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Tannoy TS2.8 Subwoofer (Refurbished Item) £- 149 Delivered @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
This is a decent price 50% off, very few in stock ONLINE only, if you fancy a BRAND NEW one the BEST Deal if can find is the Peter Tyson deal which is £189 but ONLY on the walnut o… Read more
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Great, that's exactly the sort of answer I'm looking for. I hear good things about the BK and if they're anywhere near as good as people say then 3-400 is probably a bargain. Thanks, I didn't know about the new PR so will definitely look into it!


Thank you, appreciate the reply


The T0 is an extremely elegant looking REL sub. Which means that it is overpriced. The BK Gemini II like most BK subs is an attractive box. So on looks the REL wins hands down. On performance just about any BK sub will be better. If you are not a bass-head then for music in a moderately sized bedroom either will do the job. Personally I would have to be earning a lot more money to consider buying any REL sub when most of their competitors make subs at least at good for less money. But REL has a following because their subs are said to be musical. I doubt very much they are 100s of pounds more musical than a BK.


Is the Gemini II a good sub? I’m considering it over the REL T-zero, appreciate it is larger but is available in a similar price range on eBay. Mostly need for music and using in a moderate size bedroom. Thanks in advance!


It depends what you mean by cheap. The best "cheap" subs out there, and I mean the best by far are the BK P12-S300 series, made in Essex I think. These start at around 320 quid on eBay. That's why I put cheap in quotation marks. But here's the thing, these subs sound as good as subs twice their price. Read the reviews. Tight bass, sub 20Hz LFE with 300w amplifiers. The new PR range has a passive radiator just like Tannoy TS2.8 which increases the surface area for (apparently) even deeper bass. I would love someone to compare the original and the PR but if I was buying a sub now, I would be seriously looking at the PR. Unfortunately they start at around 400 quid. If you don't want to spend 300 quid then the TS2.8 is a great sub for the price. .......and yes I've been through a few cheaper setups ;)

Tannoy Eclipse Centre Speaker - Single + 6 Year Guarantee £49 @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Tannoy Eclipse Centre Speaker - Single + 6 Year Guarantee £49 @ Richer Sounds
£49£79.9039% Free P&P FreeRicher Sounds Deals
This fluctuates from time to time between £49 and £79 and has done for a while. Worth another shout at £49 with the 6 year guarantee in there though. They must have a fair few of t… Read more

Will this work to replace the centre speaker on my old Sony home theater system?


AVR Amplifier


Anyway you use this connected to a pc or monitor?


Good deal wish I had bought this one! Need a new active sub - any deals on here? (confused)


Anyone know how the bass is on this? I have a Jamo centre 18 which has poor bass response that I'd like to replace.

Clearance/Refurb Tannoy TS2.8 Subwoofer @ Richer Sounds £149
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Clearance/Refurb Tannoy TS2.8 Subwoofer @ Richer Sounds £149
I think these may have sold new for around £300. E. G. https://www.audioaffair.co.uk/tannoy-ts2-8-subwoofer Also two Refurbs Richer Sounds via Amazon Black Oak £149.00 https:/… Read more

A great little sub lots of oomph. Heat added


excludes refurbished items


Replaced the failed sub that came with my Tannoy TFX system with this a few weeks ago, and the TS2.8 has got a lot more grunt. Very happy with it but I made sure I took out out the Richer Sounds extended warranty after reading several reviews about early failure and reliability issues!


Please let us know if and when it fails -- I know people who were charged for repairs by Richer Sounds when component failure happened after the warranty period. If you're happy with this failing after c3 years' of use go for one that offers the usual 5 year Richer Sounds warranty but I certainly wouldn't pay £149 for a refurbished example with only 12m of warranty offered. Cold.


Bought one when they were £149 new, a while back. Still going strong, and very pleased with it for the price/size. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/tannoy-ts28-subwoofer-3224897

Tannoy REVOLUTION XTC (Medium Oak) Single Centre Speaker £149 Richer Sounds
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Posted 15th Nov 2019Posted 15th Nov 2019
Tannoy REVOLUTION XTC (Medium Oak) Single Centre Speaker £149 Richer Sounds
£149£31753%Richer Sounds Deals
Same price on Amazon since yesterday Brand Tannoy Colour Medium Oak Sensitivity (dB) 89 Impedance (ohms) 8 Bi Wireable Yes Power Rating (Watts) 60 Weight (KG) 7.9 Wood Yes - Med… Read more

Keep that thought, looks like the series is being discontinued and they well be available very cheaply soon


Wow that’s an absolute bargain. These big Tannoy centres sound amazing. The concentric speakers sound unreal... shame the matching floor standers aren’t on offer also..


