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The ‘Relax’ scheme adds a year’s warranty to a vehicle each time it is serviced at a Toyota or Lexus dealer. There is no extra cost for the programme, servicing costs are unchanged… Read more

What does the warranty cover though? Suppose I buy a nine-year-old, 90,000-mile avensis from a private individual, service it at toyota, and then the clutch goes a month later. Will Toyota replace the clutch or will they say it's just wear and tear?


Just toyota or Lexus (y)


Is this for just Toyota and Lexus cars or any make? Either way seems good deal especially price guarantee..


Cracking good deal that. Just a shame there isn't a Toyota I want to own at the moment. (apart from a Yaris GR maybe)


Thanks for the pointer! Alas we had our Toyota serviced in May and this started in June ;(

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Any Toyota techs - 19 Plate Corolla Hybrid - retrofit Apple CarPlay
Can any Toyota master technicians or anyone with experience let me know if it’s possible to add CarPlay to my 19plate Corolla Hybrid as I’ve had a number of answers. - Yes but it… Read more

Cheers, google wasn’t being my friend earlier

eslick Looks like there is a software download available on there just have to go through pages and at the end it’s confirmed it can be done by a dealers.

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Toyota Yaris or electric Renault Zoe -Used
For people who know better than me, although I would like an electric car is it better at this stage to go for a used Yaris? Or do you think a battery owned Zoe can hold its value… Read more



Renault and electric car what could possibly go wrong?


Yaris resale is excellent and they are good cars too. Where do you live? if in central London its worth baring mind that electric cars are exempt from congestion for another few years at least.


Yaris every time, great car solid mechanics and very good resale.


The problem with the Zoe is if it goes wrong your probably going to have to use a dealer and it could cost a fortune. In the unlikely event that the Yaris goes wrong it could go to any garage and should be cheaper to fix. For the low miles your doing I would go Yaris

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Updated 10th FebLast updated 10th Feb by Y45
Toyota CHR Hybrid Owners
Any Toyota CHR Hybrid car owners out there, willing to share their views/experience on the vehicle? I’m looking into purchasing a car, and this is one of the vehicles’ that is app… Read more

Thanks for sharing. I was actually looking at the 1.8 but will now consider to 2.0. When I test drove the 1.8 the revving noise was very noticeable but have seen a review on YouTube mentioning the 2.0 is a better drive.


We have a Kia Niro self charging hybrid, and have the similar revving issue - I guess you can get used to it, but in the Kia's case, the Sport mode is basically almost manual aiui. Though we've not had enough chance to drive it during the current "Lockdown 2" to really get used to it.


My partner has the 2.0 hybrid automatic and he loves it! Not sure which one you've looked at but he wasn't as much of a fan of the 1.8 when test driving them, he found the 2.0 to be a much nicer feeling drive and well worth the cost to upgrade. I've never really noticed the revving noise to be an issue as a passenger, so I asked him about it and he said there's definitely a revving but it's quiter in the 2.0 compared to the 1.8 and you also get used to it really quickly. I do wonder if it just seems loud because the engine is so quiet normally! The hybrid battery is great, it self charges and switches between modes automatically. He's probably spending less than half of what he used to spend on fuel due to the hybrid engine.


They did came up with the Prius


I don’t have the CHR, however I have the Toyota Corolla sports tourer hybrid and it uses the same gear box. The noise is a bit annoying at times, however you do get used to it and you only really notice it when you accelerate hard. I find the noise reduces when put into sports mode as opposed to normal/green modes. Also if the radio is on, it’s not too bad to be truthful. Battery life isn’t really applicable as it’s a self charging hybrid, I wasn’t sure if your looking at self charging or plug in hybrid. If it is self charging then it is mainly used when accelerating or higher speeds. So the battery is more an assistance than a true power source unless it’s slower town driving up to 30mph. Battery seems to last a while if you put it into battery only mode, however it’s very easy for it to disengage if you push accelerator down a bit too far. Toyota hybrids are decent cars and seem to have a decent spec as standard. I love mine and recommend them.

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Updated 18th Oct 2020Last updated 18th Oct 2020 by EndlessWaves
Toyota Auris Hybrid feedback please
Hi - I'm in the market for an Hybrid with max budget 7k. I'm looking at a 2010 Auris 1.8 hybrid and was looking to get feedback on on your thoughts in terms of reliability especial… Read more

The Auris is not a plug-in hybrid, you can't run it on electricity only. The hybrid system on them is best thought of as just a component of the petrol engine, like a turbocharger. It'll change how the power is delivered and the fuel efficiency, but the driver doesn't have to do anything differently.


OP's said they were looking at a 2010 car but link is 2011!


Like I said above impossible to drive in snow and ice and became dangerous


Winter issues? Please share ...


Is it even worth having a car?

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Updated 12th Jul 2020Last updated 12th Jul 2020 by malcster
Is this Toyota Corolla Lease Deal any good? (got some basic questions) Hi all, in the market for a Toyota Estate car or similar automatic. Have read up on the lease deals … Read more

Base model spec Maybe some better deals to come unless your desperate


Ahh thanks very much for breaking it down like this. On the one hand things look better when you go for 3 years or 4 years, but on the other that probably means you should be looking for a different original percentage to 20% as well. Cheers man that's a useful lens to look at other deals through.


Thanks man, good to know, it does seem good from the reviews too!


Over two years it's 9 months up front then 23 months at £245, so £7855 over the contact, so with admin fees (if there are any) about £8k. A great lease deal for two years is about 20% of rrp of the car, and anywhere up to 25% can still be OK. Its a £24200 car, so 8000 divided by 24200 x 100 equals 33%, which is pretty terrible. The wife is paying £4700 ish for a £26000 car over two years with 10000 miles, so 18% of car rrp over two years.


One of my family members has the non estate version on lease as a company car. She has been very impressed with it. Very nice looking car!