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Tannoy Eclipse 2 pair at £99.99 from richersounds with 6 years guarantee included
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Famous brand speakers with a deep, powerful bass - the Tannoy Eclipse Two gives you more for less. Looks like a good price and seems eclipse 2 is discontinued but RS offering 6 ye… Read more

No point going organic then. Extra cost for not a lot of difference.


This is obviously why RS do some "instore only deals" so they don't have to deal with online distance selling regs when their profit margins on an item are low.


some AV come with chromecast. buit in. job done


If you are replacing a battery speaker and want powered with chromecast, then maybe just get a google home, otherwise can’t you just plug your existing speaker in to the wall?


Eclipse2 is the model name so basically a pair of eclipse2, meaning 2 speakers not 4.

Tannoy MERCURY 7C (Light Oak) Single Centre Speaker £49 @richer sounds
LocalLocalFound 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
Was £149. Now £49. Save £100 IN STORE ONLY. Specs: 8 ohms 60 (continuous) 240 (peak) 91dB 420 x 167 x 160 Bass Reflex 4.4kg Tannoy Light Oak The perfect match for Mercury 7 … Read more
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Now you saying that tempts me to buy one instead of waiting for the more expensive ones to come up in a sale.


Lollllll Speaker design has remained very close the original for good reason... this speaker with an appropriate amp will blow away any stupid £500 soundbar made today.... even if like the man in question says that it's 20 years old.... (lol)


Think I will wait until the Tannoy Precision 6c or Revolution XTC comes up on a sale price.


He means this speaker has been around since CRT TVs, you used to rest them on the top, on a little shelf. How do I know? that is how long ago I bought mine. Sound quality is OK, but you need to try before you buy to see if it is a good tonal match with your other speakers; after a bit of tweaking and tuning, mine fitted right in, and is still in use today. I seem to remember the sale price was the same as well!!

Tannoy Eclipse 3 Floorstanding Speakers £230 off at Superfi for preorder - £69
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
This is probably too good to be true. They're award-winning speakers which regularly sell over £200 a pair. I ordered two sets in case it works. Black oak finish only, free next da… Read more
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same here. good for the one guy who managed it though! ;)


I did not! Just got a nice email from them apologising that it was indeed a mis-price, saying they'd honoured the price for the 'customer' (they used the singular) who ordered the speakers when they were still in stock - but were cancelling orders placed for pre-order. Worth a shot!


Let us know if you get it ;) - this is the kind of stuff that makes us come to HUKD


Unlucky everyone who missed out! But I won't be holding my breath!


"Our price £269.00 RRP £299.00 You SAVE £30.00"

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Tannoy Eclipse Two Black Oak £99 Delivered @ Amazon (Seller Richersounds) - £99
Found 4th Nov 2017Found 4th Nov 2017
Great price and ideal for those that can't get to a Richersounds store. Famous brand speakers with a deep, powerful bass - the Tannoy Eclipse Two gives you more for less. Ro… Read more

Showing as £99 today. (y)


Showing as £119


The Eclipse 3 would be the equivalent of you're but if you have a decent sub, which I assume you have from the rest of your kit, and the crossovers are set correctly that extra woofer probably isn't adding a lot. If you haven't, i'd suggest putting the £100 towards one rather than these, I recently changed my ok one for a BK and my original Tannoy Mercurys, 3s upfront and 1s at the back, sounds like a brand new system.


But not with “mini“ speakers as the poster says he has, would probably be horribly unbalanced.


Yes. I have Tannoy floorstanders as my fronts in a 5.1.2 setup using Tannoy bookshelfs as rears and Onkyo upfiring speakers for Atmos. 5.1 Setups from companies like Tannoy often come with floorstanders as fronts.

Tannoy ECLIPSE TWO Floorstanding Speakers - £90.19 (with voucher) - Richer Sounds (In-store)
Found 2nd Nov 2017Found 2nd Nov 2017
I've had my eye on these speakers for a while now. Richer Sounds have just sent me an email with a voucher for £10 off a £100 spend, instantly thought of these. You will need to ad… Read more
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The difference between broadcast/streamed 5.1 and the hd audio you get on blu rays just using 5.1 is massive, proper room filling sound rather than the overly directional surround effects.


