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Updated 29th JulLast updated 29th Jul by angie555
As per the title, free 6 pack via Quidco ClickSnap. Offer ends tomorrow. The beauty of this one is it is on both checkoutsmart and quidco clicksnap so you can get 2 packs for free… Read more

I'm always having difficulties posting deals, moderators are always removing them.


Oh very nice. Be careful with your accounts, someone was having a rant because both his quidco and checkoutsmart accounts were closed with no reason. I don't know what the outcome was.


Yeah i didn't have this one https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/free-4-pack-supermarket-brand-ice-cream-cones-at-various-supermarkets-via-checkoutsmart-ps110-cashback-3767831 Got two accounts with RRP offers as well just to add confusion.


Ta (y) no Asda here but had these free from Waitrose several times they are very nice


Would make sense as a deal so folks could make use of it and save up to £3 but it is what it is. Thanks for the tip re the free things. Will make life a lot easier than scrolling all the way down. (excited)

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Updated 11th AprLast updated 11th Apr by myusernamehasgone234
Lancashire Farm Natural Bio Yoghurt
Seen in Asda Morley, Plenty of these reduced expiry date 20th April 2021

Everyone loves a 1p deal ;) Last one I got was the Thorntons Chocolate Reindeers in Morrisons


I saw a mushroom for 1p in Morrisons. The yellow label was bigger than the mushroom itself. Wish I'd taken a picture and posted as a deal


Use this yoghurt, really good and creamy. Steal at this price and will still be good 1 week after the expiry, like most diary products e.g milk

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Updated 1st JanLast updated 1st Jan by raza786
Authentic Greek Yogurt 500g 30p in Asda Newton Leys
Authentic Greek Yogurt 500g 30p in Asda Newton Leys BBE 14/01/21 Plenty of stock left

I can’t understand what’s the fuss authentic vs non authentic if you really want an authentic one pay for it I have posted this deal because the cheapest 500g in Lidl for example is 45p (89p/kg) so this is a good deal with one 1 week expiry date


I know Greek yogurt is made all over the world but i think it must be following the original recipe, thats my best guess.


That’s what I’m asking what makes it authentic, then you would have your answer as well.. Is it made in Greece? Does it use Greek ingredients? Is it made to the exact recipes? Just questions about Greek style yoghurt..


How is it not ?


How is it authentic?

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Updated 10th Nov 2020Last updated 10th Nov 2020 by Wongy110
Yeo yogurt Yeokens
Anyone collecting the yeokens. Got 2 codes if anyone wants them ?

Have I turned into Jessica Alba ? not a bad plan I suppose ?


You’re amazing thank you :)


If I get anymore - I will send them your way too (y)


I’d love some if anyone else has any! Love collecting them 😁


Sent (y)

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Updated 20th Feb 2020Last updated 20th Feb 2020 by matthews9479
Muller yoghurts products recall
I don't buy these anymore but I'm sure others do.. 8 types of Muller which could contain traces of metal. Disgusting finding thought I would post to make others aware.. https:/… Read more

Yes and I'm still alive, thanks (y)


Did you eat it all in the end?


(lol) (lol) (lol)


This one definitely had metal in it


Muller chemicals

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Updated 29th Aug 2019Last updated 29th Aug 2019 by awesomegiles26
Checkoutsmart are currently giving cashback on this product! They will provide the full amount paid, which is £1 currently at Asda!

That was a previous deal, that was claim up to 3 times and expired a few days ago. This is a new Cashback claim and claim only once


Already posted!


Reported this is fine 🔥 (y)