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Marantz M-CR611 Melody Media Network CD Receiver £299.90 - Amazon  sold by Peter Tyson Online.
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
60W x2ch (6 ohms) / 4x 30W for speaker A/B with individual volume setting Music streaming including Airplay, Spotify Connect, Internet Radio and DLNA 1.5 2 USB inputs for iPhone/… Read more
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Gutted I missed this at £250 from Richer Sounds


Same price anywhere


Bargain for this HiFi system, I've got this system in storage and when paired with some ATC SCM11's it sounds amazing.... If you want a really good sounding HiFi, get this.


This is pretty much the standard price at Richer Sounds however they do not deliver. They also do the black version which sometimes is as low as £250 but again no delivery.

Marantz CD5005 - CD Player  2 Year Warranty included was £249.00 now £154.90 @ AV Direct
Found 23rd Sep 2017Found 23rd Sep 2017
Marantz CD5005 - CD Player was £249.00 now £154.90 ✓ Authorised UK Dealer ✓ 2 Year Warranty included ✓ FREE Next Working Day Courier Service to main… Read more
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154 quid for a CD player! I wonder how much their tape cassette player and wind up gramophone with a horn and steel needle is?


Is there a noticeable difference between this and the 6006? Or is it extras like connectivity? I'd have a PC linked into the same setup so don't need anything like that.

Marantz PM5005 & Marantz CD5005 What HiFi 5 Star Amplifier - Free Next Day Delivery - £299 @ Home AV Direct
Found 11th Sep 2017Found 11th Sep 2017
After recently purchasing a new turntable, I dug out my old NAD 3220PE amplifier only to find it playing up so I have been searching and reading reviews for a more modern but affor… Read more

What I love about this deal is you can add a Chromecast or Bluetooth receiver, a pair of decent speakers and a quality turntable and still have spent less than the price of a mid to high end sound bar. And have an order of magnitude better sound.


Dali's were brighter than the Silver's? Surprised about that. Being paper vs metal. I find the Silver's very deep, good bass. But I think the Dali's are more musical. Drum and Bass I'd be all over the Silver's :D Did you have the Dali's backed against a wall? That helps a lot with them. The Silver's don't really need that. It will make them boomy.


Now that would've been too sensible. I'd be surprised if it was much better though. Really made the sound how I liked. I will return with my own CDs to test before buying though. The Marantz 6006 with Dali's lacked depth to me, was too bright. All IMHO. (£280 + £319)


I'd encourage you to order this so you don't lose out, then go visit your local Richer Sounds and see what you think for yourself. My addled ears from years of loud Walkmans (yes, original tape ones) may have a very different perception to you. :D The Amp itself was £500 so not in the same budget.


Did you compare the CXA60 to something similar in price?

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Q Acoustics 3050+Marantz PM5005 Speaker Bundle £539.90 @home av direct. what hi-fi 5 star
Found 25th Jul 2017Found 25th Jul 2017
Was £798. Now £539.90 been eyeing on the pair of Q acoustics floorstanding speakers which cost £529 or £549 at 99% retailers. although you can get it for £489 from hifonix which … Read more

Fantastic Price! Been toying with the idea of a new set up for a while! Very tempting at this price! I Hear great things about these speakers and Marantz Amps never disappoint!


Great price. Good find.

Marantz NR1607 Dolby Atmos DTS-X 4k AV Receiver (Slimline) = £389 - richersounds
Found 28th Apr 2017Found 28th Apr 2017
Hope this helps someone who can't get some of the larger Atmos Amps in their AV Cabinet. This one is wafer thin compared to most and this doesn't impair the sound quality. Sonicall… Read more
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Why has this expired its still available at this price?


Part review for the amp when techmoan went ATMOS;


Any modern AVR should drive your speakers fine and as I previously mentioned if you want excellent music reproduction hard to find another AVR that will match this one at this price. And these Tannoys have the excellent Dual Concentric drivers, you'll need to spend well in excess of £500 on current speakers for performance on par with the DC3s.


Not necessarily, both this Marantz and the Denon have the exact same power saver mode and will adapt the power consumption based on usage - e.g. lower volume, lower power used.


Don't need to in the sense that they will stop working but need to in the usual way of keeping up with pace of change and wanting nice new shiny speakers (_;). Matching them to the new amp and ceiling speakers is also important to me to create a balanced sound.

Marantz NR1607 Ultra Slim 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver normally 599 currently £479.21 @ Amazon
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Approx 20% off standard price. Also same price in Peter tyson and Richer sounds but none available online at Richer. Packing in Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Hi-Res compatibility and full … Read more

Just Purchased from Richer sounds for £389 and its awesome. If you are space limited this is the only amp worth considering.


£460 today on Peter Tyson.


