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Delivery miles Mitsubishi Outlander plug in hybrid PHEV Dynamics with 4yr warranty - £26,995 @ Mitsubishi Motors
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Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
The UK's best-selling plug-in HYBRID with Both a petrol engine and twin electric motors. Outlander PHEV is the most popular plug-in hybrid in the world. In the UK alone they have… Read more

If you're going to split hairs, the rav4 hev can't get infinite mpg on a 20 mile journey unlike the outlander. Horses for courses. My Outlander has averaged 66mpg in 12 months including towing a caravan and 3 400 mile round trips. And yes, the outlander can run on eV upto 75mph


Lol. Honestly. Can the outlander drive at 70mph on elec only? Hmmmmm? Toyota rav is brilliantly designed and the self charging is down to perfection. Consistently getting 48mpg on full tank runs something the Outlander can't do. Also the rav can drive on elec only. Cheers.


The Rav 4 appears to be a "self charging hybrid". So basically a 100% petrol car. The Outlander can run 100% on electric. For that reason the Outlander wipes the floor with Toyota's fake EV.


I sold my 2017 4hs to get this deal but was shocked to find out how much stuff had been cut from the specs in the last 3yrs. I know the dynamic is basically a 4h in old money but the dynamic was missing to much spec for me to accept compared to a 4h which only had the collision avoidance less than the 4hs. After a long search I have another 2017 4hs and all my creature comforts back. I work out of my vehicle and do around 100 miles per day. Good use of the save button gets me around 50mpg but like others have mentioned the fuel tank is small


(lol) (lol) (lol)

MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 4x4 2.4 PHEV Dynamic 5dr Auto £28,413 at New Car Discount
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Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 4x4 2.4 PHEV Dynamic 5dr Auto £28,413 at New Car Discount£28,413£38,94427% Deals
Standard Equipment: Body Glass Automatic rain sensors Front and rear electric windows Front variable wipers with washer Intermittent rear wiper with washer Rear window demister S… Read more

We did 7000 mile last year in our Phev. 1000 mile towing, 2000 mile long journeys with no charging, 4000 miles around the doors on electric. Averaged 120mpg. Not bad at all for a 2t Petrol SUV. Gets around 25mpg towing a caravan (acceptable), around 38-40mpg at 70mph, and runs on electric around the doors. That's the sort of mileage i'd expect from a petrol saloon car never mind a 2t 4wd suv


This car is perfect for off grid living/running a business that requires electricity out in say a car park out in the countryside, festivals.. For example you can run a coffee stall, dog cleaning business with an electric shower, pressure washer, run a microwave/hob and don't need an idling engine on a The whole time. The 12kwh battery could power a caravan for a day, make many hot drink, heat a couple of hobs, power a freezer.. Of course you'd want plenty of water.. A running stream with filter system.. When the battery ran out you could turn the ignition on and the onboard generator would recharge the battery in 30 mins.. A full tank of petrol would generate about 200kwh. Enough for an off gridder to live at the top of a mountain for well over a week. Off topic I know for the fact it's a car and it will tow a caravan and drive in 4x4.. I picked up the older model for £12k. Wouldn't say it depreciates any faster than other phevs. Certainly depreciate less than a bog standard bmw, Mercedes or audi but I suppose Mitsubishi moving out the country could affect that.. I don't intend on getting rid of mine for a decade anyway by which time with 80k on clock it'll be just broken in... (I will mostly be doing local trips on electric though it is the family vehicle for going away in.. Very little wear and tear on a hybrid or phev engine. Hence Toyota prius taxis hitting 300,000.


got a 68 plate 4H on business lease, its a great car if you can charge at home and work, but if your doing long journeys then its about 35mpg on fuel. A full charge on a normal plug socket takes around 5 hours and gives you around 22 miles EV mode only. Mines going back in october so looking for something else that's cheap on BIK and cheap to run as I can't charge at home as I live in a flat.


I loved the first gen outlander phev i had, a bit protype. But this is now five years later and we are still on a 30 mile battery range? MG are knocking out 220mile electric only estate cars for £20K. Utter waste of time.


Didn’t the company pull out of the UK?

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross - 36 months Personal Car Leasing contract £199 p/m + £1194 initial, 8000 miles - Total Cost £8,358 @ Arval
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Posted 23rd Apr 2020Posted 23rd Apr 2020
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross - 36 months Personal Car Leasing contract £199 p/m + £1194 initial, 8000 miles - Total Cost £8,358 @ Arval£8,358
I realise this car might not be everyone's cup of tea but this seems to be a decent offer, considering its rivals. MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE CROSS1.5 DYNAMIC 5DR36 months | 24000 miles |… Read more

7 speed auto when I asked I took the courtesy car back. I actually liked the car, just not the clutch.


