The New All New Definitive Guide to Netflix That Still Nobody Will Read. 2023 Edition.

Posted 11th Aug 2022
(I was bored ...)

What's This You Say ?

Why it's a brand spanking new guide Update to make sure your Netflix remains as cheap as chips.

But wait, aren't there already 960 guides to it on HUKD already ?

Yes, that's completely correct but nobody reads them. That's why there are so many.

What do you mean nobody reads them ?

Well everyone seems to think their Netflix issue is the first time anyone has ever had a problem so they try and seek help with a new thread.

Aha, I see. So how's it done then ?

There are two routes to getting it done based on whether or not you have an existing account you need to re-activate or if you haven't had an account before and need to start from scratch. They're quite similar though.

Aha, I see. So what's next ?

If you're re-activating. there's been a pretty big development since last time. Originally, you would let your account expire and then the following day you could go back with your VPN switched on and re-activate it with your original billing method. You would then get charged at Turkish rates going forward. This method no longer works. Netflix closed the loophole by requiring a Turkish phone number for verification.

Ok, so how do I get my account to charge me at Turkish Rates ?

The only way you can do that now is with Turkish Gift Cards. This applies to both re-activations and to new starters.

You need to purchase a Turkish Gift Card with enough credit to cover you for at least one month. 100TL should be sufficient, since the current price for the top 4K tier is 93.99TL.

If you're re-activating then you need to start your Turkish VPN and go to Netflix and sign in to your existing account. When you select the payment method, choose Gift Cards and apply your code accordingly and you should be good to go.

If you're starting from scratch, then you need to start your Turkish VPN and go to Netflix to create a new account. Go through the usual sign up procedure and when you get to choosing your payment method, choose gift cards and use your gift card code to get the account active. You won't be asked for a Turkish phone number during sign up. (I've just checked !).

But I'm having trouble with Gift Cards at the moment as I keep getting an error and I can't watch anything ?

That's because the Gift Card procedure has also been changed. Adding a gift card will region lock your account and you will only be able to watch content via a VPN for that particular country. This applies to any gift cards bought at any time as the region locking has only recently been implemented and cannot be avoided.

Region locking sucks! What if I keep using Gift Cards ?

At the moment, it appears that the region locking lasts for one month after you've used your initial gift card so if you've stacked your Gift Cards for a while, you should be ok after that first month. You can, of course, continue to use Gift Cards as long as you wish but you may want to add a valid payment method as well.

How do I add a Payment Method ?

Currently the only way to do that is via Live Chat. If you have a gift card as your active, primary payment method, you need to go to live chat and tell them you're having trouble adding a backup payment method. You don't have to make small talk or engage them in any way other than possibly prompting them that you did this once before and they sent you a secure link to enter your new card details. If you're lucky, you'll get the link and your payment details will be added accordingly. If not, and the customer service person starts questioning you then you will have to end the chat and try again later.

One useful thing to say is "I was just updating my card details via the secure window and I had a power cut. Can we finish doing that please?".

There are still indications that this has become very tricky. Some people have reported trying multiple cards (Revolut, Starling, Monzo e.t.c..) and them all being rejected. Some have also reported being given the secure window to add card details and it still asks you for a Turkish phone number.

I don't think I can fly to Turkey that quickly !

You don't have to !. There are two useful services that can provide you with a virtual turkish phone number for verification. You can use either 5sim or Receive SMS (SMS Man), although both will require a payment to be able to access the numbers.

There are other free services available but the two above have proven to be the most reliable for me, even though you still might have to try multiple times to get a working number.

So is that all I need to do ?

Yes. Once the payment method is added, you'll be free to watch Netflix as normal after the region locking has ended at the end of the month.

Anything else ?


Any other useful tips ?

Yes, I'm glad you asked. It's been reported by a number of people that they launched the Netflix app on their smart device(s) soon after their payment details expired and they were prompted to enter new payment details on the app itself with no live chat needed. Could be worth trying first.

Any other all new, updated tips for 2023 ?

Well I'm glad you asked.

Thankyou and full credit for the outstanding work go to I Smell Pennies from OzBargain for this discovery and the work they put in to verify everything.

