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IRN-BRU Xtra Soda, 24 x 330 ml £6 at amazon pantry £2.99 delivery for first box
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
20% voucher arrived today for all the 24 packs of irn bru will list the others here also. if you can find 4 ite… Read more
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I got mine free due to Amazon being runts


no it isn't as you have to pay for prime


Sufferers of an inherited disorder must be imagining what exactly in relation to this conversation?


Sufferers of PKU must be imagining it.


But funnily enough no evidence that aspartame is dangerous

Comfort Pure Concentrate Fabric Conditioner, 85 Washes, 3 Ls - £4 at amazon pantry free delivery section Prime Exclusive (4 free delivery items or £2.99 delivery per box)
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
amazon pantry 5 pounds off 20 bulk softener simple one here add 5 of these to your basket price will become 15 pounds delivered.also have the blue fragrance… Read more
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Anyone please have the T&C for this? It only applies it to the conditioner and not other items


Great find , u can also get 5ltr bottles in Costco for £5.


Just gone on currently unavailable but great find op


£3.75 in Wilko


When purchasing 5, some have got this for £12 with delivery or £15 with delivery which equates to one pantry box.

Green Mark Original Vodka, 70 cl @ Amazon Pantry £8.21 + £2.99 del. or 4 items
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
stupid cheap... nothing more to say pick 4 items from link to offset delivery
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I tried a few combinations. Hit the free delivery link then went to the Green Mark listing, added them, still added delivery. Too late now. Also it says: pick 4 items from link to offset delivery


that is because it was not on there louise.the op was saying add the vodka then use the free delivery section to beat the delivery.that is what i done.i got one bottle of vodka and four 1pound items from the free delivery section <3


Kept adding delivery to mine, couldn't see it on the Free Delivery page at all. Gave up, then it showed as "Unavailable". Bah.


not me just got one.but yes happens to my posts all the time.and as you said cannot blame them (highfive)


OOS ;(

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Pampers Splasher Swim Pants Carry Pack Size Size 3 x12 £2.40 Amazon pantry £2.99 delivery for first box 99p after
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
this is a great price for size3 one pack of 12 nappies Pampers Splashers disposable swim pants for water fun at the pool, beach and splash park Doesn't swell in water like regula… Read more
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Worst swim nappies going


thanks all booboo on my part.just one of the many benefits of hours and hours of trawling amazon on my computer.even i can and will make the odd mistake.please do not let it detract from all the other amazing deals i have posted on here. (embarrassed) (embarrassed)


They’re size 3 swim nappies not 3 packs of nappies. £2.40is still good if you’re going to buy other items.


Nowhere in the Amazon listing does it suggest you receive 3 packs? It is one pack of 12 size 3 swim pants.


It's Size 3 x 12. 12 Size 3 Nappies, not 3 lots of 12. Edit: Still a good price though!

Evian Fruits and Plants Grapes and Rose Flavoured Mineral Water, 12 x 370 ml - £1.47 @ amazon pantry £2.99 delivery applies for first box then 99 p every box after
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
be quick also these flavours… Read more
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thanks adult (y)


You're on fire today. Thanks for the great posts.


gone well done for all who got some. (y)


ok this flavour OOS people the other two varieties are still in stock


yipee (popcorn)

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Most Barrs products taste rotten now after they added loads of sweeteners due to the sugar tax. The thing is, their products were pretty good, especially Irn Bru, but they've altered everything. If you're desperate to try it though, as mentioned above, you can get a pack of 4 in most of the pound shops


Another great deal!


These used to be £3 at the wholesalers. Not sure about now


It's "undercrackers", not "under crack". (I presume that English isn't your first language?) Also, I won't be told what I can and cannot do by the likes of you.


these are cheaper.not factoring in the delivery of course.thanks for your comments (y)

Rolo Chocolate Bars, 4 x 52g £1 amazon pantry 2.99 delivery for first box
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
these are just back in stock.they are the bigger packs.i know strange there is a weight discrepancy but apparently there is the asda link… Read more
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Or just walk down to your local supermarket and purchase these for £1 anyway with no delivery.... :)


I got all excited at the thought of a Rolo bar

Jim Beam Honey 70Cl Bourbon £13 @ Amazon (Pantry Free Delivery)
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Lovely stuff this reduced by £4.50 700ml Available at tesco and amazon pantry with free delivery of 4 qualifying items.

This stuff is wicked in an all-consuming bad way.


