Cheap Aukey earbuds quality expectations?

Posted 16th Mar 2023 (Posted 8 h, 3 m ago)
I bought a pair of £10 aukey bluetooth earbuds from the mymemory deal a week ago. They have a steady constant background static that is very distracting, especially with quieter stuff.

Is this usual in cheap earbuds? I was assuming they might be a bit tinny but OK for watching tv and so forth. But being digital I thought they would be fairly clear otherwise? Thinking of trying to swap them, though they do claim to test all returns, whether I'm just expecting too much?
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    Try MPOW ear buds, similar price but with better fit, features, sound quality etc
    Binned a pair of Aukey i purchased from the seller you mentioned after only few days.
    Wouldn't connect/sync properly and awful sound

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    I bought some Aukey ones a few years ago for almost £30 and like you I got a strange static/hiss noise. They constantly disconnect and don't reconnect, then you have to do a pairing routine that takes about 15 minutes! Really awful and they've put me off bluetooth earbuds. I'll just stick to wired!
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