Posted 7th Jan 2023
Signed up to instant ink, and all went fine. Then had a look one day and worked out that, because I don't do a lot of printing, I'd actually paid about triple what I would have paid if I bought the inks retail. So I cancelled it. I got some inks - non instant ones- and found I can't connect my phone to my printer or the printer to the internet to do the checks and see ink levels etc. I tried to register my printer and I can't. I now have one of the biggest, lightest paperweights ever.
I've tried updating the apps on the phone, cursing kicking and seeming threats. Nothing works. I've emailed HP to ask for help ( it is one of their printers) but no response yet.
Anyone got any ideas please? Why do they make things so complicated and dependent on apps?
Hardly helps the environment if it goes to a landfill.
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    I had same issue, the only option that turned out plastic heap of plastic functioning again was the login to account make sure you put back in the instant ink cartridges and in your account you have cancellation section. You go through screens and it will tell you after update to replace cartridges with official hp retail ink. It won't work if you don't officially cancel your sub and follow onscreen guide.

    Read somewhere they were being investigated due to the sub scam they were running as the bricked so many printers and refused to let them work again as lot didn't cancel they just let sub lapse and obviously no payment made.

    I through it out shortly after as I struggled to get 3 different cartridges to work. It was useful as a scanner in interim but bought a 13mp document scanner.

    We ran out of ink once and got zero back from them for inconvenience, just glad it was a admin printer and not used for our actual businesses
    Thanks. Sounded like a fantastic deal - until you work out how much actual printing you do each month. If you regularly do a lot ok, but I was doing little many months and over the allowance other months. Think I'd rather buy my cartridges as I need them.
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    Instant ink cartridges are large and filled right up but they won't work If you cancel.
    We find the £2.99 a month plan is fine and you can go up or down the plans as we have done. (edited)
    I tried to cancel mine after free trial and they put me back on the 15 pages for free a month.
    Does me fine for the if photocopy and colour print.
    I use my laser printer for everything else.
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    my printer also stopped working, after I cancelled instant ink
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    Are you getting any specific error messages when you try to connect?

    If you haven't already, remove all ink cartridges and reset the printer to factory settings (usually involves holding the Power button down for a few seconds while the ink cartridge door is open, but the steps in the manual may differ depending on your printer). Once reset, install the new (non-instant ink) cartridges again and try to connect
    No error message, just the WiFi not connecting. Without printer connecting to WiFi I can only photo copy. I can't access the app ( HP Smart) it won't recognise my old details and I can't register again. Basically it's buy a new printer.
    Before I do that I will try resetting, but the handbook I have only had basic instructions in 15 languages including Klingon, I think. Will try power button press. Cheers.
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    Had the opposite problem. My instant ink subscription stopped working and I couldn't get it to work again. Had to go back to buying ink. HP tried but nothing worked.
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    Hp subscription ink won't work without a subscription regardless if it is full.
    You need to buy retail ink.
    I have retail ink in.
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    That's part of the agreement? It's in the T&Cs when you sign up for instant ink?

    HP Smart app: Requires the HP Smart app download. For details on local printing requirements see…ing. Certain features/software are available in English language only, and differ between desktop and mobile applications. Subscription may be required. Subscription may not be available in all countries. See details at Internet access required and must be purchased separately. HP account required for full functionality. List of supported operating systems available in app stores. Fax capabilities are for sending a fax only. HP Smart Advance is not available in all countries. For more information, see

    So you need to sign in to your HP account to communicate with the printer. it sucks and why I won't be buying HP again despite the free 700 pages of ink per month I signed up for.
    Smart app not allowing me to sign in. Tried growing with me name and email address but all not working and printer not playing.
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    Success...I can photocopy.. . Not print though....☹️
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