Oh of course. If your not restricted to space and can fit a full size then your not the intended target for this slim model. If you are restricted by space, then I don't believe there is anything better out there and with 120 quid knocked off., it deserves some love.


It's obviously great, the deal breaker is only 1 hdmi output. And you are paying a premium for the slimline.


via Amazon:

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Marantz NR1506 AV Receiver - £289 @ Peter tyson
Found 19th Oct 2016Found 19th Oct 2016
best price for that perfectly AV Reciver Marantz NR-1506, as with all previous NR Range, has been specifically designed for those where space is at a premium. Featuring high curre… Read more
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Its been 279 at richer and tyson for a number of months now. I'm gonna hold off till xmas for hopefully another price drop.


thanks brookheather !


The description has been copied incorrectly from the NR1606 which has 7 channels - this is the NR1506 with only 5 channels.


why does the description say NR1606 ? - I'm a big Marantz fan but am confused by this !


Not a Sony, not interested

Marantz SR6010 AV Receiver £499 petertyson
Found 9th Jun 2016Found 9th Jun 2016
Forget May madness. It's now jolly nice June. £499 last chance to buy I guess. Stock clear out. £899rrp Great sound. I don't use atmos or dts x, but all the latest updates ar… Read more
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I am very temping to buy it. I was looking for Denon avr-x 4200 but this would be a good deal..


If anyone is still interested in this its now £599 but use code on website to bring it back down to £499. I've had this for a week now and its very good. Also most everything can be customised e.g what is shown on the front when you are watching diff. sources; xbox one, sky, ps4,chromecast etc (although the text is very small and it doesn't have the bigger screen under the 'hood' so quite difficult to read but then again you should know what source you are on!). Also there is no led screen on the remote and i thought it did but again not a problem. My only issue is you cannot change the volume increments, defaulted to 0.5, and I wish I could change this to increase/decrease in increments of 2/3. Also I have to turn on sky before the amp otherwise no sound, abit of a pain as i normally turn the amp on first and then the diff. sources.


Very good price. Went into richer sounds today to buy the denon x3200 (I wanted hdmi zone 2). They had none left, or in warehouse, so they offered pioneer vsx1311 for £525 (then pay extra for warranty). Came home and saw this and just bought it. I already have the marantz pm6005 so I recon this should be very good also.


Tempted and looks a good deal on paper... would this destroy my slightly aging Yamaha RX-v765 or would I be wondering why I bothered though, that's the question! Any idea where might be good to audition one in central london, RS?


Great price, cheapest around I suppose. Marantz SR6010, a 9.2-channel amp capable of 110W per channel. Atmos 5.1.4 is supported here, as well as DTS:X and Neural:X 9.1. As well as the same number of HDMI inputs and outputs and support for a Zone 2, there are 13.2-channel preouts and a 7.1-channel external input. There's also Audyssey MultEQ calibration.

MARANTZ PM6005 Stereo Amplifier - £239.95 @ Richer Sounds
Found 1st Jun 2016Found 1st Jun 2016
MARANTZ PM6005 Black or White Stereo Amplifier - Richer Sounds - £239.95 Marantz is well recognized for HiFi audio. Check online for reviews of the brand and this amplifier. Highl… Read more
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Good HiFi amps give powerful sound output for long periods of time so the wattage is often not a good comparison between products. If you look at NAD amps for example, while the rated output is low they will sound far more powerful than cheaper amps. 2x45w from a Marantz amp will be enough for most situations however the room size and speaker sensitivity will dictate the perceived audible level. For reference I am running Wharfedale 157 floorstanders with this and rarely use more than 20% of the volume control knob in a small sized room.


I bought this a few weeks ago (as I wanted a USB DAC and amp in 1) it's 35WPC and does a good job of driving my B&W 602's, not that I intended to drive such large speakers with it, as it did such a good job with my Q Acoustics 2020's I thought lets give it more of a challenge. So given the Marantz has the extra 10W and is better quality overall, it should do the job fine.


is 2 x 45w high enough for the average living room, seems quite low to me when a typical set of floor standers would state 30w to 150w input, cant leave much headroom.


marantz kit is always worth a listen. good quality and always good specs.

Marantz NR1606 Slim-line Atmos AV Receiver £379 petertyson
Found 11th May 2016Found 11th May 2016
RRP 599 Sep 2015 If I could wind back time I would have looked more seriously at the slim line range marantz do for 5.1 sound. It looks great you can't deny. Practical and ful… Read more
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Same deal on Exceptional AV I think. For me need to hit the £250 mark for these specs although in fairness it does have 8 HDMI inputs.


Had this on my wishlist for a while now but Ive just got too much less fun stuff to spend my money on at the mo. They also do a good bundle with some canny tannoy 5.1 speakers and a bunch of freebies thrown in for good measure.


Would love one of these but just don't have the money or absolute need.