Great price (y)

Tannoy MERCURY 7.4 (Black) Speakers Per Pair £149 @ Richersounds
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Posted 14th Nov 2019Posted 14th Nov 2019
Tannoy MERCURY 7.4 (Black) Speakers Per Pair £149 @ Richersounds
£149£24940%Richer Sounds Deals
Available to order online, in store and on the phone. Floorstanders from the Tannoy Mercury range rarely go this low in price.

3050 is better.


How do these compare to the q acoustics 3050 deal?


Wish I waited for these BF deals


If only they were in Walnut or even light oak, i would snap these up pronto. Just bought the centre speaker, so want to complete the set up. Cheapest i have found for the other 2 colours is £289. So this is an awesome deal! Hot from me! (y)


Its very tempting, I have spare amp and record player that I want a pair of speakers with, I was tempted to use these as my home theatre and use my old Rogers speakers with the other amp and record. Decisions decisions!

Tannoy ECLIPSE 2 (Black) Speaker, Pair £79 @ Richersounds (6 years guarantee)
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Posted 14th Nov 2019Posted 14th Nov 2019
Tannoy ECLIPSE 2 (Black) Speaker, Pair £79 @ Richersounds (6 years guarantee)
Black friday offer, great sound quality and nice looking speakers. Room-filling sound With their larger, floorstanding cabinets, the Tannoy Eclipse Two speakers are perfectly suit… Read more

I have these and the bass is good in my opinion but im no expert. It's rear firing so you need to move them away from the wall a little but as far as bass goes I don't use my sub as these are enough. Depends on your requirements I suppose. Theyre great speaker for the money. I pad £100.


How will these be for rear? I have q 3050 and 3090c for front.


It does make you wonder about reviews though. And the demo suggestion makes sense. And did you get the chance to demo them first, were they very different at home?


All well and good showing me a review, but I actually bought them so have first hand experience with them. The bass was very lacking. I upgraded to Dali Zensor 3 bookshelves which have better bass. I was surprised how much fuller they sounded coming from floorstanders.


https://www.whathifi.com/tannoy/eclipse-three/review - the threes get a 5 star review though. Appreciate these are the 2s. "Great budget floorstanders have been a rarity of late. These Tannoys are the most talented we’ve heard in years." April 25, 2016 Richer tend to be able to do demos, so maybe demo them first.

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Tannoy Eclipse Centre Speaker - Single + 6 Year Guarantee £49 @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 29th Oct 2019Posted 29th Oct 2019
Tannoy Eclipse Centre Speaker - Single + 6 Year Guarantee £49 @ Richer Sounds
£49£79.9939%Richer Sounds Deals
Update 1
Code no longer needed for this price
Excellent offer with the 6 years guarantee included. For the £20 discount use code PAYDAY20 We have seen this price before a little while back now, although didn't expect to se… Read more

Tempted to replace the jbl I got this year


Mercury as Power Rating (Watts) Is higher 60/200 vs 45/180 (Continous/Peak) and Freq Response (Hz) is better 62 - 32,000 Vs 67 - 32,000.




Please accept my most sincere apologies.


So it is! I actually have these.

Tannoy MERCURY 7C (Walnut) Single Centre Speaker £49 with 6-year warranty @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 20th Oct 2019Posted 20th Oct 2019
Tannoy MERCURY 7C (Walnut) Single Centre Speaker £49 with 6-year warranty @ Richer Sounds
£49£69.9930%Richer Sounds Deals
This deal is back and this time it's not just for VIP's. Specifications: Tannoy Walnut 8 ohms 60 (continuous) 240 (peak) 91dB 420 x 167 x 160mm Bass Reflex 4.4kg Has good review… Read more