I really missed Tannoy Eclipse three


Great advice thanks, not considered that, don't think sky movies or Amazon do 7.1 as they both flag up as AC3 5.1 on my amp. Looking at the sound formats you would need to get 7.1 you needs Dolby digital plus or Dolby TrueHD both of which most amps can deal with but the sources of these is probably limited to BlueRay mostly


I personally would steer clear of 7.1, it just isn't worthwhile to have, I had a 7.1 setup for about 2 years and purchased many Blu Rays stating "7.1 surround sound" that had maybe one noise going through the side 2 speakers in the whole film, after the 2 years the speakers got so little use that I removed the 2 and setup a little hifi system in another room with them. It's hard enough to get a lot of films to care about 5.1 surround, I really would think twice about 7.1


Exactly the same here. Have an Onkyo TX-NR626 which i think is 7.2 compatible which should mean 7.1 is doable.

Tannoy Eclipse 3 floorstanding speakers £198 @ Superfi
Found 23rd Oct 2017Found 23rd Oct 2017
£100 off the RRP. I think this is currently the best offer for these speakers.

Looks like a bargain....Unfortunately, not any more. Gone back up to £299 :(


I'd hate to think what my HiFi costs, I know it's in thousands. It annoys me when I go to a retailer and they insist on giving me a demo of some "magic" box that does everything, just because I was curious having a look at it, then I cringe when they proceed to tell me how I will be blown away and that hifi separates are outdated.


Couldn't have put it better myself


No that I can entirely agree :-) sorry it s just I see too many people defending 80's hifi tech. In the end because of this it s hard to find a goood affordable active, digital souce and wireless system. Yes atc dynaudio kef etc...do a very good job but it s not very affordable is it?


I think you've missed my point. There are various, equally valid approaches and configurations for that mature audio technology. True active speakers (i.e. crossover before amplification) have also been around for decades, and can offer some of the very best performance and value. In fact, that's what I use (ATC). I've also had plenty of passive kit. That can sound just as spectacular - but usually at greater expense and with more clutter than a well sorted active system. Dynaudio kit is almost all superb, active or passive. There's no 'one way' to do it when it comes to performance, and personal preference also comes into it. I should also say that you can still enjoy convenience and performance, but just don't expect both from one small box.

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[Richersounds] Tannoy ECLIPSE TWO VIP Deal £99
LocalLocalFound 21st Sep 2017Found 21st Sep 2017
Richersounds email deals: £99 for a pair of new Tannoy Eclipse Two floorstanding speakers. As per the email: "Mention this email in-store to qualify".
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I don't remember what mine are but they're blue and don't want to bend! I'll Google those Van Damme ones.


I've gone with Van Damme blue series cables so I'm very 😊


I'm in the Silver club too, they LOVE solid copper cabling and biwiring 8)


I made a rough cardboard model with the dimensions from Tannoy's website and unfortunately we didn't think they'd look right, the TV stand is in the corner so if you can imagine there's only a "triangle" space for the speakers and although I'm OK for depth, these are too wide :( I actually bought some Denon bookshelf speakers for a bargain £40 from Amazon this week intended for my rears but they don't have a way to attach them to stands so I may swap my stuff around and try the Denons at the front just placed on my TV stand, and move my current fronts (Boston Acoustic A23) onto some speaker stands and use them as rears.


Worth checking the dimension of the speakers and doing a little measuring. The box may be a lot bigger than the speakers due to excessive protective packaging. Worth a check as you like them. Otherwise a shame but you'll find some other speakers soon and they will be worth the wait :)

Tannoy DC8 speakers 40% OFF £1499.00 @ Nintronics
Found 24th Feb 2017Found 24th Feb 2017
Saw this posted on another forum and figured it was a good one for here as well. Not just the DC8 but looks like the whole range they got discounted. Dc6lcr was £1499 now £899 DC8… Read more
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Do you actually understand what you wrote. You just compared earphones to speakers! Heat on the discount by the way!


And who in their mind buys a Ferrari when a Nissan Micra will get you from a to b as well.... all those rich people could save loads of money.... just a minute - they don't need too.. maybe that's why they buy expensive speakers.. Ferraris etc


Should be flames knock knock knocking at the door. Surely people voting cold simply because of the price... which I don't get. This is a good discount regardless of price point it's a deal.


