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Updated 14th SepLast updated 14th Sep by John_Fricker
Hermes are not replying to my email complaint to this address "" and the auto phone option on 0330 808 5456 gives no way of speaking to a human and just… Read more

The Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 gives powers to third parties in certain circumstances to enforce terms of a contract that confer a benefit upon them, either expressly or as a matter of contractual construction. That applies to the relationship between Hermes and the recipient of a parcel although Hermes would attempt to deny it. The Consumer Action Group website, , provides help to recipients of parcels having issues with Hermes.


Its a Robber. I sent few parcels and they are not deliveried. I have tried to contact Hermes . But just digital robot replies. The parcels shows on the way me 9 May 2021 but over 2 weeks. Another parcel shows damaged and no returns to me (no contact, no compensation) ???? Its so annoying with Herms service. Please do not use Hermes they will take your items


Yes, I can symathise with both dudes here.


Unfortunately, if a driver was trying to fiddle their bonus, then that has caused me a lot of unnecessary messing around.


"Your item has been delivered" when it hasn't is common. This is generally because the driver is running late/ lost/ got to go somewhere/ any reason really.. so he marks it as delivered and delivers next day. They are often self employed subcontractors and often have a bonus for delivering everything in one day- so they lose this bonus. When you earn around £100 a day, an extra £15 a day is a real bonus. A job I wouldn't want.

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Updated 9th SepLast updated 9th Sep by cityhunter
Have you ever encountered problem Like that? Hermes tracking is showing delay in delivery to wait 24 hours . But it was not updated in last 24 hours. I am scared

In the same position myself. Ordered 2 item from the same company at the same time. Got issued 2 tracking numbers, 1 item turned up, the other didn't. It's now 2 weeks later and it still hasn't turned up, would have assumed the same courier had the parcel and probably got confused and kept it.


I had a couple of Boohoo parcels lost delayed for 24 hours by haemorrhoids 2 - 3 years ago, one was next day delivery. Boohoo made me wait, I think for about a month each time to see if they would show up before they'd refund, I got close to doing a chargeback. Perhaps they went straight to auction?


Talk to the seller, get them to take it up with Hermes. Don't even bother trying to take it up with Hermes yourself. Its a frustrating experience, I think Hermes deliberately make it difficult to communicate to a person and when you do they're dimissive, obstructive & sometimes downright hostile. See the conversations we've been having toward the end of this thread


48 hours passed


Usually 24 hours

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Good afternoon guys, I wanted to ask you something, just in case someone has had the same problem. A month ago with the 30% offer from the amazon warehouse, I decided to buy a ps4… Read more

So the same thing has just happened to me with a paid of Jabra earbuds which were returned to Amazon brand new and sealed (by way of Hermes collection) and the retailer now reporting that they have received an empty box and can not process a refund. The frustrating thing here is that Amazon stated that Hermes was the only available option for returning the item in the first place!


I do the same even though Royal Mail can be a bit slow, also the advantage of royal mail is when you take the parcel to the post office they weigh it and give you a receipt so if anything goes missing out of the box like what's happened in this discussion I have proof I never sent back an empty box.


I normally use the online chat to ask for a RM returns label if possible.


Wow never realised this and happened to me yesterday, instant credit to Amazon Gift Card, noice. I see the order is now "Return in transit" so I guess refund is reversible if the return doesn't fully comply.


When I return anything , Amazon refund me as soon as the courier scans it . I sent something back today via Hermes and they refunded me as soon as I give it the shop keeper

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Updated 4th JulLast updated 4th Jul by angie55
I've bought something from eBay . Hermes have delivered it to an address I don't recognise. In the proof of delivery he has taken a picture of a front door with no number on it so … Read more

It didn't have the correct address, did have a case with eBay they've closed it I will not be doing anything for me. I'm going to now give up. Yes the last two three weeks has been rotten one problem after another. Nevermind. At least I have my film now organised for the Odeon tomorrow so something's gone right at last. :)


sounds like one thing after another. you must be having a bad year this year! go back and raise a complaint with ebay that not all items were delivered, as well as being delivered to the wrong address. get the neighbour to write a note to confirm that the parcel was incorrecly left at her address as proof. did the parcel have the correct address on it? that is, did it have your address?


Except when I opened the parcel there should be two of the items but seller has only sent one. In the picture they had it showed two items I assumed I would received two of the items but she only sent one. Don't know where I stand with this. It was misleading but probably she is within her rights.


good to hear you got it sorted. annoying when they deliver your parcel to someone else.


