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Marantz PM6007 Integrated Amplifier with Q Acoustics 3030i Bookshelf Speakers £679 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
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Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Marantz PM6007 Integrated Amplifier is an integrated Amplifier incorporating Digital Connectivity delivering Marantz’s legenday musical sound quality. This latest Amplifier is an … Read more

A good alternative bundle if you want an amp with Bluetooth is this one: When I got my Dalis, I chose the Rotel bundle over the Marantz bundle because of the Bluetooth. It doesn't have recorder outputs or digital inputs (they buzz on the Marantz anyway!), but you may not need them. The bundle also comes with a better set of pre-terminated speaker cable.


Btw for the more technical questions I'd recommend just emailing Q Acoustics, they respond really quickly.


Yep you don’t see many other speakers brands rated this way. It’s more normal practice when quoting frequency responses just to give the -3db frequency.


It's almost pointless to say 46Hz between -3dB and -9dB, that's why no other manufacturer rates this way. I know why they've done it though, so the 46Hz will be a selling point.


I think they mean the -6db point (drop in bass output) is at 46Hz with a variation of +/- 3db. So -9db to -3db at 46Hz dependent on setup (port bungs etc.).

Marantz Melody MCR412 Black - £389 delivered @ Exceptional Audio Visual
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Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Marantz Melody MCR412 Black - £389 delivered @ Exceptional Audio Visual£389£44913% off Free P&P FreeExceptional Audio Visual Deals
True Hi-Fi System Featuring CD Playback, BluetooThe moment you see the new Melody, you’ll know that this latest incarnation is pure refinement. The compact, elegant mini-system fea… Read more

yeah who's using CDs when everyone is buying Vinyl and Cassettes again (confused)


Still, not 320.


I know - But that isn't £10/month.


Master - High Resolution to Ultra High Resolution audio. Guarantees music fans that they are listening to the original master recording — authenticated by the artists themselves. Unrivaled quality, clarity and depth (up to 9216 Kbps or 24 bit / 192 kHz). HiFi - Lossless quality audio (1411kbps or 16bit / 44.1kHz). High - Best compromise between data usage and sound quality (320kbps AAC). Normal - Reduced data usage for slower connections.


thought they were both 320?

Marantz Pro M4U – USB (and XLR) Condenser Microphone with Audio Interface, Mic Cable and Desk Stand £24.49 - Prime Day @ Amazon
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Posted 13th Oct 2020Posted 13th Oct 2020
Marantz Pro M4U – USB (and XLR) Condenser Microphone with Audio Interface, Mic Cable and Desk Stand £24.49 - Prime Day @ Amazon£24.49 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Looks like a great budget USB microphone option from a well-known audio brand (Marantz Professional is part of the US-based inMusic group which owns Akai Professional, M-Audio and … Read more

Not fit for advertised purpose in that case as it is marketed as a USB mic with a desk stand. Pity.


Ive tried the xlr to usb cable, it would need a phantom supply or mixer too unfortunately, it works but you have to eat the mic to get a reasonable response.


USB. Could be the A/D adapter at fault perhaps. I was using standard Windows USB driver, I couldn't find any other drivers and there was no option to boost the levels in the sound settings. A cheap Trust USB mic doesn't have the same problem so I think it's something about this model.


Interesting....was that using the XLR or USB? And using the windows drivers or Pro asio drivers (ASIOforAll) kinda thing? Sorry to hear that. I guess if other mics work fine in the same setup then must be horror-cheap hardware problem.


Unfortunately, this worked out terribly. I returned mine and its replacement as the recording levels were woefully low on my Windows 10 PC. Annoying :(

Marantz TT5005 Turntable - £89 (with code) @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 6th Oct 2020Posted 6th Oct 2020
Marantz TT5005 Turntable - £89 (with code) @ Richer Sounds£89£9910% off Free P&P FreeRicher Sounds Deals
#FURTHER UPDATE# Code is still live, extended to midnight #UPDATE# Code still works, extended to 5pm for expiry £99 at Richer Sounds, add code 'FLASH10' for an extra £10 off Th… Read more
allansquire perhaps which ebay to get it a bit cheap, a few open to offers


Audio technica gets good reviews as an entry level under £100, you could keep an eye on facebook market place to see if you can spot a second hand deck at a higher level


I have some Nakamichi separates I bought in 91/92 currently gathering dust in a cupboard and a couple of Mission 770s and smaller Mission bookshelf speakers. They've never been used since maybe 1996. My son has just started getting into vinyl in the last year or two. He's a very old 23 yr old who likes listening to the Clash, Hendrix and other surprisingly old musicians and groups. I'd imagine they'd still put a lot of systems to shame even like almost 30 years later. I hear him playing his vinyl on this terrible turntable so I thought I'd buy him a better turntable so he can appreciate music better through the Nakamichi amp and Mission speakers. It should be a major improvement on what he experiences on his present set up :-) My budget is only £100 though. What do you think of this one from Audio technica? It's Bluetooth but can be plugged into an amp. Currently £99 on Amazon.


you might need something like this, Project Phonobox MM Preamplifier, I use this with my Rega RP1 into a Denon system


this is very entry level and if only a casual player then ok but you might find yourself wanting something better after a bit. It does what it is meant to, if you can expand your budget then I would do so but if limited then it will do the job. Give Richer Sounds a call as they tend to know their stuff really well, shopping with them means you can get reliable advice.

