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"Breaking bad " movie, now on Netflix
El Camino, Jesse Pinkman story, Movie has just arrived on Netflix. Only announcing it as I see 'Breaking Bad' making almost everybody's top ten list of favourite TV shows on here.… Read more

Do you have an actual link rather than a sarcastic reply that doesn't actually show that it almost cancelled every season? I think everyone's aware it was rejected from a few networks before it started and there was a bit of a wobble around season 3, but as far as I know, it was never in danger of being cancelled.




I don't recall it being close to cancellation, barring the first series when the writers strike kicked in, but that could be said for loads around that time. A couple of times there were half hearted threats from AMC, but they happen regularly, and I think it was FX and another network were both there chomping at the bit to take over production, so even if AMC had let it go there wasn't any chance of it being cancelled. I might be remembering it wrong though, you got a link to the cancellation stories please?


Anyone that liked Breaking Bad and is looking for a new series to watch should watch Alias JJ based on Pablo Escobar hitman. Only thing it's in Spanish but subtitles only makes u focus more on not missing any of it. Available on Netflix. Back to the breaking bad movie felt more like a continuation of the series more then a movie. Had to recall who was who. But still worth watching if you seen the series.


No it was too short imo

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Breaking Bad The Last Season (8 Episodes) UV Code
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Been used, nice of you to offer it out. Also why wouldn't anyone thank you for it.

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Breaking Bad: The Final Season UV Code
Have no need for it :) UBFCHM1DUFPRHT64

​ oO


Damn too late already used thanks anyway OP very kind even if I didn't get it


I got halfway into season 1 and stopped... Really should go back to it as everyone raves about it


Happy to share the masterpiece that is, Breaking Bad.


That's nice of you! (I haven't taken it btw)

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yay well done winner and miikeyblue for this prize.


Can I please be conside....... Oh :| Nice one miikey ;)


WOOOO!!!! Thanks mate!!!!




Winnerrrrr... Picked by the kids. Will drop your codes over shortly.

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Spike TV Channel Free Showing Breaking Bad In UK Sky And Freeview
Spike TV Channel Free Showing Breaking Bad In UK Sky And Freeview The channel launches in April Showing breaking bad all series us dramas movies sport Breaking Bad finally comes to… Read more

Watched most of the first series on 5usa or 5* but i think sky bought it up so missed the rest. Couldnt get into it myself.


She has a new face now :D


Aren't most wives?


Nothing a paper bag and a ball gag can't sort out..


His wife? Nah, she is pretty ugly and very annoying.

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I've just finished breaking bad, i need more quality tv, recommendations needed
Everything else is dismal in comparison to breaking bad. The only show that as good is lost. Better call saul looks great but i hate waiting week by week, I prefer to tv binge.
Avatar deleted1131722

The big bang theory is so generic, it's pretty average. Reading the summary of supernatural on imdb it's seem like the sort of show that is either terrible or brilliant. I might try it.


I'm quite disappointed that the big bang theory got a mention before supernatural in my opinion supernatural is one of the many shows that should have been mentioning first Bring renued for an 11th season is an amazing fantastic example of great tv


The shield Sons of anarchy the killing


Spartacus is good as well. ... the first 2 seasons are great ... it's a lot similar to game of thrones in terms of set in that era ... Banshee is good ... just got season 3 now to watch ... ... Supernatural watch that for some good plot twists ... it really is a good watch! Enjoy:)


Started watching two new (to me) series this week. "Those Who Kill" (American remake of a Danish series) - absolutely dire. Avoid at all costs. Not surprised to hear it was cancelled after ten episodes. "Line of Duty" (BBC) - thoroughly enjoying this one. The only negative is there's only 11 episodes (5 from 2012 and 6 from 2014), and I want something I can get my teeth into for a few weeks or months, and this'll be done in less than a week. If you want some comedy, "Parks and Recreation" is fantastic. Very slow to get going at the start of series one, and I nearly gave up after the first episode or two, but I'm glad I didn't. "Entourage" too. I wasn't sure after the first one or two episodes, but loved it after watching a few more. Both of those shows have a lot of series, and are ongoing. (Parks & Rec is in it's 7th series. Entourage finished a few years back, after eight series, but a film is currently in production).