Yeah a £1 headphone vs a speaker, it'll be better no doubt! :D


Get a pair of earphones from Poundland for just, you guessed it, one of your English £s. The quality will probably be just as good.

Tannoy Mercury Sugar Maple Centre Speaker at Richer Sounds £39.95 for VIP members (free to join) / £49.95 otherwise
Found 3rd Mar 2016Found 3rd Mar 2016
Tannoy Mercury VCi centre speaker for AV set up. £39.95 for Richer Sounds VIP members or £49.95 for those who are not, but it is free to join, so why not save a tenner on a decent… Read more
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Thank you , picked up today, great sound.


​Appreciate the reply, thanks for taking the time to help me out


Full range should not be confused with large. There are not many speakers performing well in the full range of human hearing (approx 20hz to 20khz, depending on age :-) ). The small setting on AV amps is designed for compact satellite speakers that struggle often below 200hz. Rather than miss out on that audio information, it moves that part of the signal elsewhere, e.g. the fronts or the sub. It will also restrict the signal passed to the small speaker to the >200hz signals, ensuring all the work it does is in aid of sounds it has a chance of producing. So marking this centre as large will send more of the signal to it, resulting in greater depth of voice (think "Gordon's Alive?") directly from that speaker. While it is true that any very low frequencies would be lost this way, in practice anything below 80hz would likely be mastered into the sub-woofer channel (i.e. the .1 part of 5.1)... THX spec says 80hz is the default cross-over frequency for LFE, although some amps will allow this to be changed to better suit your speakers. In short, it is worth trying this centre set as large and see how it sounds. Depending on the rest of your setup, it could sound better.


Err, no. Can this speaker handle the full range down to 20Hz or so? No? Then it's not a full range speaker, and should not be set as large.


Great deal need to get myself one of these xxx

TANNOY Mercury VCi & VRi 5 ch speaker set £149.99 instore @ Richer Sounds
LocalLocalFound 28th Feb 2016Found 28th Feb 2016
Seems like a very good price for a good quality 5 channel speaker set! If I had the room both physically and financially I would certainly entertain these seeing that just the cent… Read more

Just phoned up to check on these today - the store was happy to order them in for me, all brand new. Bargain! :D


Cheers - the amp will get replaced when I find a 4k amp so looking around for various components


Yes sir


Looks like it should be fine! Amp can take 6 to 16ohm speakers. These will likely push your amp to it's power limits however looking at the specs so make sure it's well vented.


Once you go black, you never go back ;)

Tannoy Precision 6.2 SAVE £1100 @ Richersounds (£799 for VIP members only)
Found 22nd Jan 2016Found 22nd Jan 2016
Sounds like a big saving to me! What hifi 5 star award winner. Price is for VIP members only. Free to sign up!
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This is the general price at Richer Sounds now. Stunning speakers.


No such deal going. I know having tried to purchase was told none about.


No but if you use the voucher code: SAVE1100 it may?


Does this include my taxi to the mental health clinic after I've spent 800 quid on a pair of speakers?


You can sign in from here: https://www.richersounds.com/vip

TANNOY MERCURY V4i £199.95 @ Richer Sounds
Found 20th Dec 2015Found 20th Dec 2015
With its new tweeter unit, the Tannoy Mercury V4i offers a more detailed sound than before yet still has power to spare. BRAND NEW TREBLE UNIT WITH IMPROVED HIGH FREQUENCY RESPONS… Read more

I have these. Fantastic units. Deep, rich bass. Beautiful mids, subtle highs. You really need spend no more for fantastic sound


Are these speakers any good? i'm tempted to buy them along with the centre, and rears for £350. all in for a cinema setup


It's a shame they don't do a 5m version, otherwise I would have bought them.


cheers, i only have a soundbar, going back to 5.1 after i sell it.


I can't see why not. Remember though, speakers have their own characteristics and they might stick out like a sore thumb compared to what you have.