Go to this link and scroll down to where it says this "Part 1 - Obtaining a Turkey Virtual Mastercard".

Follow the instructions in full. Make sure you use the bank details for "Garanti Bankasi" when you're setting up your account transfer as well as these are current and have been verified as fully working.

Once you have topped up your Virtual Mastercard then you are good to go. At the moment, it has been verified as working on Deezer, Disney+ and, most importantly for this guide, Netflix.

I used FastestVPN set to Turkey and signed in to Netflix with an old email address. I was prompted to complete the signup process by setting a password, which I did.

I clicked through to add payment details and added the details for the Virtual Mastercard from the OlduBil app and it worked perfectly. At no point was I asked for a Turkish number for verification.

One word of warning though: This account does also appear to be region locked to Turkey. I've tested it with a VPN and you can play content without any restrictions but when I turn the VPN off, I get the error message that "This account can't be used on this device".

So I would highly recommend using OlduBil as your primary payment method going forward as it does appear to greatly simplify the signup process.

Enjoy !
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  1. NickBroomhead's avatar
    So after failing with the initial gift card method I have now tried an alternative method as mentioned by another user. The method for this was:

    1) Turn on Turkish VPN (Windscribe)
    2) Register for a new netflix account
    3) Used a new Chase card (obtained via mobile app and got card number straight away)
    4) Verified account using virtual phone number using
    5) Account verified and payment taken for £4.19
    6) Following this I have deleted the virtual phone number (appearingly with no issues).

    Account all seems to be working fine. It is geo-locked but assuming this will dissapear after the 30 days (will come back with an update). I have my chase card on my account as the primary payment method with expiry in 2026.
  2. Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    This is a pretty big deal if you're a Starling Bank customer. They've rolled out Virtual Cards and you can link them directly to a "Space" (or 'Pot') to pay bills with.

    And here's the thing. They have a TEN YEAR expiry date, which is currently double that of Revolut. The one i've just created literally doesn't expire until December 2032

    I've spoken to Starling via live chat and they've said they can't see any issue with the cards being used for recurring payments in foreign currencies from these spaces. Obviously this isn't an out and out confirmation I suppose, but one thing I can confirm is that I've just gone on to Netflix live chat and changed my payment method to this new Starling Virtual Card without any issues at all.

    So if it works out, and Netflix don't end up closing these accounts or anything, then I'm sorted for the next ten years

    My next Netflix payment is due out two weeks from today so I'll certainly come back and confirm if it's worked, but if it does then I'd certainly recommend joining Starling now ! (edited)
    pekoz1's avatar
    Nice one
  3. OllieSt's avatar
    I went through chat and the sent me a secure link to add card details.

    I went with the story that my works laptop security meant I just get a blank page when I am asked to enter backup card details
    A54D's avatar
    When you go through chat do you still need to verify your phone when entering your payment details?

    When trying to add it they ask for a Turkish number, which I don’t have
  4. Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    Quite willing to make any changes and update accordingly to make sure it remains accurate.
    angie555's avatar
    Netflix is £6.99 per month, it's not a vast amount is it
  5. nexstar57's avatar
    Just signed up here to post what has just worked for me as I've been grateful for the info I found here from others.

    I set up a new Turkish Netflix account using Windscribe vpn. I used a gift card from G2A to get it going for the first month which needed the vpn to watch. When the card expired, I was prompted to add a payment card. After a bit of trial and error, I used with the one time sms option. (I bought about £5 of credit and it cost 0.75p for the message)

    So, I connected to Netflix with the vpn enabled. Once logged in, I turned off the vpn and used my Revolut physical card details. This failed previously with the vpn enabled. I was then prompted for the Turkish phone number for verification. Initially this failed with a Netflix error but I then generated a fresh number on and turned the vpn back on again. I can't say which fixed it but I got the code via and verified the account on Netflix.

    So, I now have a verified card in place and can watch without the vpn. I can't promise it will work for others but you never know. (edited)
    Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author appears to be down or closed ?
  6. RYANdeals's avatar
    Anyone got any advice on my best route.

