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Updated 12th AugLast updated 12th Aug by kokoroko
Thinking of trading in my Octavia for either a Fabia or Scala. I really like the Scala, but never seem to see them on the road. Given the good write up on them I would have expecte… Read more

Saw this in person as I am looking to upgrade my Sandero for something bigger, looked nice on photos and videos but in real life it's unfortunately very small car


Of course Skoda are owned by Volkswagen so inside a Skoda you get a reliable VW engine. I have an Octavia (based on the "shell" of a Golf but stretched). Fine car, HUGE boot, loads of space when the back seats folded down. Very reliable, nice drive. I would happily buy another Octavia (if my current one ever gives up on me)


Skoda - brand is often laughed at by non owners Skoda - vehicles usually very reliable, parts can often be more difficult to get hold of when compared to say Ford and they don’t hold their price too well. If buying second hand it means you get a bargain, if buying new you get mugged off.


I only need to change the car as it's 5 years old and the company I work for pays me to use my car only if it's less than 6 years old. The new Octavia looks stunning, I didn't even bother looking for another brand. Have a look at Skoda Approved Used Cars, already some Scala there.


My Octavia is an absolute tank. With the rear seats down it will swallow anything. Sixteen years old and refuses to die.

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Updated 24th JunLast updated 24th Jun by raich333
I bought a silvercross simplicity car seat for my skoda fabia 2019 car but found that babys head tips forward on journeys. Hes only 4 weeks old and obviously this is very dangerous… Read more

Yes im deffinetly not using it to travel until this is resolved


If head flop forward than it's not safe for the baby at all. I would try to find a solution from above before you have baby in the car again. Although not advised, if you can disable air bag, you can put car seat on front passenger seat if it will make a different to the seat position.


I dont have the isofix base, however my car is isofix compatible. The silvercross simplicity car seat should be able to be used with ISOFIX or a seatbelt according to their website... so not sure why were having this problem. Yes we are using it rear facing. In my skoda fabia the actual seats in my car are at an angle (so when sitting my knees are higher than my bum).... which means the car seat is already at a disadvantage because baby needs to be more reclined. He has no head control so when in the seat it just flops forward


OP ive used this car seat for both of my kids, and i havent had this problem. Are you using the seat with an ISOFIX car seat base? This car seat is designed for use with a base so i suspect this could be your problem. If you are using the base, its probably not been adjusted correctly (the base needs to be sat FLAT on the seat). Your baby should be at roughly 30 degree angle if its been installed properly.


Are they in the right position in it and belts on tight? As other have posted should be rear facing. But head shouldn’t lean forward

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Updated 4th AprLast updated 4th Apr by johnleverton
24m Lease / Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI SE L 5dr / £223.46 pm Net = £5,363 (5k miles pa) @ Zen Auto
First of all, I would like to thank Chanchi32 for alluding to this deal. This is a really good deal in my opinion on an Automatic SUV. I normally read many complaints on a lack of… Read more

It does.


Would help if the link worked..


I think this is probably why it's an awkward time to be considering a lease (like we are currently). My partner has been promised that post-COVID she will be able to WFH full-time, like she has done for the last 12 months. But if her company renege on that, like a number of companies are beginning to do, then our mileage calculation could potentially be 8k+ out and lead to an enormous mileage bill at the end of the lease. If they stay true to their word, then actually 5k might be fine for us, where once it would have been unthinkably low - and full disclosure, I've said on here a few times that I couldn't see a world where anyone would ever stay under 5k in standard use (ie I'm not talking about people with disabilities etc)!


I think it’d be much better if all these lease deals could list their price with a standard 10k miles p/a. At least from there flexing to 12k or dropping to 8k wouldn’t be too much different in price. Advertising 5k p/a seems really unrealistic. COVID times aside, does anyone actually only average 100 miles per week?

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Updated 25th Jul 2020Last updated 25th Jul 2020 by bryan.dunne
My Skoda Fabia passenger door will not open. The central locking opens all the other doors. The inside handle won't open it either and the button/knob is permanently down. Any sugg… Read more

Yes just tried the bashing method to open a stuck passenger door. It worked well. Thanks.


I tried the bashing while locking/unlocking method and it worked! Thank you fearghalg!


Just wondering how you got on - I have the same problem (except the fob is also broken so I thought I could get my daughter to sit inside and use the lick/unlock button on the driver door while I bash the passenger door). If it worked, did you have to bash really hard (hurt your hand hard)? Thanks


Nope not on the passenger side :( it's an 06 plate


You should be able to remove the plastic cover next to the door handle which will reveal the key hole.

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Updated 9th Apr 2020Last updated 9th Apr 2020 by 7ommy.78
Build Your Own Skoda Karoq Model - PDF download
Days spent at home can be an opportunity to rediscover things we used to do. Or teach them to your kids. Or try something for the first time. Like making models. Download a 1:32 sc… Read more

Excellent (y) 🏻 thanks


thanks op, printed off for the kids to do tomorrow

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Updated 10th Jan 2020Last updated 10th Jan 2020 by MynameisM
Identifying Skoda Octavia variant
Hi, I'm searching for a 1.5 TSI Octavia with leather seats and DSG gearbox and I have found one I like. In the descriptions says SE L 2017. The alloys look different, the pl… Read more

If you line the car why is the spec model numbers so important or if you don't like it then the same question.


Check out the Skoda forums they may have access to build records as well.


If you email skoda with the reg they will send you the exact spec of car and also any optional extras. I did this with a Golf GTI I was buying it only took them a couple of hours to reply.


Parts may have been options when the car was ordered new