12 month Playstation Plus (Essential £11.50 / Extra £19 / Deluxe £23) @ Playstation Network (Turkey)


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    Great *deal*. Thank you.
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    This may sound silly and I'm pretty sure I know the answer...... but..... if I had my Turkish account on my ps4 as primary (which it is), could I share this psn sub with my original UK account (which is also primary on the same console).

    I'm guessing no, but I've been naive to fantastic bargains and methods before
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    My understanding is that if you download the games via your Turkey account, and then log out and log in with your Uk account (All on the primary system) you can play the games that are part of your Turkish account. (edited)
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    I applied for the midnight blue Visa card from crypto.com and it still says pending 48 hours later
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    Does anyone know if you can do the xbox ultimate trick with this? I currently have 3 years ps plus on my turkish account, if i buy a year of the new delux sub will that upgrade the whole lot to delux? or would it just be for a year? but then would that be the first or last year of the sub lol
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    I cant seem to get my card to work to make a new account for my brother It adds fine but doesnt let me pay. It worked for me 1 week ago crypto.com.

    I can buy games on the account but when I try to add funds or purchases playstation plus it comes up with an error. (edited)
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    You get Vaucher or account ?

    Kind Regards,
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    Ho abilitato la mia carta crypto.com ma non riesco ad utilizzarla sul psn store turco. qualcuno ci è riuscito?
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