Don’t they have auto option? it’s hard to believe people would opt for a manual cross over type of car if prices are close..


I’d rather get the bus for 36 months than drive this unfortunately. Mitsubishi’s in my opinion are bloody awful to drive.


I have this car and highly recommend it, especially with such a good price. I can fully understand the clutch issues others are reporting. It is definitely delicate and takes some adjustment but doesn't bother me any more after a short adjustment period


Yep, hideous design, even the motor makes a racket when hud is raised. Seats were fine for me, no backache, over 3 days use.

37% Off Car Parts e.g Brake pads and discs, front and back, for Mitsubishi Outlander for £133 @ Euro Car Parts
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Posted 7th Mar 2020Posted 7th Mar 2020
37% Off Car Parts e.g Brake pads and discs, front and back, for Mitsubishi Outlander for £133 @ Euro Car PartsEuro Car Parts Deals
Use code WEEKEND37 to get 37% off all car parts. I got brake pads and discs, front and back, for Mitsubishi Outlander for £133.

Yep, I noticed that after. Needing a flywheel and using that new signup code gives less of a discount than the 37% code. seems like you have to try all codes and options to find the best deal. carpartsforless on this occasion is £50 cheaper


Their codes don't always work, despite saying they do! The wiper blade I ordered was 'not eligible'!


Up to 50%


Always try searching google for a better code. If you’re buying Brakes ‘brake50’ will give you a better discount and in my case gives better price than their carparts4less site - plus I can fit them this afternoon . Ps where is a ‘normal shop’ that carries the same amount of stock and you can check availability, pre order online and fetch within half an hour?


And they have a 17% off code at the moment.

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Del miles Mitsubishi ASX Black Edition £16,999 with 3yrs free servicing & 5yrs warranty @ Hawkins Motors
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Posted 8th Dec 2019Posted 8th Dec 2019
Quality car from Mitsubishi with the ASX Black Editions with huge saving! Possibly not the most exciting car in the world BUT add in the 3yrs FREE servicing & the remainder of … Read more

Interesting. I used to get 40+ mpg in this commuting daily. It’s 1.6L petrol, regardless of the size of the shell so you ignoring emissions is convenient.i needed a large car for family, work and sport but not in fields, surely 2WD is helping the world more than unneeded 4WD.


A Sin surely to buy a big car like this with olden day good MPG (doesn't compare to other cars, I'd consider standard min 45+MPG to 70MPG) with the cherry being that you clearly don't need if a 2WD. Madness IMO. When will everyone take responsibility of their environmental impact? I mean I'm expected to consider the World says, but not some? Seems like an everyone or no-one kinda deal to me. Companies shouldn't be allowed to sell such poor MPG cars anymore. Please don't reply stating emissions and tax. Maybe they're low on this, I dunno. Fact is lower MPG = more petrol or diesel used = bad. Not usually a preacher, soz for that. Love all the styling 'cept the front, v nice looking. But should be 4WD and bought by those who need 4WD. If you've the money to spunk on fuel, why not use it on a more suitable, Earth friendly motor...


Have you accidentally pressed the button in front of the centre consol by the auxiliary port which stops the boot working on the fob? It's a tiny button and easily pressed by mistake.


Not even compared to German cars, even French, Italian, Korean, and now even American cars have better interiors than Japanese cars. Seems like the only Japanese manufacturer that seems to care about interiors is Mazda, I think even Lexus interiors are poor.


This car will cost you £20k of fuel in 100k miles. You can buy a new ev for that and will cost you £1k in eletricity to run those miles

Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab Di-D 178 Warrior 4WD - 24m lease - 8k miles p/a - £1260 initial + £210pm + £180 admin = £6270 @ Leasing Options
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Refreshed 12th Dec 2019Refreshed 12th Dec 2019
Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab Di-D 178 Warrior 4WD - 24m lease - 8k miles p/a - £1260 initial + £210pm + £180 admin = £6270 @ Leasing Options£6,270£7,954.1321% offLeasing Options Deals
Update 1
Now £209.99 per month (6+23) with initial of £1260 - works out at 19.9% of £31.4k list price based on a 2 year lease with 8k miles
Good price for this Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Double Cab DI-D 178 Warrior 4WD manual (2019 model) - works out at 19.9% of £31.4k list price based on a 2 year lease with 8k miles. … Read more

Thing is with these cheap deals on commercials when actually used for work is.... they want them back virtually mint, which is hard if you are using a commercial vehilcle .... commercially! They want them back within the mileage allowance and clean as a whiiste.


I'm looking for a pickup for my business! Perfect these deals as I plan to tow a caravan or digger as I work away. Cheaper than digs a


My bad (highfive)


Nothing obviously.


I have always owned my vehicles but real tempted with this deal and the ease of leasing anybody know how long the process takes until its sat on your drive?