    I have stupidly let my old card Revolut card expire. Went on Live Chat to get the secure form to update but the only way they will verify my account to do so, is by me confirming the 16 digits on the old Revolut card I no longer have.

    Many thanks.
    hashman's avatar
    try this i found on their support forum:

    Here is the link from app: revolut://app/profile-documents
    Then select: Revolut Card Confirmation
    It will show the full listing of numbers and expiry dates.
  7. Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    Right, I went ahead and did it anyway.

    Activated an old email address on Netflix via Turkey and used the OlduBil card to sign up and it worked perfectly, albeit still region locked. No phone number required at any point.

    I've updated the guide accordingly. (edited)
    dave.richardsonskV's avatar
  8. DJSlime's avatar
    Just as a test I thought I'd try a different country to see what happens.

    I cancelled my account and let it run out, I then logged in via Brazil on Control D. It then let me pay for a 4K account with an AMEX card, it's just over £9, which is still a decent saving over a UK one. (edited)
    Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    Argentina will be the one to try.
  9. sohailh1984's avatar
    Just in regards to this option to help anyone else (see underneath)

    How do I add a Payment Method ?

    Currently the only way to do that is via Live Chat. If you have a gift card as your active, primary payment method, you need to go to live chat and tell them you're having trouble adding a backup payment method. You don't have to make small talk or engage them in any way other than possibly prompting them that you did this once before and they sent you a secure link to enter your new card details. If you're lucky, you'll get the link and your payment details will be added accordingly. If not, and the customer service person starts questioning you then you will have to end the chat and try again later.

    I've just been on live chat, my current card I had lost and was having issues with my new card being added (payment due 22nd Oct) so I stated the below and the agent securely added my details without question. So just an option to use when providing reasoning all..

    Hi Myrrh - I'm trying to add a 2nd payment method but keepscrashing - could you add this for us? or alternatively send me a link to add asI had this issue last time - I just want to add my second payment method as mycurrent payment method will potentially cease in 2/3 months so I want to avoidforgetting..

    I have successfully update to your new card.

    Can you confirm the last 4 digits of the new card?

    In your next billing date 22/10/2022 we will charge the card end in **** (edited)
    dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    So u gave her Ur card details or upload securely
  10. brackenhill_mob's avatar
    You are a star for this. Just changed my card to a Starling virtual one valid for 9 years!. Tried yesterday and the CS agent wouldn't help. Tried again today and it worked.

    For others reading this. If they tell you that the card was declined BEFORE they've sent you the form, ask them how this can be as you could not complete the update because it asked for a phone number and you don't own a mobile phone. That immediately changed the way that they treated me. HTH (edited)
    Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    You're very welcome!. And thanks for such a great tip about the phone as well.
  11. mrman007's avatar
    Can confirm, Gift cards are now region locked.
  12. oblong's avatar

    What is the correct method for updating card details before your current card expires?

    Can you please update the guide with information for people with a fully functioning account whose payment card hasn't expired yet but is due to at a future date.

    Thank you.
    Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    Well the 'correct' method, ideally, is when you get your new card, you add it as a backup payment method so that when your primary expires, that one will kick in to ensure continuity.
  13. ToeCrusher's avatar
    Worked for me using the Turkey method. I used my existing account

    1) Make sure you have UK mobile number added to your Netflix account
    2) Buy a 100 TL gift card from g2a or turgame or cdkeys - I bought it from g2a
    3) Use Turkey VPN and redeem the gift card, I used VPN Unlimited
    4) Go to live chat and ask them to add the payment method
    5) The guy confirmed my identity by sending a text message to my UK number that is on account
    6) He then sent me a secure form to add my payment details.
    7) I used Halifax Clarity Mastercard which worked flawlessly


    Note: I can only use Netflix when connected to Turkey VPN. It might work without a VPN after a month. (edited)
  14. pekoz1's avatar
    So the need for a Turkish vpn seems to expire after about 28 days....

