Dyson V11 Torque Drive Motorhead

Posted 5th Feb 2023
I own a V11 Dyson and would like to purchase the Torque Drive Motorhead, so I can use it on floors and carpets.

I thought there would only be one available, which would make purchasing easy.
Instead I can now see there are a couple of model numbers -
- 970100-05
- 970100-03 (Gold)
Some have high torque written on them, others just say Dyson.

My concern is that I don't want to purchase a fake as they have the Dynamic Load Sensor.

Welcome any advice / recommendations

Thank you
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  1. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    I'm guessing the only difference is the colour ? I've had 2 torque drive heads and on one the roller brush inside was gold the other wasn't.
    The gold one 2as a warranty replacement from Dyson but there was no difference with the head
    skyking_comms's avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I wonder if the Gold version is a newer model?
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