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Updated 5th JunLast updated 5th Jun by Lynsey_Stanley
I was after a little advise, i looking to ungrade my car with Vauxhall, and I heard these something called Vauxhall partner discount does anyone now how I can get this ? Many thank… Read more

Thank you for all you help


There's been deals for vauxhall with a less then 1000 miles and they've had about 10k off the rrp


Tbh if you barter well any new Vauxhall can always be had with a massive discount


Thank you didn’t think of that :D


Google it

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Updated 11th MarLast updated 11th Mar by 118luke
My friend aged 20 is looking to buy his first car. Due to insurance prices he is going with a 1.4. Would a 2006-2009 Vauxhall Astra with 70-80k miles be a good reliable car? If you… Read more

Yes unfortunately you often get comments from people who owned an astra or vectra in the 90's and the sheer mention of Vauxhall will send them quaking in their boots. Whilst this may be true for that generation of Vauxhalls, the ones built 2000 onwards have been very much better. Dont assume that a small engine automatically equals cheaper insurance. You can find sometimes a 1.6 can be cheaper (or the same) to insure as a 1.4. Also, Diesel engines are bigger but are often cheaper to insure (Diesel isnt seen as a "cool" fuel to use for younger drivers) The Astra H (the one made between 2006-2009) has generally been on par with the Astra G before it reliability wise (1998-2005) and i can confidently say the 2003 Astra G i owned was exceptionally reliable. More so than a friend who had a golf at the same time and it was in the garage every 2-3 months. So i definitely recommend them. I would advise that you get one that has been well maintained, and also check the road tax of them. The 1.7 CDTi Diesel engine gives very good reliability and fuel economy, some of them are only £30 to tax too (but some are £150/year so do your homework to check before buying)


Coilpacks and stretched timing chains on the 1.4 ecotecs in the H. Reliability is a tough one once cars get on in years and mileage it is as much about how well it's been maintained and cared for by the previous owner(s) than anything else. Lots of good advice re MOT history already. Decent matching tyres is another good indication that someone cared. People like to hate on them and honestly it helps keep the prices down so whatever. Aim for a post 2006 SXi or better. Three doors do command a premium. Still loads of aftermarket support and cheap VXR'y bits on ebay too if your friend is so inclinded. Good luck (y)


Me too, 2002 also, so prior to the model discussed in OP but I kept mine for 7 years and took it to over 100,000 miles, only issue in that time was EGR valve (plus the usual consumables tyres brakes etc). Would have kept longer except it got written off :(


Ditto my experience; owned my Astra G 1.4 for ~10 years and other than replacing general wear and tear items had no reliability issues. Not the cheapest to tax though, around £250 a year.


i have to disagree that vauxhalls are unreliable and have many problems based on my own experience.We have a Vauxhall Astra G mark 4.14 petrol hatchback 2002.It has been very good and still is running no problems.all it has had is new battery and tyres and wiper blades etc.Nothing major.So its same as any vehicle if its well maintained and looked after it will go on for ever

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Updated 31st Dec 2020Last updated 31st Dec 2020 by go4bust
My car felt a bit juddery a few times the other day. Yesterday same, today worse. Particularly in low gears/speed. It feels a bit like when you are in the wrong gear and it is … Read more

The vauxhall instrument panel connector can cause a lot of error codes and other unrelated issues. My Corsa Engine Management Unit was replaced, sensors replaced in the engine, etc to get rid of errors, to no avail. Turns out that the connector at the rear of the instrument panel wasn’t making a good connection due to vibration, age, corrosion. Reseated it (plugged it out, and then back in again) and wedged it in well - never had a problem since :-) This is likely not the root of your problem, but worth investigating ....


Usually the Coil Pack, I've had this twice in my Corsa. I think the juddering causes the ESP to believe its faulty, also the engine check light goes on/off. Might get Misfire codes.


WARNING - I was experiencing similar issues which lead me to this post, and since i have taken it to the garage. You MUST MUST MUST take your car to a garage as soon as possible!! Turned out my spark plugs AND ignition coil had corroded. My vauxhall adam had just turned three, and hasn’t even reached 20,000 miles yet. So it was a shock, but the longer you drive the car the more it damages your engine, and puts you into more danger. Unfortunately it’s costing me £400 from a Vauxhall garage to fix, which is ridiculous when it was one month of warranty. If you are experiencing the jittery/shakey almost about to stall feeling, and you are struggling to accelerate more than usual. Get you car checked asap and do not drive unless to the car garage.


Have you fixed this issue? My car did this today- same make and model but 62 plate


I am having the exact same with my astra gtc 63 plate.... Just had a full service done yesterday and it seems to now be worse. Any advice

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Updated 1st Nov 2020Last updated 1st Nov 2020 by Wadda
Hi, My Vauxhall Mokka CDT 2013 has the dreaded Service Vehicle Soon message on the dashboard. I'm getting close to the MOT date, does anyone know if this a pass or a fail on the … Read more

Buy a cheap odb scanner and check the codes. If you have a android phone a cheap Bluetooth one and the torque app will be ideal.


Maybe battery issje


You're welcome, I'd be surprised if it was anything other than a glow plug fault.


Thanks for the advice. Youtube is a great source of knowledge as well but actual hands on experience is always good advice. (y)


I usually leave £50 cash in an envelope marked for the attention of the MOT man or woman and leave it on the passenger seat with a nice thank you card and a big box of chocalates or sometimes a giant sized Yorkie bar! ....if only..LOL XD

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Updated 20th Sep 2020Last updated 20th Sep 2020 by danflorin3
Vauxhall Astra J battery..??...??..
Will this battery fit my Vauxhall Astra J? On Amazon and Ebay it says it doesn't, but on eurocarparts website it shows that it fits + the measurements are the same as the one tha… Read more

Same, doesn't fit:))


Purely out of interest, what result do you get for slightly shorter Varta Blue Dynamic E43?


Thats the dimensions, but don't understand why it says this..doesn't fit...


Varta Silver F18 has greater capacity in same dimensions of GM original (assumed as 315x175x175mm). Random example sold directly by Amazon for next day delivery at £91


Would be great to find the same battery as the original one..but after hours of searching, couldn't find one

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Updated 31st Jul 2020Last updated 31st Jul 2020 by shef0072
2011 plate , 101,000, 2.0 cdti . It’s just had new clutch and flywheel , new cambelt , new discs and pads rear and front ones were fine a few 1000 miles ago Car is making a i… Read more

Is this when you rev from 1st to 2nd?


Being a 9 year old Vauxhall i would jack it up and take a look at for perished rubber on the suspension, how's the hangers for the exhaust? That being said, the Insignia was mean for high endurance (mileage) over a short life span, these cars were always meant for the fleet market and then for recycling. That equation was cannot be reworked....! If you are that offended or feel nervous about a squeak stop spending money on car and get rid of it a sort of sad but true fact b/c it wont get better with age ;) if its not one thing it will be another.


Maybe have a look on the car forums but you’ll need to pin point where it’s coming from have a look here


Have you tried cheese, or a cat? :p


Could be like the old VW Golf advert. Try a drop of oil on wife's earing.