I bought this on Richer sounds website from the deal link, and used the paypal £30 off offer to get it for £49.00 *with the 6 yr guarantee included (y) I would have much prefered the light oak colour, but its stillreally nice. It is much bigger than my other Tannoy centre speaker. Check out the size difference! Just need to find a way to wall mount this now, and as there is no mounting screw underneath the speaker, it may be difficult to accomplish. If anyone knows of a decent wall mount bracket, i could use, please can you comment with any links. Also, i now want to purchase the floor standing speaker set, along with a pair of book shelve, or mini speaker set to match. The cheapest i have found the *walnut floor standing speaker set is for £299.00 on Ebay. But haven't been able to find any Mercury book shelve, or mini speakers cheap. Again, if anyone knows anywhere i can buy them, i would appreciate a link please. :D


Ring to check on stock levels before you go. I trekked 22 miles only to be told that they had none in stock but might be able to order one from their warehouse. Hmmm another 22 mile trek. I went home and ordered mine from Amazon (sold by Richer Sounds, 2 day delivery). Absolute bargain. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tannoy-Mercury-7C-Centre-Speaker/dp/B01AT3GE6Q/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=tannoy+7c&qid=1572627365&sr=8-1


Back to £49.00 now with PayPal code: PAYDAY30 (y)


Not sure if RS price match, i guess it's worth asking. I have to order online though, as i don't drive, and my nearest store is quite a way from us. I have wanted this centre speaker for a while now, i already have a 5.1 tannoy setup bought from RS back in 2014 hooked up to my aging Yamaha RX-V377, so would like to start upgrading. I would also like to grab some tannoy standing speakers, along with 2 back book shelve speakers. Going to start looking to buy a new set up soon.😁


Yeah the original deal was at RS but Amazon also did the same price (do they do price matching?). Having searched on here for tannoy it looks like this has dropped down to £49 before so might be worth waiting a bit longer if you are really keen on the 6 year guarantee, otherwise Amazon still available. I picked mine up yesterday with free collection, it's much improved my two standalone speakers especially dialogue and music.

Tannoy Revolution XT 6F Medium Oak Floor Standing Speakers (Pair) £499 @ AudioVisual Online
840° Expired
Posted 25th Sep 2019Posted 25th Sep 2019
Tannoy Revolution XT 6F Medium Oak Floor Standing Speakers (Pair) £499 @ AudioVisual Online
Got a good one here. A pair of beautifully-designed floor standing Tannoy speakers from AudioVisual Online, including a limited 10-year warranty and free delivery for £499. This of… Read more

Oh I do miss my JR 149’s and a pair of Videoton Minimax 2’s in the bedroom.....


I have tannoy dc2. Similar. Had tannoys since 1997 and they all have similar sound


I have the Abrahamsen V2.0 Amp and Harmon Kardon HD990 CD player/DAC.


Absolutely nothing wrong with my set up, the Focals I have sound great as do some little Dali Zensor 1's. Tannoys have always played it safe and been on the smoother side, I have had Tannoys in the past the last being M3's and they were much better than these, especially the midrange and vocals. Listen yourself before deciding as I got caught up in the 'they must be good' as they won the What Hi-Fi award blah blah. I am very picky when it comes to sound so lots of people may be happy with them.


Mind bending price

Tannoy TS2.8 Subwoofer - £149 @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 4th May 2019Posted 4th May 2019
Tannoy TS2.8 Subwoofer - £149 @ Richer Sounds
£149£29950%Richer Sounds Deals
Fantastic subwoofer for the price with twin 8" cones. This is not the most powerful on the market but at this price it is great value for money, it was selling for £319 only a few … Read more

To be honest, on the advice of AVForums members I skipped the gemini and went straight for the Monolith, I've had it over 6 years and have never felt the need to upgrade.


I love Tannoy speakers and have bought nothing else over the years but they are not a subwoofer brand. Still if this is your budget...


How are the bk gemini rated against a wharfdale 150?I have one and was wondering if worth the upgrade. The 150 does sound good


How are the bk gemini rated against a wharfdale 150?I have one and was wondering if worth the upgrade. The 150 does sound good


£250 for a gemini £150 for a wharfedale sw150 edit:these tannoys are good for the money too

Tannoy Eclipse Mini Black Oak Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) - £29 @ Amazon / Dispatched from and sold by Richer Sounds.
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Posted 26th Apr 2019Posted 26th Apr 2019
Tannoy Eclipse Mini Black Oak Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) - £29 @ Amazon / Dispatched from and sold by Richer Sounds.
£29£64.9955%Amazon Deals
Saw that Richer Sounds had a deal on these at £29. But it was in store only. Seems like Amazon priced matched. Very good pair of speakers.
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Any Lepy style amp to which you can connect BT headphones as i think it will only connect to phone over BT as audio source?


