How can Argos sell Used / Returns / Re-packaged goods at New prices? Isn't this illegal?

Posted 18th Oct 2016
Just bought a fan heater today from Argos and when I collected it, I noticed that cellotape had manually been applied over the box and it looked tatty.
The item itself looked marked up, so I asked for another one to be sent down.
The second one was in far worse condition.
The Argos worker said that can sell items which have been returned, which was news to me.

Low and behold, when I got home and tried the fan, it is making a loud clicking noise on any setting and is marked up under the heater and has scratches.

I am disgusted that ARGOS are selling goods which have been re-packed, are clearly used and perhaps even refurbs and charging FULL PRICE as if it was new.

Is this not illegal? How can they charge full price for re-packed goods? Amazon have warehouse deals for returned goods and charge accordingly, but Argos must think consumers won't notice or complain.... Not me, i'm onto head office and will be making an example of them over this policy.

Anyone else had similar experiences buying Argos products and finding that they were used or re-packaged?
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