Posted 24th Nov 2015
Recently involved in an accident and the third party has admitted liability. I am currently going through the 3rd parties insurer. I’ve had the insurer approved garage look at my car and I’ve had my local Audi dealers approved garage look at my car. The Audi approved garage estimate came in at almost 3x as much. The 3rd party insurer has now approved for them to do it if I choose to go with them.

Having had the initial engineers report from the insurers approved garage the cost of repairs was quite cheap. Labour costs were around £25ph and even my local garage isn’t that cheap. I was slightly sceptical and obviously asking for a cash offer at this point would have been based on that estimate. I paid to get an estimate done at an approved Audi garage and as I mentioned that cost came in at around 3x as much. I figure the actual cost of getting my car repaired is probably somewhere in between. So was hoping to use the two estimates as a way of getting of getting slightly better cash in lieu settlement so as to get the repairs done myself.

I haven’t actually authorised anyone at this point to carry out any repairs. I’m just wondering if there is still the option for me to take cash in lieu?

I’ve spoken to the claims dept of the 3rd party insurer and they’ve said cash in lieu is not longer available as I’ve agreed to have my car repaired? (Which I actually hadn’t)

Is this true? Surely if they offer and i accepted a cash in leiu offer of less than what they would pay the Audi approved garage it would be beneficial for both parties?
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