Finally got these little beauties hooked up. Damn they go loud (y) That's just a setup while I've got the house to myself btw. That Rega Rp6 is normally on a rack 8)


Weird. Get something of better quality from Topping, SMSL or Sabaj. On a budget of course.


So I decided to try that Nobsound bluetooth amp and order it yesterday. It arrived this evening. Connected it to my new Tannoy's. It sounded quite OK for a few minutes, then it started making a ticking sound like a clock. With each tick the music would cut out. My speaker drivers were beating like hearts with each tick. I switched the speakers (as I have 4), switched the cable and tried different sources including wired connections, all had the same problem. Ticking was the same no matter the volume on the dial. Returning it tomorrow for a refund.


Could you give any example, please :) ?

Tannoy ECLIPSE CENTRE (Black)Single Centre Speaker - £49 @ Richer Sounds
325° Expired
Posted 18th Apr 2019Posted 18th Apr 2019
Tannoy ECLIPSE CENTRE (Black)Single Centre Speaker - £49 @ Richer Sounds
Pair this with a few sets of their speakers here richersounds.com/tannoy-eclipse-mini-black.html and you have yourself a budget 5.0 system ready for an AV and sub (y) Brand Tan… Read more

I had the same setup. Upgraded the Tannoy 3 to a pair of Q acoustics concept 20 and wall mounted them. Those Tannoy 3's take up loads of floor space.


You’ll want to upgrade your fronts as well if you upgrade the centre. I think my next upgrade will be to Monitor Audio Silvers.


I paid 80 for mine and got the Tannoy Eclipse 2 fronts. My first speakers though so can't compare them to anything. 170 all in. Might upgrade the centre in the future.


Dali Zensor Vokal. It’s in a completely different league. I paid 210 for it, the Tannoy cost me 130 many moons ago, so not like it was mega money as an upgrade.


What you got now?

Tannoy Eclipse Mini Speakers (Pair)  £29 @ RicherSounds
1825° Expired
Refreshed 13th Apr 2019Refreshed 13th Apr 2019
Tannoy Eclipse Mini Speakers (Pair) £29 @ RicherSounds
Tannoy Eclipse Mini Speakers (pair) for £29. Seem to be selling at around £100 at other retailers. 6 Year Guarantee. Edit: Now only available in store. If your local doesn’t hav… Read more
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anyone know a good wall mount for these speakers>?


Too Cheap for some ? try these Tannoys then http://www.audioaffair.co.uk/tannoy-kingdom-royal-speakers-pair?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-ebxhPrk4QIViwDTCh1QCw6NEAYYASABEgKnBvD_BwE


ended up getting KabelDirekt 50m 2.5mm. Had £10 off if I spend over £30 on single product. Will come in handy for my cinema in living room!


I've got the Amazon basic speaker cable and think it's pretty good! Especially for something of this price!


anyone know any good priced speaker cables for this? I'm a nub Also banana plugs? amazon or ebay?

Tannoy MERCURY 7C (Walnut) Single Centre Speaker £49 VIP price in-store with email @ RicherSounds
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Posted 21st Mar 2019Posted 21st Mar 2019LocalLocal
Tannoy MERCURY 7C (Walnut) Single Centre Speaker £49 VIP price in-store with email @ RicherSounds
In Store only Just show your VIP email. 6yr Warranty included
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In this thread, everyone refer to mono speaker as meaning a single box/unit. Each unit/box has multiple speaker drivers. The original question was, "Could it be used as a standalone TV speaker?" (The picture shows three drivers.) Additionally you ignored his other point made by rev6, which is , "I don't see a problem running 2 as stereo fronts." 1. This point is about using one or two units as a compromise by a cheaper price £98. Instead, you diverged off a tangent and introduced a new concept which is multi-channel processing (in the Q Acoustics M2) which is irrelevant to the discussions. A reminder, the two core points are 1/ tuning for vocals 2/ can use two units as well as 1 unit. 2. You made a false statement, you said, "...but whatever mono signal (left/right/centre etc) goes into the unit the SAME signal comes out of all 3 speakers of the Tannoy unit." Yours is wrong statement, this is wrong because you don't know there is a crossover component inside and you have not taken this crossover into account. After the crossover, different signals/sounds come out of the different speaker drivers. 3. Additionally, you do not offer a critical option, when someone uses a centre speaker or any single speaker unit as a cheapo option , a possible intention of making alternative use of a great bargain price unit, this thread at £49, one may add the left and right channels and combine into one "left+right" input channel. Furthermore, you ignore the fact that an amplifier may have a switch which is marked "L+R". You said, "..peace out." This may be possible if you accept my 3 points to you, as you introduced them as new points in your comment. These three points are not present in all preceding comments. Your starter point is , "Give it up man people are only trying to help !" Your help is further clarified and improved with my reservations in the above, if you don't believe mine is helpful to your core technical points, do say so, thank you.