Fair price but way to sweet imo


No problem, happy to leave it with amazon (y)


Hello Mrs / Mr S The Tesco option has already been posted I'm afraid


see this yesterday switch.there is loads of reductions on amazons conjunction with price matching with the supermarkets.anyway heat from me switch (y)

Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
have not had a good look at this yet.there maybe a way to combine this offer with the pantry free section.if not there is plenty in here and 5 pounds off is always good.Amazon Pant… Read more
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Cheers op (y)


Thanks :D


So a pantry newbie :D congratulations welcome to the club (highfive)


Placed my first order with amazon pantry



Green Mark Original Vodka, 70 cl amazon pantry - £12.94 Prime / + £4.49 non Prime +2.99 delivery for first pantry box
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
small discount on this vodka.hope it helps someone Famous Russian vodka Storage type: Ambient May contain cereals containing gluten 26.6 UK Units per bottle Guaranteed for ge… Read more
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I dont think they sell it any more


This can usually be found in Sainsburys every so often for £15 per litre.


i will sort it sam (y)


yes i see that also (y)


Marmite Yeast Extract Spread 500g £4 @ Amazon Pantry (FREE Delivery with 3 other qualifying items or £2.99 1st box)
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
This item qualifies for FREE Delivery with 3 other qualifying items You either love it or hate it!.
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It's mind blowing to think there are actual people out there that don't love a bit of Marmite on warm buttered toast! Mmm.


They were lying when they told you they use real twigs, try the Worcester 100% wood free and tasty!.


All twiglets lol, they’re just weird


Even The Worcester Sauce Twiglets?!.


100% Hate it, along with twiglets

Barr Lemonade Cans, 24 x 330 ml £5.12 (amazon pantry) 20% voucher available - (delivery fee of £2.99 for the first Amazon Pantry box)
Found 26th AugFound 26th Aug
just noticed these.already a bargain at 5.10 add the voucher get them for 4.10.i added 4 items from the free delivery section to get free delivery.thanks all… Read more
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Ordered, it's not "lemonade" I've bought some of the shops own cheapo brands, budget brands etc etc and they have still tasted like "lemonade" this BARR stuff tastes more like Andrews Liver Salts, it's certainly not "lemonade", it's vile and a waste of money.


100% agree with you.... Yes, here is some info on aspartame Aspartame dangers The research and history of aspartame dangers is conclusive as a cause of illness and toxic reactions in the human body. Aspartame dangers are the result of its chemical structure, and its use during pregnancy and by children is one of the greatest aspartame dangers of all.


stupid nanny state, pointless sugar tax hate sweetener and its after taste, american drink these diet drink and still get super fat. Why ? because it make people eat more food if you drink sweetener drink.


All this hating on sugar because it is the current 'hot topic' is really annoying. As is government interfering like the sugar tax. Making things more expensive and harder to buy for those that want to enjoy them is such a good deterrent, worked a treat with cigarettes, oh wait it didn't at all, people still buy them in their droves. Drinks have had sugar in them for years, no idea why it is surprising or disappointing that a non-diet lemonade would have a fair bit of sugar in it. It may not be healthy but it's a necessary evil for a nice tasting pop as all the foul tasting 'improved recipe' drinks have proven. People have and will continue to put far worse things in their bodies than sugar like cigarettes, drugs etc, perhaps those should be tackled before we worry about sugar....


not sold out still available.

Surf Tropical Lily & ylang ylang 180 washes (4 x 45 wash boxes) £15.01 at Amazon Pantry for Amazon Prime customers
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
So after missing out on the Morrison’s deal at £7 for the 90 wash box, this seems to be the next best offer at the moment that I could find. They are £4.50 per 45 wash box on amazo… Read more
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Currently unavailable. Maybe next time....... :(


First Pantry order for me so the £15.01 did work for me. Thanks for posting - wouldn’t have got the benefit otherwise. Now where to store a year’s supply of soap powder...


Updated the post now as it seems it must be only on your first purchase of an amazon pantry box


yes, I go round posting fake deals , cause I clearly have nothing better to do! Get a life! Maybe it’s for your first use of amazon pantry? I don’t know if it is account specific, but was just trying to be helpful, something you clearly know nothing about.


