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Pixel 8 pro or Honor magic 5 pro?

Posted 13th Oct 2023
Hi, I can get the P8P for £900 (Very discount) plus the free watch 2, which I'll hopefully sell around £200 so I'll get it for £700.

We're as the HM5P is going for around £675 maybe less on black Friday.

Currently leaning towards getting the P8P for the software, camera and 7 years of updates. Which is better?
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  1. MonkeyMan90's avatar
    I had the p6p and hated it I'll never buy another pixel
  2. wayners's avatar
    I bought pixel 6 for £300 in January and best phone I've owned
    Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Must of had some naff phones
  3. CourseFinder's avatar
    You answer your question in last part: 7 years of updates and software 😁

    I loved my honor 8X but no updates now, android 10 it was last update , time to move on.
    Mrs got 7pro and loves it!
    tom118's avatar
    Yeah seems the smart choice with it hopefully lasting me till 4/5 years. And not much difference in price with the watch 2 sale and discount code.
  4. scoutnetworker2020's avatar
    which is better is very subjective.... raw power, being snapdragon 8 gen2 based, the honor will win on benchmarks everyday. so if you are gaming in SUPER intensive games (think many hour sessions of genshin impact) the honor will probably be your winner

    photography both are VERY good. but feel the google is better, google just are the ones to beat.

    however on the honor cant do the "AI" based things the P8P can (magic eraser, audio etc) live transcribe/caption. call screening
    seamus_walker's avatar
    Magic Eraser on google photos for Google one subscribers. I would imagine these features will also make their way to google one subscribers in a few months

    Battery Pixel is poor. Charging speed is poor. Why did they through in a temperature sensor..Did they get bored? Software is always great with pixel. Saving grace.
  5. tom118's avatar
    Cheers everyone, bought the P8P.
  6. A_Rom's avatar
    The duality of man. I have the Honor, it's a great phone, but the camera by default kinda blows out the colours out.
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