Give it up man people are only trying to help ! Just to add though -The Q acoustics M2 you have is not a mono speaker!!!! Maybe you could call it a mono unit but not a mono speaker it takes a stereo signal and sends that signal to the left and right speakers in the M2 unit and also sends the signal to a small subwoofer in the unit for a bit more bass. The tannoy centre has the same 3 speakers in the unit also but whatever mono signal (left/right/centre etc) goes into the unit the SAME signal comes out of all 3 speakers of the Tannoy unit. Peace out.


I wasn't really talking about frequency response on its own but in regard to sound dispersion and imaging, etc. But like I said. It's something I believe to be true (and Dali in this situation). I never said it as fact. That's why I ended my original comment the way I did. If it's true or not I don't see a problem with it. I've considered it too in the past. Running 2 centres that is.


What is the point of this, it's totally crazy to 'tune' any speaker system to a particular range of frequencies, I've never heard of such a thing, it's totally against the principles of high fidellty reproduction. Why would anyone need to do this? Dialogue shouldn't anyway always come only from the centre, it depends on the postions of the actors


yes I browsed, I found just marketing , may be you can quote it here and say why you think it is science

Tannoy REVOLUTION XT 6F DW (Refurbished) - £323.10 (With Code) @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 1st Mar 2019Posted 1st Mar 2019
Tannoy REVOLUTION XT 6F DW (Refurbished) - £323.10 (With Code) @ Richer Sounds
£323.10£36010%Richer Sounds Deals
Floorstanding speakers in real walnut finish that have great reviews. This seems a bargain price for manufacturer refurbs with 1 year warranty, less than half the £699 new prices (… Read more

Probably for portability and Bluetooth.


My Marantz PM7200 started to crackle and pop in the right channel the other day, Took the speaker apart to check the crossover, Could have cried when I realised it was the amp, Don't seem to realise how long you have this stuff, Had it from new so it must be knocking on close to 15 years, Took the top off and sprayed electrical spay all over, Seems to have helped.


I have the DC6Ts which are similar but lower down the range. They are exceptional, such great sound with a Marantz amp and a Chromecast audio to bring it into the current century. Chromecast audio is now discontinued so get it while you still can from curry’s.


I did this the other day for my little girl, I had a Kef Q centre speaker sitting in the loft for years and a mini amp in the shed from a project last year, Put the amp inside and run the cables out the bass port, Sounds great for what it is. Why people spend all this money on stupid little plastic mono speakers when you can get a brilliant centre speaker off eBay for 50 quid and a mini amp for 25.


Looks like its gone from delivery but still some instore collection only, "open box" similar price with currently 8 showing, see link

Tannoy ECLIPSE 2 (Black) Speakers Pair with 6 yrs guarantee £99 @ Richer Sounds
768° Expired
Posted 23rd Jan 2019Posted 23rd Jan 2019
Tannoy ECLIPSE 2 (Black) Speakers Pair with 6 yrs guarantee £99 @ Richer Sounds
£99£111.9912%Richer Sounds Deals
FREE delivery up to 5 working days with online order. Specs as follows: Freq Response (Hz): 44 - 32,000 Impedance (ohms): 8 Power Rating (Watts): 45/200 Continuous/Peak Sensitivi… Read more
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You know when it comes to speakers its a personal choice i have listened to 80k speakers and they did not sound that different from a set of 800 quid once but that dosent mean anything some people have more refined taste than others so the best thing is listen to the speakers before you buy them


Ah yes, Mission 700s......I have a pair in the loft myself!