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Marantz PM5005 Amplifier for £64.99 / Marantz CD5005 for £74.99 @ Currys (Friern Barnet)
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Posted 21st Aug 2020Posted 21st Aug 2020LocalLocal
Went on one of those Currys wild goose chase recently to find one of those camera deals with no avail :( However I stumbled upon the Marantz PM5005 and Marantz CD5005 for a huge … Read more

What on earth are you on about?


Was just at staples corner (Brent Cross) store, they seem to have a couple of them in stock. Didn’t notice the price though.


That's the theory. 80Hz is the THX standard for setting the cutoff where everything below goes to the sub but this does rely on them being capable of going down at least 10-20Hz below that point, if they are only rated down to 80 say you set the cutoff to 90 or 100 for that pair. 120 for surrounds and especially ambient speakers is not unusual and consider also that the cutoff rolls one off and the other in so they seamlessly blend, it's not a light switch. Try watching an action film with just the rears on and the cutoff disabled so they are getting the full range, think you'll be surprised how little mid to low sounds are there. That's why satellite systems work, they often need the cutoff at 140 which is very much on the cusp but they do work. Personally don't like them as I prefer a fuller sound but that's a different matter.


Hmm so if you were to play a 120Hz tone through the sub, you wouldn't be able to tell where it's coming from? I was under the impression it became undirectional much lower (maybe 60Hz and lower).


Could indeed but it should be a meaty cabinet, more solid oak than Ikea. Not sure about needing low, like I said, 120 is still in the non directional area and I'm sure I've read film soundtracks actually put anything low related to the surrounds, but not LFE, through the front channels, as bizarre as it sounds but I'm guessing because they think they're more likely to be speakers that are able to reproduce them better. Then of course you have the sub set so it takes that away from them anyway :) The big thing is they still need to be a similar quality to the rest of the system, sub very much included, and then good room EQ for it to blend properly and avoid tinny.

Marantz CD5005 CD player, new, but damaged box £114.56 With Code @ ebay / currys_clearance
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Posted 28th Apr 2020Posted 28th Apr 2020
Marantz CD5005 CD player, new, but damaged box £114.56 With Code @ ebay / currys_clearance£114.56eBay Deals
THIS ITEM HAS A DAMAGED BOX Excellent sound quality The Marantz CD5005 CD Player plays your CDs with perfect clarity, no matter how loud you listen. Thanks to its top quality dig… Read more

So why have you got all defensive, You made it clear the Sonos can be configured for stereo, I suggested a better stereo setup could be had for the same money as 2 Sonos speakers, Which was what all the previous posts have been about, I only mentioned the Alexa because the Sonos doesn't have a CD player, Like I said, Is what all the posts have been about. AV Online will do the Marantz PM5005 for £175, And Peter Tyson will do the Yamaha Floorstanders for 180, That leaves you 45 quid for a nice Bluetooth adaptor or a good used CD Player, But even the 3.5mm out from an Alexa will sound better in stereo than 2 Sonos speakers, Which was all I said.


My identical kit are both boxed and back in the loft now, just don't have the time to appreciate them just now, Sonos filling the gap meantime - not a huge fan but for convience it's good.


And the point is...? I just made it clear that the Sonos system can be configured into a stereo pair. Money or technicals beyond that we’re never mentioned by me. I am interested to know where the source of your £400 setup is coming from though as I don’t see a CD or SACD player, etc. and please don’t tell me it is from the 3.5mm analogue output jack of the Alexa! I run a Sonos Amp with a pair of Monitor Audio silvers. Sound wise it is very very good and also very convenient to use but until this I was always a separates buyer. As I get older the convenience of whole house audio controlled from my phone (or my friends phones when they come over again) is better for me. Love my Denon multichannel though. Let me know about the audio source for your £400 bargain setup eh?


No mate...i bought the NAD 3020a 2nd hand in the 90's and paired it up with AR legend turntable...TDL nucleus 4 speakers ...The marantz cd player and amp...think it was PM 7001 or something like it in my bedroom ...with tannoy speakers ...sorry ...old age creeping up on me lol....also had cambridge azure based system in my dining room lol


For me, my Mission 782s speakers have a bit of a problem, well the dome tweeter. Will keep them for a while longer but inevitably will have to replace it down the line.