Posted 14th Oct 2021
Quite a specialist issue, but here goes…

I’m got three Deco M4 units at home, primarily to boost signal around the home. The main one is linked by Ethernet cable to the Sky Q router; the second in the kitchen linked to the Xbox; and the third freestanding upstairs where we use work laptops.

The internet went down last week, and spent hours trying to get them working again - finally working, and speeds are consistent, but…no internet to Sky Q: no apps, no voice control, box sets, etc. I understand that these units don’t tend to play nicely with Sky.

Problem is, I’ve had the system a little while and don’t remember the process we had before.

Currently got the Sky wifi turned off (both 2.4 and 5) and the Decos are in access point mode (I suspect this is why there is no internet via Sky, but in my fumblings, fairly sure I also tried the Deco in router mode, and it still didn’t work).

Anyone any knowledge of these two working together and what I’ve done wrong? I can live without the Sky systems, it’s more of irritation.

If anyone can explain step by step in idiot mode, as well…I’m an idiot.
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