Posted 6th Mar 2023 (Posted 3 h, 2 m ago)
Hi all,

I'm planning on using Xbox Game Pass for PC and Steam soon. Does anyone please have any recommendations on a controller that will be sufficient for both? I don't want anything too expensive so third party ones are also fine. Maybe £30 - £40 ish?

Wired or wireless (if wired to be compatible with the ports on this laptop) is fine for me

A strong vibration is a must for me (for the controller - get your mind out of the gutter!!)

Any help is appreciated. Thank you
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  1. lukeo44's avatar
    Regular Series S/X controller is usually the best option 

    Dualsense is a good alternative, some games will have Dualsense specific features such as variable trigger resistance 
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    Thank you!
  2. LEB123's avatar
    I think you need to use an official Xbox controller to be compatible with the game pass. Worth researching but it might be a pain if you get a 3rd party controller for the game pass
    andrewworrall1's avatar
    Thank you. That would indeed be annoying. I'll look into this
  3. kos1c's avatar
    As mentioned get an Xbox controller, they have Bluetooth so if you got a BT chip on your computer you'll be fine. Or you can get an official Xbox dongle which allows up to 8 controllers to pair to it.

    I haven't used a PS5 controller myself, I heard they're great pieces of kit. But they use the same design as the PS4 and I found the off set analogue sticks on the Xbox more comfortable. (edited)
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    Thank you
  4. EndlessWaves's avatar
    What sort of controller? A gamepad? A flightstick? A wheel and pedals?
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    I don't know how to best describe it but one that is similar to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
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