    I had a uk account with a uk payment card and cancelled it....
    Using a vpn to Turkey I rejoined Netflix using 100TL gift card on 9/8/2022
    This reactivated the account immediately but required a Turkish vpn to watch any content....
    After 28 days (6/9/2022) the requirement for the vpn has now disappeared and I can watch in the uk without any error messages

    The 1st month payment 77.99TL from the gift card has covered the period 9/8/2022 - 8/9/2022
    There is a balance of 22.01TL on the gift card the next month should use this and 55.98 TL from the uk card

    I'll confirm what happens in the next few days....
    cannycoyote's avatar
    same here. i have a few days left from my 100tl gift card and its working again without vpn. i have my bank card setup to auto renew at 77tl/mth so fingers crossed..
  15. Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    Right, re-done a chunk of the guide to try and include getting started and explaining better about the gift card situation.
  16. Deedie's avatar
    i use turkish giftcards, but dont need a vpn to watch. (edited)
    Itsme2345's avatar
    There is another thread on here people are losing their accounts at different times at the moment, someone new pops up every day. Hoping yours isn’t one of them.
  17. phantom123's avatar
    Can someone please do a step by step guide on how to use the app method. I've got to the stage where I've used a gift card and there is no payment on my account and the account is on hold
    dave.richardsonskV's avatar
  18. BraddersJ's avatar
    Expiry today so if anyone has any thoughts on the above that'd be handy!
    BabiDealings's avatar
    From what I’m aware unfortunately you can’t. As it will require a Turkish mobile number without the gift card method (I think).

    You will need to let your subscription expire, making sure your payment method of choice (with a decent expiry date) is saved. Then you will have to purchase a Turkish Netflix gift card to start, applying it via a VPN to your existing account (which will geo block the account for 1 month). Then it will revert to taking payments from your saved card in TRY (so best to have a card that doesn’t charge on international payments).
  19. officialryanfox's avatar
    So if I keep adding turkey gift cards I just have to use my vpn? As long as I have my backup card added
    officialryanfox's avatar
    Yes can confirm it’s charging tl and is using uk card without use of vpn happy lad
  20. leeanne123's avatar
    When contacting live chat to add backup card, do we do it via vpn or is uk ok?
    Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    I did mine with the VPN on just to be sure.
  21. MrMike007's avatar
    I've had my Netflix subscription for approximately 2 years - paying the Turkish price through my debit card. My card is expiring next month.

    I logged into my account (no vpn) and added a new back up payment method. Seems to have gone through smoothly - not asking for any Turkish number and states it will charge the Turkish price.

    Any reason why this isn't working for others?
  22. gooneroz47's avatar
    While geo-locked can you cast from a device (with vpn) to the netflix app on a now tv box?
    gooneroz47's avatar
    Answered my own question - you cannot
  23. ksm1701's avatar
    Sorry for being dense, but I've read the guide and just want to clarify - if I let my UK subscription expire, then try to reactivate via Turkey with VPN active, the only to activate it is with a gift card no matter what card or backup cards I have saved in my UK account ( I currently bill to a Santander debit card with a Halifax Clarity saved as a backup card). Again, apologies for my extreme dimwittedness
    Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    Yes that’s basically it.  Personally what I’d try doing is switch your payment cards before you cancel the account.

    Make your Santander card your backup and your Clarity card your primary because I believe that once you reactivate with a gift card then that will become your primary payment.

    If you’ve got your preferred main card saved as a backup already and it’s still active it should, in theory, simply default to that once your initial one month region locked account unlocks and you may be able to skip the whole process of getting it added via live chat.
  24. Sc4mp0's avatar
    I've spoken to 4 different agents now. First three started questioning my location and kept sending me the email which ultimately asks for a Turkish number.

    Last one I said the previous agent was sending me the link as it kept crashing and I asked if they can resend it and they said they'll check the previous chat first to see where we got to so had to cancel the chat.
    CloneRico's avatar
    I'd honestly just keep trying, just say your card details have expired and you are having trouble updating them through your account but mention last time you got sent a secure link to update them and it worked
  25. Trazyn_The_Infinite's avatar
    So I've just added a backup payment method but my account still appears to be region locked. Does it take a while to update?
    Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    When did you add the gift cards ?