Certainly were, they were the first pair of speakers I ever bought with money saved from my paper round, think they were Sonata's from memory? I've got a pair of Gold Monitors in the kitchen and had mates round who are professional DJ's ask where they can get a pair because they sound so good.


Yeah they are a bit scratched and a few small paint chips but sound is still good. I never would have bought them at retail price (that's almost a month's rent).


That's an amazing price. £700 brand new.

Tannoy MERCURY 7.2 (Walnut) Amazing speakers for £69 down from £229 to £100 now only £69 at Richer Sounds ( in-store  in-store exclusive)
2206° Expired
Posted 23rd Dec 2018Posted 23rd Dec 2018LocalLocal
Tannoy MERCURY 7.2 (Walnut) Amazing speakers for £69 down from £229 to £100 now only £69 at Richer Sounds ( in-store in-store exclusive)
Suits all music The Tannoy Mercury 7.2 is an evenly balanced speaker that’s designed to get the best from all types of music. It’s suitable for bookshelf mounting but is at its bes… Read more
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Some further options:


Thanks for the response, looks like that's the one I will be going for!


In my opinion that little thing is amazing the sound it produces is very good, especially for the price and the Bluetooth on my model works very well and would 100% recommend


Is the Nobsound NS-10G Pro any good?


Thanks a lot. That helps a lot seeing it in action.

Tannoy Mercury 7.2 Walnut Speakers with 6 year guarantee £99 Richer Sounds
556° Expired
Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018
Tannoy Mercury 7.2 Walnut Speakers with 6 year guarantee £99 Richer Sounds
A classic design refreshed. The Tannoy Mercury 7.2 is the do-it-all speaker. Suits all music The Tannoy Mercury 7.2 is an evenly balanced speaker that’s designed to get the best f… Read more

Bought these through the deal posted, lovely looking little cabinet, but I was dissapointed in the sound. I've reverted back to my 10 year old mordaunt short speakers and shall be returning them to richer sounds. Shame as I've always been keen on Tannoy products especially the dual concentric speakers.


249 in walnut


These sound great. Just so you are aware these are the same drivers as the Tannoy Eclipse 2's which are floorstanding for the same price. These are good for rear surrounds if you have the matching L/R/C


Ha, I don't know if i'd be brave enough to do that. It's just my luck the speakers would stop working the next day...


Pound shop, Tin of Matt black spray. Sorted.

Tannoy Mercury 7.2 (x2)  5.0 speaker set.  Black - £299.99 @ Richer Sounds
315° Expired
Posted 14th Nov 2018Posted 14th Nov 2018
Tannoy Mercury 7.2 (x2) 5.0 speaker set. Black - £299.99 @ Richer Sounds
Good set of 5.0 speakers for the price by all accounts. The RRP isn't realistic but good value and SQ for the price, provided you have enough space. Definitely better speakers av… Read more

With a nominal power rating of 60watts into 8ohms and an extremely good sensitivity of 91db, these should work well with just about any av amp. Reviews suggest very neutral sound, again meaning they should be a good match for most receivers. In my experience Tannoy tend to be a little warm but it varies by speaker. However if you really like a warm musical sound, pair these with a marantz or yamaha. If you like the more crisp cinematic experience, go with an onkyo, pioneer, sony receiver. If rated over 60 watts rms per channel (8 ohms,) you will def have no problems.


Looks like a great deal for someone putting together a home cinema setup. I'd recommend a BK Elec Gemini XLS200 with those. As for AV amps, maybe someone else can suggest something


quite a comprehensive review, for those wanting to know a bit more. https://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/tannoy-mercury-7-2

Tannoy MERCURY 7.2 Brand New Light Oak Richer Sounds Clearance - A few stores (RRP £229.95)
448° Expired
Posted 18th Sep 2018Posted 18th Sep 2018
Tannoy MERCURY 7.2 Brand New Light Oak Richer Sounds Clearance - A few stores (RRP £229.95)
Walnut is £229 on the RS website, making this a bargain if you can get them. 1 available per store from: Bristol 0333 900 0024 Bromley 0333 900 0051 C… Read more

"Will the manager come to checkout 3"

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