Marantz SR6010 £599 @ Peter Tyson
Found 10th May 2016Found 10th May 2016
RRP 899 released August 2015. You get a great reduction on hifi in May. Peter tyson do a great stock of marantz and this model is a beaut! American brand and sister is denon I be… Read more
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Superb deal, excellent amp. Owned Marantz for years, always impressed!


My roommate had it in the US in the seventies, great brand.


Don't they sell them at DFS?


Never heard of them you be betting going with a Sony

Marantz MCR510 Network Streaming Mini System/Amp only £169.95 Instore Clearance @ Richer Sounds
Found 18th Mar 2016Found 18th Mar 2016
Not many left, instore only deal, but a steal of a price if your local has it. New version (MCR511) adds bluetooth and has 5W less power.... for £80 more. But really, who would… Read more



Doubtful, firmware updates but unnecessary and not entirely convincing. You can block internet access although lose internet radio function, but if like me you just use it for NAS streaming it is quicker.


​Is it checking for codec updates on each input change?


This was last August. Just searched for my email to them. Same happened with several other products in the Denon/Marantz (D&M Holdings) stable. I had the exact same problem with the Denon DNP-720AE Network Streamer of which a temporary fix was to block internet access to their servers, asked them the question and had this response..... The odd thing in that is even when selecting playback from the USB port it would poll their simply is not necessary for every menu option to poll their server first to check for updates.


Q Acoustics 2010i or the newer versions

Marantz CD6005 CD Player - Now reduced by £50 to £249 at Richer Sounds
Found 17th Mar 2016Found 17th Mar 2016
Cue the "what's a cd player?" comments but this is a great machine for the money and even better value after a price drop of £50 down to £249. Price is online and instore. Also l… Read more
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I love my CD's but then again I am old plus I have an old pioneer multi CD changer and all my stuff on mp3, mind you I could do with the shelf space back,,,, who wants to buy about 500 CDs but I'm keeping my vinyl


so, if you are still listening what would the recommendation be for a digital replacement. would £250 buy a dac as good. or the bits needed to replace the player?


Good price for this, but I am very skeptical of how much of a difference this would make over a high end blu ray player. As mentioned in previous comments, it all depends how much you sink into your hifi setup.


You are probably getting better audio out of that set up than a CD player of the same cost. I ripped all my CDs to FLAC years ago and just got a really good dac, which is the most important part of a system nowadays.


Love good old skool hi-fi and Marantz is one of the best - have some heat!

MARANTZ MCR610 MELODY MEDIA  £299.99 @ Richer Sounds
Found 18th Dec 2015Found 18th Dec 2015
I am no expert in such matters but this looks a great price. What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine. 5-star review, tested at £500. Quality sound from a class-leader As you'd exp… Read more
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Initial impressions of this are very positive. CD easy enough of course and USB pretty simple once reformatted as FAT32 rather than NTFS, FLAC sounds fantastic. Internet Radio is really easy to browse and there is a whole world of choice out there and DAB/FM works as it should. DLNA as usual is a bit hit and miss. When it works then it works very well with the stream being 100% smooth and MP3 sounding pretty decent. Problem is that the Marantz remote app is very temperamental in terms of finding the device or finding my NAS. Have had a little more success with Bubble UPnP but still, often it takes a long time for the device to appear in the list of renderers. Saying that, my experience with all DLNA devices is sketchy in a similar way.


I've heard of Sony. But Onkyo? Another unknown brand to me.


Don't forget Onkyo and Sony.


Sounds like you aren't a target market. Have you ever bought, or looked through any of the hifi magazines? Ever heard of e.g. Cambridge Audio, Arcam, Musical Fidelity, Klipsch etc?


​ummm.They should do more advertising. Never heard of them.

MARANTZ PM6005 Black Stereo Amplifier - £249 @ Richer Sounds
Found 25th Nov 2015Found 25th Nov 2015
MARANTZ PM6005 Black Stereo Amplifier - Richer Sounds - £249 Highly respected amplifier that has been £299 for ages. Marantz is well recognised for high end audio. Check online fo… Read more
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Thinking of buying one. Any reviews from owners? Is it really worth it or better to find something like audiolab 8000a?


Back down to £249.00 again. Have some extra heat! These are great amps and the built in DAC and Phono stage is a welcome addition at this price point.


Expired now, back to 299. Mods please expire!


Great amp, I've had one for a few years. Really nice sound.


All I can say is that I'm happy and cannot find a bad review. Price drop makes it slightly sweeter. As to harmonics, this is not a concern for anyone looking at entry to mid level amplifiers.

