Posted 5th Jan 2023 (Posted 22 h, 51 m ago)
Hi , I am due for renewal and NOWTV is not offering any discounts(currently paying £28 and they want £30 for renewal - Fibre). Can I get a new connection in my Wife's name to get the new customer discount (£22 with £59 from topcashback). Joined ONESTREAM 2 days ago for £22.50 but cancelled today by reading all the bad reviews.
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    I’ve been with Onestream for years as have a number of my friends and family members. They’re fine as long as you cancel the free trials they offer you.

    If you want to have your wife sign up for a new customer offer with NOW that’s possible but they can’t take over their own line so you’d have to cease the service then re-order. Which means 10 working days without broadband before Openreach re-install.

    If you live in a strong 5G area then the Three Broadband offer for £10 then £20 a month after 6 months may be a good call too, if you’re still not confident with Onestream.
    I am not that confident with OneStream. As I am WFH, can't wait 10 days without BB, in that case will check with other providers.
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    do any of you have a Vodafone sim? you may still get £3pm off your BB cost if you go with Vodafone
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    I received a confusing renewal from NOW TV; keep what I have (36mbps BB with unlimited calls to uk home and mobiles) for £26.99 or “upgrade” to the same for £31.
    My mum has similar with NOWTV (11 Mbps, Anytime calls and line rental) - keep what you have for £17.99, or "change" to the exact same for £26.00 per month.
    I think the difference might be that for the £26, there is support for the hub if it goes kaput; £17.99 doesn't get support and so fix it yourself, i.e. buy a new one.
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