Tannoy Revolution DC4T Speakers (Pair) £199.00 @ Audio Affair
Found 13th Mar 2015Found 13th Mar 2015
This is the lowest I've seen these nice little floorstanders for so far. Light Oak - 5 Year Warranty and Free Shipping. More Info : The Revolution DC4T is a compact floorstand… Read more

These or the tannoy V4's?




These are decent speakers for the money!


I have a FC center like this http://www.play.com/Electronics/Electronics/-/3119/2386/-/13188395/Tannoy-Mercury-FC-Centre-Speaker-Custom-Oak/Product.html Amp, again there is lot of choices.. have a look in Richer sounds around the £250 mark.


Bean & Olufsen?

TANNOY REVOLUTION DC6T Espresso Speakers £299.95 @ RicherSounds
Found 10th Jan 2015Found 10th Jan 2015
What HiFi Our Verdict Best floorstander £700-£1500, Awards 2011. As complete a package as you’re likely to see for under £1000 For Solid, purposeful build and style exciting, s… Read more

You're correct. The ones above have been floating around various online outlets for that sort of price for the last 18 months or so and it's always the espresso colour that's knocking about.


matching center £100 http://www.richersounds.com/product/centre-speakers/tannoy/revolution-dc4-lcr/tann-revo-dc4-lcr-es Tannoy Revolution DC6 (book shelf) http://www.richersounds.com/product/standmount-speakers/tannoy/revolution-dc6/tann-revo-dc6-espr So for £600 you getting full set up


Seems like a good price. Not sure how the Tannoy dual concentric speakers sound now, but absolutely love my profile 637's. Looking forward to using them again. Voted hot.




Hopefully people will do a little of their own research before they part with their money. Wrong speaker OP.

Found 27th Dec 2014Found 27th Dec 2014
I believe it is very good deal. Most places got it for £500 and more, home av direct usually retail it for £400 but now it is on sale from £339.90 (depends of finish colour).Also t… Read more

Monolith for me. Good for music too, as long as you put it on a marble plinth. Don't know why it tightens the sound so much, but it really does. Plus it goes lower, is all about the bass. Even better with a dedicated sub eq.


Most likely not. I haven't, that's why I'm not voting.


Seems like it, I wonder if the cold voters have actually heard this thing in action.


really looks like this is cold only because it is not BK?


Not sure you can get a Monolith for 480 though. £450 plus 30 quid shipping.

Tannoy Mercury V1 Speakers @ Richer Sounds
Found 24th Dec 2014Found 24th Dec 2014
Now in its fifth generation, the Tannoy Mercury V1 is better than ever. For the latest version of this budget classic, Tannoy has revised the cabinet making it both larger and bett… Read more

There is already the same deal here https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/tannoy-mercury-v1-richer-sounds-69-95-2096754

Yamaha RXV377 Home Cinema Receiver & Tannoy HTS101 5.1 Speaker System £427.50 @ Superfi
Found 1st Dec 2014Found 1st Dec 2014
Already purchased mine. I was looking for this exact bundle the past week, as both receiver and speaker set had won What Hifi awards for 2014. Richer Sounds currently have it for … Read more

No idea yet, mine arrives in next couple of days. Was told that Dolby Atmos is amazing and is a must have. When I get mine I'll happily let you know though.


Onkyo very good indeed better than sony ?


He gave me £50 off the amp, said something about black friday, but online it was £499. The speakers are £220, so yea the £50 makes the warranty free. An added bonus is if I don't use the warranty I get the £50 back.. in 5 years lol.


I don't get it, did they price match the discounted price and give you free 5 year warranty? Thanks.


Already knew Onkyo were good, i had the Onkyo HTS7705 5.1.2 Home Cinema on order with Superfi for £720. After ringing Richer Sounds I changed it to get the Onkyo TXNR636 and Tannoy TFX 5.1 with 5 years warranty for the same price and told this is a superior setup.

