2015Posted 25th Sep 2015
AVG Ultimate 2015 - Protect & tune up all your devices - 2 Year. £26.99 @ Amazon.co.uk
AVG Ultimate 2015: Our best internet security, tuneup and privacy for you and your family – wrapped into one. Over 80 features to cover your protection, performance and privacy nee… Read more
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AVG have admitted that they scrape your browsing history and e-mails and send the data to 3rd parties to make money.


I scaned trojans emailed to our customers to check how many days it takes av vendors to detect new threats. Sometimes it took 2-3 weeks to recognise a file as malicious. I won't trust any av ever.


Not sure what you mean but PCPro did a review of virus protection and Avast! free won best free virus protection, I used to pay till I read that article and never looked back.


Varashnarath, you are right but, how many people have you tried to teach common sense to? (see comment below) Take your pick: 1) Is that good? 2) Are you tolling?



AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security FREE on Amazon
318° Expired
Posted 25th Jun 2015Posted 25th Jun 2015
AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security FREE on Amazon
Its available now on the Amazon app store.

it's £7.59 not Free


its not free now .




thanks phone working better now


They don't.

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