Posted 1st Jan 2023
What payment methods are you guys using with the turkey/Argentina VPNs ? I have my YouTube premium working but can’t get it to work for music app
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    I have a friend in Turkey who can supply a 300 Turkish Lira card for £30. Thats easily enough for about 13 months Spotify Premium for a single user at current rates ...or Family for about 8 months etc...

    You can then setup the Spotify Turkey account as you wish.

    As a rule Spotify Turkey purchase cost is normally around 10% of the UK prices.

    She could also setup single user accounts for you if required. PM me if anyone wants more information...
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    Hi ... With Tidal is there a way to link it to my Amazon account? My other different subscription is coming to an end, so looking at my options.
    Don't think you can link tidal to alexa UK just works on US mate sure I tried. Anyone able to do deezer yet? (edited)
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    As far I know, they closed all loop holes.

    Switch to Tidal.
    To use an internet cliche - this.

    The only way i'm aware of of doing this sort of thing now with those two services is if you're able to open a Paypal account in the country in question and use that, but I wouldn't even guarantee that would be a success.
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    Need to use a local card, I have a friend out in Turkey so I set up a family plan with his card. No other way around that unfortunately. I've tried virtual cards from monzo, revolut do not work either.

    I'm aware the Philippines are one of the few countries to accept PayPal AND be nearly as cheap, not easy but a lot easier to setup a Philippines PayPal account than obtain a local foreign bank card.
    a lot easier to setup a Philippines PayPal account than obtain a local foreign bank card.

    Certainly wasn't easy when I tried (and failed..)
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    I used to have a Filipino PayPal account but my Revolut card expired and logging into the account wasn't possible due to 2FA (wasn't used at the time of setting up) so now I just buy a 12 month Egyptian gift card for £30 a year.
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    Any clues about how you set it up ?
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    As altnernative, have 3 spotify account slots left if anyone wants a share
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