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Vauxhall Corsa-E 100kw elite nav 50kwh 5dr auto - £292.99 upfront + 23 months of £292.99 with 10k mpa £292.99 @ LeaseLoco (Vanarama)
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Decent deal for an electric Corsa. Not for everyone but if you can benefit from having a home charger than it may be for you. Metallic paint an extra £6 a month + £250 brokerage f… Read more


Corsa @£300 pcm 🤪🤪🤪 (embarrassed) (embarrassed) (embarrassed)


It took me a year to get one fitted by octopus! Good luck.


If you can't charge at home on a cheap rate and don't live in Scotland (free EV chargers out and about), filling up at 40+ p per kWh is comparable with the cost of filling up a 55mpg diesel. Not ideal if you're overpaying for the EV in the first place


Octopus is giving me the runaround to get a smart meter to get on the Octopus GO tariff. Friendly call centre staff but ultimately useless at getting their contracted meter fitters "SMS" to book me an appointment because the automated appointment booking system has been bust for weeks.

24 Mth Lease (1+23) - Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback 1.2 Turbo SRi Premium 5k miles p/a - £162.66pm + £199 admin = £4102.84 @ (Tilsun)
945° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Update 2
27/04 - Offer is back
2 year lease deal for Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback 1.2 Turbo SRi Premium trim - works out at £170.95 net per month with 5k miles per year on a 1+23 deal (8k miles is £193.01 net pe… Read more

price gone up a bit but still there


Can't find this on the link. Looks like it's maybe expired?


My wife had to go and pass in an automatic car didn't she (lol) She also needs a self parking car as she doesn't know her left from her right when parking (:I


I got the auto but for the 1.2 [130] version with maintenance for 24 months on 10k per annum for £245 per month. Not sure if it's great deal but so hard finding a good deal for auto cars


I always used to buy brand new cars and part exchange them after 3 years, I never got back more than 50% of the original purchase price. One other option is to buy your lease car at the end of the agreement, I was given a price of £12k to buy my Skoda Octavia at the end of the 2 year lease. If you add the cost of the lease (24 x £160 = £3,840) the car would have cost me £16k in total (original purchase price would have been £20k).

36 Month Lease (1+35) - Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback 1.2 SE Premium 5k miles p/a - £145.50pm + £195 admin = £5433 @ (Jet Vehicle)
496° Expired
Refreshed 24th MarRefreshed 24th Mar
Update 1
24/03 - Offer is now back/available
3 year lease deal for Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback 1.2 SE Premium manual trim 5dr is back - works out at £150.91 net per month with 5k miles per year on a 1+35 deal (other mileage … Read more

"It doesn’t matter what they say, Block exemption is the law and it is your right to have it serviced elsewhere at a suitable garage using parts of an equivalent quality" Agreed, but that's not as easy as it sounds. We nearly pulled the button on a 13month old Kia, that had been serviced by Halfords at 12 months, and the stamp even said as per manufacturers instructions or requirements or whatever. Being a member of the Kia UK forum, I knew this had alarm bells all over it, and on contacting Kia Customer Care UK, they confirmed if we bought the car, it would have NO warranty unless we could get a copy of the service invoice, and that it specifically mentioned the part numbers used - to confirm IF in Kia's eyes they were of equivalent wuality, and re the oil, they said it would have to mention on the invoice the oil type, API, and SAE grade. As it transpired, when we investigated further, we found that Halfords had used the wrong oil type, and that Kia are known to knock back warranty claims due to "lack of clarity" on service invoices, so you have been warned!


It doesn’t matter what they say, Block exemption is the law and it is your right to have it serviced elsewhere at a suitable garage using parts of an equivalent quality


Is this the cheapest new car deal available for 3 year lease? Anyone aware of anything cheaper?


They only offered me the standard blue, which is ok... otherwise £3 a month extra.


Thanks for that, I emailed something similar last night. I'm awaiting a response... Did they insist on a particular colour at 157 or could you pick any they had available?

36 Month Lease (1+35) - Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Turbo Elite Nav Premium 5Dr 5K miles £157.74 pm (£352.74 initial) £5,873.64 total @
769° Expired
Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Good pricing on the Turbo Elite Nav Premium spec of the 1.2 Corsa, offered by Jet Vehicle Finance via Works out as £163.15 per month effective including initial and … Read more

Yep, Peugeot's are also terrible cars.


Luckily then that the only Vauxhall parts on this car are the badges, as this is a Peugeot 208 under the skin.


Higher residual value so the lease should be cheaper not more expensive. The motortrade, making its own economic laws for over a century.....


Not much where a lease is concerned other than its likely to have been built slightly more recently, potentially could impact insurance premiums too but unlikely to make any difference. I'd say definitely not worth £540 extra. When buying a newer plate is better due to higher residual value.


Newer reg and if you want a 21 plate its an extra £15 a month roughly.

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36 month lease (1+35 10k miles) Vauxhall Corsa-E 100kW Elite Nav 50kWh With free home charger install £261.95pm total £9430.20 at Vanarama
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Refreshed 17th MarRefreshed 17th Mar
Was looking at decent looking electric cars with an ok range and this seems to be best for the spec/money at the moment. There are cheaper electric cars out there that don't look … Read more

I think I disagree look back to when the first Zoe and leaf EV were listed on here you could get them for 2.2k per year. This is over 3k per year, I think demand has gone up which is pushing the costs up, I appreciate the technology is better now and range is better but battery's are cheaper to produce now. 2.5k per year is my bite point as you can get a v basic ice car for 2k per year so an extra 500 bones per year is worth for an EV in my book.


Well done lol, I liked that comeback, made me laugh XD


At 9p a mile, assuming you cover an Extra 20k miles to = additional £1800. But, you then have the option to be in positive equity as the car is likely to be worth more than 12.5k. Hence why this is an average standard deal.


Again, based on 5k mileage over 4 years. Very easy to find cheap deals on cars if you don't drive them anywhere.......


5 seconds of looking Pro rated at 3 years = 9100£

24 month Lease (1+23) - Vauxhall Corsa E Electric Hatchback 100kW Elite Nav - 10k miles p/a - £251pm + £198 admin = £6219 @ Express Vehicle
1293° Expired
Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
24 month Lease (1+23) - Vauxhall Corsa E Electric Hatchback 100kW Elite Nav - 10k miles p/a - £251pm + £198 admin = £6219 @ Express Vehicle£6,219Express Vehicle Contracts Deals
Update 1
26/02 - Blue version no longer available but still available in white - ends today
Excellent price for the electric Vauxhall Corsa-E Electric Hatchback 100kW Elite Nav 50kWh 5dr Auto [7.4kWCh] with 10K miles pa. Works out at 18.7% of £33.2k P11D. … Read more

Vauxhall were giving out a free home charger with the Corsa E a few weeks ago, I assume that offer does not come with this deal as you are not the owner


Do you know how much the battery lease is for these cars, the only one for around £11k in my area is a 19 plate for £11800 but it has a leased battery in it. There is a 18 plate without leased battery but costs £15500, but has a low mileage






Wonder what I would get for my 2015 Corsa part ex