    It should unlock after a month
  26. Martin.Haldane's avatar
    Doesn’t work. Constantly getting asked for a Turkish phone number with no way to skip the “add card details” page. 
    adds8476's avatar
    I've just signed up using the method in the guide, all went without a hitch
    Used windscribe vpn for turkey (free)
    Used turgame to buy giftcard for 100L
    Signed up with vpn active for a new account, basic account, used gift card to pay, clicked skip when it offered me to add card, skip again when it asked for phone number - account set it up
    then go to help, live chat and ask to enter backup payment method as you are having issues. I was sent a form on the chat immediately, just needed name card number cvc and expiry - worked perfectly.
    Account shows netflix giftcard balance as 54 lira and backup payment card will be charged after that in Jan 2023
  27. nawz's avatar
    I've tried the turkey method so far. I'm unable to change my payment details but it still has my current hsbc visa card details. That's OK. Not fussed about FX fees too much.

    Just seeking clarification here:

    1. Does the region locking happen EACH time you apply the gift card?

    2. If I allow the first gift card to lapse, and then apply a second, would the region locking reset from when I apply the second gift card?

    3. Does the payment method really matter aslong as you have a back-up?
    In my case, I was a UK netflix user with a visa card setup. This is still on my account so there isn't a need to change my payment details, correct?

    Thank you.
    pekoz1's avatar
    I had a similar setup to yours i.e. a netflix uk account with an existing uk payment card

    After cancelling the uk account and letting it lapse I used the Turkey vpn to apply a turkish gift my case 100 Turkish Lira (when the price was 78.99 TL (?) a month for 4 screens.

    The gift card was enough for approximately 5 weeks subscription ....but the requirement to have a turkish vpn to view content only lasted 28 days (from memory) and the uk card was debited to part pay for month 2.

    Month 3 onwards is all taken from the uk card. This was around August/September this year..

    So not sure about the answers to Questions 1 and 2 as personally there was no need to apply a second gift card .....the uk card automatically kicked in to pay for the ongoing subscriptions. In my case it was a Santander Mastercard Debit card....

    Re Q2 If you allowed the 1st gift card to lapse before applying a 2nd ...but you had the uk card on the account in place....I would assume it would just take from the uk card if you hadnt cancelled the account at all... until the card expired...
  28. Deccydoda's avatar
    I cannot resubscribe on my old account or setup a new one and use my Chase card or my turkey 100TL gift card wtf do I do 😩
    Deccydoda's avatar

    I used the smart TV method and got a finish renewal email, turned on the VPN and redeemed the gift card first try, it's now working on my none VPN TV! However the backup payment method with Chase was again declined
  29. Deccydoda's avatar
    or anybody else that knows, can I leave my backup payment for Turkey Netflix as PayPal?
    After my one month region locked account will they accept PayPal as payment method without reverting it back to GB account? Just a little confused as I can't add a different card
    pekoz1's avatar
    I dont know if Paypal will work on your Turkish Netflix in your situation far as I know Paypal pulled out of Turkey in 2016 over Turkish Govt wanting access to all transaction data....

    So the average Turkish citizen wont be using Paypal themselves to buy Turkish Netflix...if that makes sense. (edited)
  30. bally12345's avatar
    Is this the end of Netflix over vpn? I had set my account up via Turkey using starling and never had issue. Today got email saying billing failed despite my card not expired.

    Went to update and re-enter details but now it wants to confirm my account by sms with a turkey mobile number which I obviously can't do.

    This happened to anyone else?
    Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    The problems do seem to be sporadic and random at the moment. I pay for my Netflix via Chase without any issues so might be worth changing to them ?

    You’d probably have to start again with a gift card, or even a month at UK rates though.

