Posted 2nd Mar 2023 (Posted 9 h, 52 m ago)
recently found 9V 6800Mah Li-ion Rechargeable Micro USB Batteries,seems to be easy option for all connections/charging.
Any tips? or you agree that it be good?
I think of getting a dozen = 10= 90V 68 000Mah
And please,share mid-drive motor options ...
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  1. Bobbajob's avatar
    Not sure that's how batteries work.

    You can have either 90V with 6,800mAh or 9V with 68,000mAh but not both.
    Depends if they're wires in series or parallel.

    Also is it Mah or mAh?
    Big difference between milli and Mega.
    EndlessWaves's avatar
    6,800MAh would be a 250 ton battery, which might be a tad impractical for a bicycle.
  2. EndlessWaves's avatar
    The ones in your Aliexpress link are fakes. You don't get 61Wh batteries that cheap or small.

    Generally portable USB power banks are a good guide as to the best you can expect of a battery pack of the same capacity in terms of price, weight and size.

    The same 61Wh (9V * 6.8Ah) capacity in a power bank (~16,500mAh@3.7V) would run you about £15-20. So anyone offering such a 9V, 6.8Ah pack for those prices would be very attractive.

    Anything below that you should be highly suspicious, and something that's £3 each and a fraction of the size can't be anything other than a scam. (edited)
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