Sky Broadband Boost - is it worth it?

Posted 11th Aug 2020
Currently negotiating my Sky TV / Broadband package and they've mentioned Broadband Boost for an additional £5 a month.

However, is it any good? Would the different router and service be better than the usual Superfast broadband service you'd get?
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  1. ahk_08's avatar
    Take the package without the broadband boost and then few months later complain that your router doesnt give the range as it should and they will send you a booster for free. Its a loaner equipment so will have to return it back if at the end of contract you leave sky.

    I had a genuine range issue and they sent a broadband booster for free and i get better coverage throughout the house now and speeds are constant

    Hope that helps
  2. KingNav360's avatar
    The boost is.....
    Give your Sky Broadband a boost and when your broadband has been activated, you’ll get these extra features:

    Get engineer visits at a time that suits you, even evening and weekends, at no extra cost.
    A reliable connection is important, so we’ll run daily checks on your line. If it’s not up to scratch, we’ll text you to let you know we’re fixing it fast.
    Control of your family’s screen time is in your hands with the Sky Broadband Buddy app.
    Got Sky Mobile? If your broadband drops out, we’ll put 2GB in your Sky Mobile Piggybank.
    And if you took Sky Broadband Boost after 4th of September 2019:

    From the bedroom to the kitchen, we guarantee WiFi in every room of your home, or we will give you money back.

    Wifi guarantee is 3mbps for each room, which isnt great.

    Waste of 5 quid a month really.

    If you have any Sky Q mini's they work as wifi extenders anyways.
  3. jb66's avatar
    £5 to get the service you should be anyway? No thanks
  4. OneWorld's avatar
    Well, a new customer would get that router as standard so I don't see why you'd want to pay an extra £5 a month for the router.

    As for the "boost" . You're better off using powerline adapters (for wired connections) or Wi-Fi extenders. They costing no more than £15-20, and you'll own that equipment rather than renting it from Sky.

    With regards to their promise of fixing any faults on your line, they are obligated to do so regardless. Frankly, if it's been reliable up until now, then I wouldn't really worry about the sky mobile boost. Also you'd also have to be a sky mobile customer to take advantage of this.

    The only thing left is the 'Sky Broadband buddy' and that's on to you as to whether you need it. If you want parental controls, then you may want it.

    Personally I wouldn't go for it.
  5. mutley1's avatar
    i was offered this when our tv and broadband package was reviewed and when i asked the advisor whether we would need the boost broadband package, he said it would only be needed if you had lots of people in the house using different devices at the same time. this is when it becomes useful.

    as there are only 2 of us it wouldn't be that useful to us, but if you have a family where everyone is using their device, then it would be useful i am told.
  6. lyesbkz's avatar
    It "boosts" the service you get to what a normal person would consider an acceptable level of service.

    I would advise not taking it and then, if you have any problems that require the Boost to fix, arguing that the level service they are providing you with is unreasonable. (edited)
  7. Broxy's avatar
    I've got the new sky router and it hasn't lost a beat since it was installed back in march. its on a par with the BT smart hubs.
  8. ch7leach's avatar
    For the £5 don't you also get a free text when your internet has gone down? I mean without that text how would I know? ... I declined to take it when given the option
  9. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    If everything works as is then why pay more?
  10. markmc999's avatar
    I had the previous version as a freebie on my account (and didnt realise) when I rang up to query an issue with speeds they did some checks and I was 0.2mb under the speed they said I should get so without me even mentioning it (as I didnt know) they gave me a month free internet and a new router - same as usual.

    When I got the new contract about 3 weeks later they offered to 'upgrade' to this one at a £5pm fee. I declined as it didnt seem worth it. They then said they'd do it at £3 but give me £30 credit so I'd pay £24 for the last 8 months of contract. That got me a newer router which has made quite a bit of difference except in one room so I am going to call up for the hubs.

    What I would say is its worth it if you can get it at a reduced price as I've noticed this new router (which supposedly you only get with the Boost) is MUCH more reliable and MUCH faster speed wise to the usual ones. AND if you claim twice on the policy you get it for the rest of the time free. So, if you are thinking its slower than it should be just call on off chance - even that TINY fraction under and you get a month free.

    So, I wouldnt pay £5pm, but, am quite happy with the package I got (£24 over 18 months).
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