Marantz NR1506 Slim 5.2 Full 4K Ultra HD Surround Sound AV Receiver - Richer Sounds £389 (price beat)
Found 30th Sep 2015Found 30th Sep 2015
Marantz NR1506 Slim 5.2 Full 4K Ultra HD Surround Sound AV Receiver with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This is the NEW version of the slim Marantz receivers. Released this year - £60 cheap… Read more

This is currently at £349 in Richer and Amazon, seems like a good deal.


Now I've spent all that money, the obvious question is what speakers should I buy :) Currently thinking Monitor Audio BX2 for RL and maybe Centre. Subwoofers seem like they'll set me back a small fortune though. Perhaps I'll leave the .1 out of the new system for now and just go 5.0.


yes but I was reflecting upon the price not the model. As I mentioned this appears to be a competitive price for that model , and I voted hot :)


It's a 5.2 AV, what do you expect? :D


good price for this model - but I'd would want Dolby atmos and/or DTS-x for this price

Dali Zensor 5 floorstanders + Marantz PM6005 amp £549 @ audiovisualonline
Found 14th Jun 2015Found 14th Jun 2015
For those that were interested in the Monitor Audio BX6 deal earlier this week but missed out, I think this is a cracking deal if you need a solid amp as well. Dali Zensor 5 floor… Read more

Page not found when clicked on link


How do they compare to old mission 704 speakers?


just took a punt with these and the marantz amp all for £599 delivered.Hope there a good match.Reviews seem good


Eventually I want to upgrade my Zensor 1's to these. Dali manufactures great speakers


The Marantz PM6005 is a stereo integrated amplifier, please bear in mind if wanting to increase to a full blown home cinema setup in the future.

Found 20th May 2015Found 20th May 2015
Some great deals on HIFI bundles from this retailer, an example is above, but also very good deals on Denon DM39DAB and Marantz MCR610 etc The Zensor 1 are £200 speakers, and very… Read more
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Thanks for your help mate



Well I bought a Monitor Audio A100 and some Zensor 1 in white paired with a Sonos connect and everything is white inc the speaker cables and digital interconnect.....sounds great via deezer elite and tidal lossless....this place do great package deals, eg marantz mcr510 is £220 cheapest online, white Zensor 1 cheapest is £220 online so saving of over 100 quid....


Was looking at a similar amp/speaker package a year ago. Marantz seemed to be the amp to go for when I was looking, and these seemed to be the budget speakers to go for, or the Monitor Audio MR2 speakers. So tempted to buy this package right now, but I currently don't really have much room for it anywhere. However, the grass isn't always greener. My brother bought a Denon DM39 amp a while ago and hated it. It made a buzzing noise and the audio output sounded flat. He thought his old Aiwa stereo sounded better, and I had to agree with him. Forget which speakers he bought to go with it, but they were decent.


If you still like the idea of a network player but need a CD player, the Marantz MCR610 has all those features but it is still at a more premium price. Think you can get it as a bundle for a little less than £500 with the Dali Zensor 1's, no cables included however.

Marantz SR5009 7.2 Network AV Receiver (Black/Silver) with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Spotify + Free extended warranty & QED HDMI cable £399.90 @ Peter Tyson (detailed product info in comments)
Found 14th Feb 2015Found 14th Feb 2015
Wifi and Bluetooth built in Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio 7ch discrete power amplifier, 180 W per channel Current Feedback circuitry with Marantz New HDAM Audyssey MultiEQ X… Read more

Just purchased one to replace my Onkyo that smokes when powered on, seems to work but don't like the smoke! This was after a new HDMI board fitted FOC last year by Onkyo. Looks like the bodge board on to modify the power to the HDMI board has failed = smoke. The old HDMI board was 3.3V the replacement is 3.2V £319 delivered from Peter Tyson: Direct, eBay and Amazon. I had some Amazon vouchers so ordered via Amazon though Peter Tyson was the seller. OP can you update the price? Also its 3 year warrantee as Peter Tyson add an extra year. I wanted an AV Amp with Pre Out (I'm running 5.1 active) so this seems to fit the bill! TopCashBack have cash back on EBay sales. I've ordered from Peter Tyson in the past. Called them Friday to check the pre-outs etc. staff were really knowledge and helpful - Impressed.


My friend has this, I know it well. Pros. For films it has a very robust, impressive sound that belies its budget nature. Cons, The units screen is all but utterly useless for anything volume indication. The menu structure is not remotely intuitive, and I'm not convinced there aren't a few bug present. My friend has a lot of kit and we are forever trying get the thing to associate various audio inputs and modes with specific HDMI inputs. In this respect it is pretty bad. I couldn't live with it to be honest. But if you have a simple set-up with fit and forget requirements then it offers a lot of performance for the cash.


Sony got a good review in What HiFi


I cannot comment on the Marantz, but the Sony 1050 is staggeringly good!


Anyone with the knowledge please, how does this compare to the Sony STRDN 1050 at £419?

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