    Also, did it actually fail ?.  Can you check with Starling to see if an attempt was made to take payment ? (edited)
  31. BabiDealings's avatar
    Just an update from my experience, nothing worked via their chat. Even though they provided the form to enter card details, they kept saying it wasn’t accepted. So I let it expire with the intention to not bother with Netflix anymore, however I thought I’d try updating the payment details via the TV app request. This accepted the card immediately and all working straight away without needing a VPN
    NickBroomhead's avatar
    I’ve just tried the same but didn’t work for me. Originally set it up with a gift card. Then let it expire and tried to update card details from my TV app. Just tried 5 different debit / credit cards and all said ‘there is something wrong with the payment method’
  32. KD8's avatar
    Currently paying netflix through brazil at £9.50pm but looking to switch to Turkey if possible and just looking for a bit of clarity on the old account reactivation method.

    So if I have an existing expired account with existing card details on file and reactivate using a turkey gift card, do I still need to go through live chat to add the back up payment method? Or will it automatically default to the previous card payment it held on file?
    BabiDealings's avatar
    As far as I’m aware (provided nothing has changed recently) once you sign up using a Turkish gift card and VPN, it will geo block the account for 1 month (VPN required to watch) and then will default to taking the payments from the saved card 
  33. crazygoog's avatar
    Can you get Paramount Plus like this too?
    brackenhill_mob's avatar
    I think Paramount+ is locked to each country due to live TV licencing (ie football). I'd love to be proved wrong as I want a US sub but not of my cards work.
  34. Isaac_McCafferty's avatar
    Orrrrr just get IPTV?
    Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    If pirating is your bag, knock yourself out.
  35. KatieMarsden91's avatar
    This thread did make me giggle. It is very comically written Well done OP
  36. pied_piper's avatar
    Updated Starling details on netflix turkey by connecting through VPN (Windscribe).

    The system refused to accept the details without a Turkish mobile number so I contacted the customer service chat on Netflix site (still using VPN) and told them I needed help to set up the payment details as I am not in Turkey at the moment and have no access to a Turkish mobile.

    I was sent a secure form on the chat with my card details and while I was on chat, payment details were updated. (edited)
    maverick1103's avatar
    Interesting. This is what I basically did a few weeks ago but with my Monzo account, but got declined. After trying the 4th advisor I got told my account had been compromised and they wouldn’t help me any longer.
  37. llywmog's avatar
    Update. I bought a second gift card and topped up the Netflix account (using VPN) that I created a month ago (and also paid for with gift card), and I can confirm that the account region is no longer locked and I'm able to view Netflix on TV app and browser without VPN. (edited)
    Volo's avatar
    Can confirm too, bought my sub at start of November and loaded with another TR gift card, been in few EU countries now and region block is unlocked for me.
  38. Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    Happy to confirm that my latest Netflix payment went out today using my Starling Virtual Card at the correct exchange rate for Turkey at £4.22. So that's Tidal, YouTube Premium and now Netflix all set up and working with the Virtual Cards at the correct exchange rates.

    The only obstacle now I can see is whether or not any of these companies actively seek out and close accounts that are paying this way. If they don't, that's the payment methods set in place for the next ten years
    colonelblighty's avatar
    Which YouTube country do you use? Tried to update my India running account to the virtual card but it won't seem to switch to it. Some blank pop up opens and then it just says unable to update.

    Edit: Seen that changes in Indian banking have made it an issue going forward with new cards. (edited)
  39. Conkers816's avatar
    Conkers816 Author
    For reference and information, I recently opened an account with the new app-based bank "Kroo". They've got a full banking licence like Monzo so it's a proper current account at least.

    Got my new debit card today and it expires in 2026, one year after my Chase card expires so I've decided to move all my payments to Kroo where possible. Just been on live chat via Chrome Incognito mode and VPN Unlimited set to Turkey and had the payment method updated no problem at the first attempt. I did ask for the backup payment to be done, but she just went ahead and did the main one anyway ! (edited)
    dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    Awesome thanks
  40. pekoz1's avatar
    Maybe a ploy by Netflix to make Netflix Turkey less desirable to non us!

    I have friends there and I was looking at the local Turkish banking cards a couple of weeks ago ....a lot of them have sizeable cash back deals when you pay for Netflix and Spotify by card but have a validated Turkish ID on the bank account.

    So Netflix up the price / becomes less attractive to non Turks / local Turks get cashback to keep the price affordable
    kyser143's avatar
    Good point that noticed them offera to.
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