DC4T SIgnature - ONE PAIR ONLY @ Richersounds York save £630 now £269.95
Found 9th Jul 2014Found 9th Jul 2014
One pair only, clearance (so phone to check condition if travelling far). Tannoy DC4T Signatures in Expresso. The signatures we're dropped and replaced with an inferior model wit… Read more
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Your absolutely right! That's why it's a deal. The difference being is that it's easy to check that this deal actually exists, and whilst it's hardly worth most people's bother to travel to save 50%+ on a supermarket item, that same percentage is saving the someone a good couple hundred quid here. Had I not blown £200 on the DC6 Bookshelf deal from Richer Sounds earlier in the week i'd have snapped these up myself.


if people really think this deserves a hot vote, they should vote up every supermarket mark down which is usually as unique as this post and from a percentage point of view, much more of a deal thank this!


its a stonking price, and its available to one person, whoever that person may be either around the york area, or somebody prepared to travel to york to collect that one set.


Because it's a stonking price and available to everyone?


how can anybody be voting this hot, when there is only 1 available to all!

Tannoy HTS-201 289.90 @ HomeAVdirect
Found 3rd Jan 2014Found 3rd Jan 2014
Closest I can find is Amazon @ 379.90. This is the upgraded model from HTS-101, with speaker stands and an additional driver for better sound from the front speakers. Reviews for … Read more

Most people on this site like their Onkyo amps.:p


Been looking at getting the HTS 101's for a while now, but I'll take these at this price! Hope they're good! Just need an amp to go with them now and that's my new living room setup sorted!


I have these. They are ace. This price is superb.


Good price for this set. Heat. On a side note I demoed these while looking for home cinema speakers and I found them most pleasing. They were strong contenders at a much higher price point. At this price I believe they are a very good deal.


thats a VERY good price! - HTS-101's cost £300-£350 - so this is a bargain!

TANNOYMERCURY V CINEMA PACK & SFX SUB 5.1 Speaker Package was £619.95 now £399.95 online @ Richer Sounds inc del possibly £349.95 instore with voucher
Found 5th Nov 2013Found 5th Nov 2013
Note: Take a further £50 off if you buy instore as a Richer Sounds VIP customer. with the latest email voucher. Latest voucher on my email says expires 11th Nov though the last vou… Read more
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Yep, I read the review and thought that the TS2.10 was part of this package but RS have swapped the Sub out for this boom box that basically does nothing. Believe me I hooked it up and was so unimpressed it was never worth £650, and as a package I dont think its even worth £400. AV kit is always so horrendously overpriced because of the protected markup for the manufacturer and retailers so these TSP prices are all nonsense anyway. I'll be boxing it up and returning it this week and cancelling the order for the floorstanders. Interestingly, on the receipt it shows all the individual prices of each component so in theory you could keep or return any combination of component.


RIcher sounds clearly stated what the sub was you must have just read the review on expertreviews! Still price up the V4, VC, VR and the SFX sub from anywhere else and your looking at £650 so still a good deal. my sfx sub came with all the satellite speakers which I sold for a further £100 so ended up costing me about £275 with postage... Cheapest I can find the V4's on their own is £250... You could even sell the sub and use the £200ish to buy a better sub


Picking mine up today. This article here says it's a TS2.10 Mercury V’s big talking point is the inclusion of the brand new TS2.10 subwoofer with its dual-driver design. Regular HCC readers will know that until the TS1201 came along in 2010 we hadn’t always seen eye to eye with Tannoy’s subwoofers, but this 300W bass box is looking to continue the company’s recent good work – and shake similarly-priced rivals to their very foundations. With two 10in drivers lurking inside – a main driver and auxiliary bass radiator – Tannoy reckons the TS2.10 boasts the greatest cone surface area of any sub at its £430 price, equivalent to that of a single-driver sub with a 15in cone. The radiator also quells the cabinet vibration that can blight single-driver bass bins. link to article. P.s if you scroll down you can even see the picture showing the front and rear of the sub, the pic of the rear shows it's a TS2.10 EDIT: after looking on richer sounds you can see that the sub is in fact the lower model, I too didn't realise when looking at reviews and wondered why they were pricing it at £1100-£1300 as the TS2.10 is £450 alone. Looks like ill cancel my order too.


Well I picked up the Sub and Rears the other day and have to say I'm not impressed with these at all. The Sub is awful, the rears are nice sounding but I'm not convinced the Fronts will be any good now so I think I will return this and go for something a bit better. I thought this package came with the TS2.10, and then realised it came with this lower grade sub :-( In hindsight doesn't seem such a good deal to me!


Can anyone reccommend some stands for the rears?

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