This is better and you only need to order 3 for free delivery

Monster Energy Drinks 4x500ml from £2.75 at Amazon Pantry (prime exclusive) - delivery £2.99
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
These are Zero calorie and sugar This product is suitable for vegetarians/vegans This product is gluten free If you prefer 12 pack its £8.25 Link:… Read more
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been this price for ages.however a good price so hot from me (y)


Whatever you do,dont drink out of my bins,trust me i know what goes in them :p


Times are tough, I don't wanna talk about it. :(


Fizzy drinks? Nah not anymore, you're better off having a beer! More nutrition for the same calories. Take-aways? Rarely, home cooking and restaurants mostly. Do love a good Chinese takeaway though.


I suppose you dont drink any fizzy drinks or eat any unhealthy take-aways. (:I

Nakd bars for 47p a bar!!! £24.78 @ Amazon
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Just seen this on Amazon! Never tried these bars before but at this price I took the jump for my kids lunchboxes. looks like there’s other flavours at this price too

There are plenty of snack bars with less sugar - plenty of the healthier one - in fact ones with added sugar. I've got bars that have around 10g of sugar or less compared to the 16g here. So a third less. It seemed to me like you were commenting on the sugar not being added, not the total sugar content. Of course these are better than Dairy Milk, and so if you eat one of these as an alternative then you'll reduce your sugar intake. But being so high in sugar they're not really for reducing sugar intake. Just healthier ingredients. People shouldn't eat these thinking they're not eating sugar or a high sugar snack. There are plenty of bars in the healthier snack bar market with lower sugar, although typically with less clean ingredients, gluten, cereals etc.


I understand that but what I meant is these have natural sugars found in dates etc. They use dates obviously because they needed some sort of sugar source without resorting to adding sugar... otherwise they would be as tasty as cardboard. Normal bars have tons more added sugar. If you want a sweet treat these are much better from a sugar intake point of view too. Of course they are still sugary but that is not what I meant. If you're watching your sugar intake, while not willing to give up sweet stuff, these are much better. A 45gr bar of Dairy Milk has 25gr of sugar... My partner is one of those who loves sweet stuff and he found these bars "healthier" since there is less sugar compared to traditional bars but they still satisfy his sweet tooth somehow. If you want a healthy snack you don't have snack bars as they will always have a high sugar content in absolute terms but mine was a comparison between traditional bars and these bars and the "watching your sugar intake" was referred to those who are still eating treats but trying to cut down on sugar. I hope I clarified my previous statement. I am not trying to fight. Just like to discuss things politely :). I tried a few flavours of these and some are better than others but they are definitely less sweet than normal snack bars and I'm not someone who is crazy about sweet stuff.


No they're not. I'm not going to side with those that stupidly compared these to dairy milks last time, ignoring the whole ingredients etc. But these don't help with your sugar intake. You just need to look at the sugar content - which is 45.6% - 16g per bar. That's around 5 teaspoons per bar. Dried dates are very high in sugar and not the best fruit choice. It would be much better to get that sugar from fresh fruit. These bars do give you a big sugar hit. I have some, I find this flavour very tasty, they are better than traditional junk snack bars - but they are high in sugar. I am a healthy lifestyle freak, and don't eat traditional snack bars, but these aren't good if you're watching your sugar intake. You seem to think that not adding sugar means the sugar doesn't exist. And fruit sugars are no better than refined sugar really - arguably worse in some cases. They're better in fruit form with all the fibre etc.


Yes, dates are sweet but that's natural sugar. There's no added sugar like in normal snack bars. I'm not a healthy lifestyle freak at all so I will eat both types lol but if you're watching your sugar intake these are much better from that point of view.


They're still high in sugar because they're around half dates, but yeah, cretainly a better alternative to traditional snack bars and I agree with the rest.

Amazon Pantry offer: Get a £10 reward when you spend £30 on selected items.
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Amazon Pantry offer: Get a £10 reward when you spend £30 on selected items. You can combine with 4 free delivery items to get free delivery on your first box as well. How to redeem… Read more
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True. But it is the same price at supermarkets. Plus I don't have to lug anything from a shop to my house. I was happy to pay £2.95 postage for the privilege of Amazon delivering 12 of those to my doorstep. Which is probably less than what it would cost me in petrol to the shops.


You are correct, it has disappeared from there. Cheeky amazon!


Sorry, I searched with Amazon and Pantry as keywords and did not find anything on the first page of results. Plus I wasn't aware this was posted last month. If so, I would have got something as I had a pantry delivery around then. :(


Cant see BUXTON Still Mineral Water, 6 x 1.5 Litre on the qualifed product page


Watchout, adding this items will extra box fees, as they are heavy and bulky

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