Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers - What are the best value games to get?

Posted 3rd Mar 2020Edited by:"stradle"
I have Mario Kart, Zelda Links Awakening and Super Mario Odyssey, but have held off spending these vouchers as I keep seeing some of the games available cheaper as physical copies.

My 2 game vouchers cost me £72 - so essentially I want to know what are the best value games to get at the moment to get the most out my credit, that I could not just go to somewhere else and order cheaper.

Here is the full list including some pre-order options…081

Was thinking Breath of the wild and Smash Brothers Ultimate, but was keen to hear thoughts on the other options I should consider.

As another consideration, they expire 27/09/2020, so if anyone knows of any other premium titles coming out later in the year happy to wait.
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