Amazing, the neighbour from two streets away has just dropped the parcel round. 😄😄

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Updated 27th JunLast updated 27th Jun by britlad
Hi, I'm looking to give few hours on weekend for driver job (whilst family sleeps in morning). Either Amazon Delivery or something similar, Does anyone have any experience in any c… Read more

Hermes paid me around 50p/Parcel. Rates vary slightly depending on the sender. They did not pay me for the day I shadowed another driver (training) and, as most delivery drivers are self-employed you can wave goodbye to sick pay, holidays and pension contributions. By the time I'd paid petrol, daily insurance contribution and factored wear/tear into things I was definitely earning below minimum wage. It worked out about £6 after expenses and before any taxes due. Hermes do seem to pay better for longer serving couriers, but I didn't last that long.


The lass who does my round for Hermes gets more than 15p per delivered parcel, she reckons she gets around £1 per parcel and she delivers around 120-150 parcels per day, at least she tells me that and she’s worked there for years so they must be some truth in that, owner drivers at Parcelforce, uk mail and DPD get a lot of money, I think UPS do too but apparently Yodel are not so good, our delivery drivers that are paye get around £12 per hour, they take on a lot of agency drivers tho, I’m not sure abt the food delivery companies pay rates but if I didn’t work for Parcelforce I wud defo go down the agency route. Hope this helps ppl thinking abt being a courier.


I have been doing for 2 Years now full time flex and all the delivery apps if you don’t have just eat the rest pay peanuts! They get away with it. Example my local prime is 4 miles from my house pick a 2hours block to send it 58miles away just one drop rung support (which are based in America) they said yes you can do it on 2hours window so you get paid £30 to do 116miles round trip! So take it from experience I enquired Hermes before the scandal they were paying 15p per delivered parcel and 5p for try to deliver (I don’t know now). Uber is ok if you live near shops and don’t travel to pick up as it dose not pay to go to restaurants only from pick up to delivery (and that depends on the area) Deliveroo don’t bother as is low paid leaves you in one option just eat pays you to go to the restaurant and from there to customer. Good Luck


Lol, this is so true, I’ve worked for Parcelforce for 7 and a bit years and I’ve never been so fed up, long hours, sick of idiots on the road, idiot managers etc etc, but hey ho it’s all abt the money….haha


maybe look elsewhere or try something different, eg sell on eBay? Clean Windows? If got IT skills maybe offer web development to local business? Just few ideas. These driver job are bit too much hassle on my opinion

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Updated 22nd JunLast updated 22nd Jun by Robjet
Has anyone had to return larger items back to Amazon, where Amazon has arranged for Hermes to collect? Do Hermes give you a heads up when they'll intend to collect, or do they jus… Read more

Like others I’ve had to arrange Hermes for a collection for an Amazon return. Complete nightmare. At one point they had told Amazon they had collected the package but no-one did. In the end it was sorted through Amazon customer services.


Just do a search on here for the Hermes horror stories. Use RM instead and Amazon will refund your postage


My last two orders from Amazon were delivered by DPD


Hermes have quite possibly, the worst approach to customer service I have ever encountered. Quite simply they are not willing to interact with the end-user and calls to their only published number come with a sting in their premium rate priced call tail. They have removed all traces of an alternative number from webpages out there and their web-shat-chat has been disabled on their site. They don't reply to emails and even when they are in the wrong (as they so often are, judging by my experience & countless similar comments across this and other forums) you end up thinking it would be have been quicker to take the item yourself from/to the warehouse. Their online tracking system is a joke and as with deliveries, you will be left wandering has the item been successfully processed to get a replacement or your money back. Their drivers often leave things on doorsteps after having marked it as delivered the previous day or lying and saying the recipient wasn't there (forget about the lack of a missed delivery slip - that's a minor detail they can't be bothered with even when they have shown up). I've witnessed it on at least three occasions this year, their system saying it's been delivered successfully, or claiming I wasn't in so that delivery can take place when it suits the driver. Mainly because they operate a gig-economy approach to drivers. Often they don't have the space, you see them turning up in a Vauxhall Corsa jammed to the rafters with boxes in the passenger compartment. Avoid if you want a stress-free life.


I had them arrange Hermes to collect my shark hoover. They didn’t turn up the first or second time, then I was worried they’d ‘lose’ or swap it so I paid for Royal Mail, and Amazon refunded me the postage.