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Updated 12th AprLast updated 12th Apr by Mellage
Have tried Lidl's diet freeway cola which tastes okay when chilled but goes flat rather quickly, any other supermarket own brand alternatives you recommend?

We tried the Tesco xero at the weekend and it was quite nice actually


Stick to full fat. Diet and zero much worse for your stomach..


All gross, when they make them taste like full sugar ill be intrested, until then they all have a foul aftertaste and taste in general, all I get is a big mouth of foam


There really isn’t any good alternatives I’m afraid.


No one wants a version of Pepsi Max, a lesser version of an already lesser beverage. XD Where are the Coke competitors at?

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Dog Raw Food Diet
Hi I will be getting my new puppy soon and will be doing a raw diet. I am looking to do make the meals myself, as it’s pretty straightforward, it’s just about sourcing (more s… Read more

Stefs pet pantry is a great supplier, they have loads of brands! I feed my dog DAF, premade around £1 per 454g. I also feed my cat but make his myself as its easier with him only having a small bit per day. Again buy what I need from stefs.


They are a good bunch on there and will help all the way


Thanks so much. I have joined them, I am sure will take some reading to get my head around this.


You'll find the best places on the Facebook barf forum, bit outta touch now with suppliers


Luckily I have a very good food processor. My main concern was sourcing at a good price esp the organ meats

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Updated 13th Dec 2020Last updated 13th Dec 2020 by kevlfc
Gluten free bread flour
Anyone know why the supermarkets stopped selling gluten free bread flour. The last time I was able to buy some was a month after the lockdown. Since then I’ve not seen it stocked a… Read more

yer in asda the free from and gluten free or world food


Nice one thanks


Morrisons still sell the white bread flour.


Do they, I’ve never seen it there. They usually have it under the free from section


Try ocado

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Updated 6th Dec 2020Last updated 6th Dec 2020 by ItsFrazer
Best diet energy drink.
My top 3 in no particular order are, Aldi dark thunder, Monster blue logo & Monster white can.Not a fan of Red Bull though, (fierce) (fierce) (fierce) (fierce)

Sound like jay "everything is drugs, alcohol, coffee, bees, car tyres"


Your body treats all sugars in the same manner and does not differentiate between naturally occuring sugars and added sugars. In many cases, these smoothies and supposedly "healthier" marketed fruit based drinks have a higher sugar content. Everything is made of chemicals.




No comment on that one.


Well 👀 ahaha

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Updated 6th Nov 2020Last updated 6th Nov 2020 by porkscratchin
Anyone know where I can get some good gluten free coffee chocolates from please?
If anyone has any recommendations would be appreciated please, struggling to find any in supermarkets

Haven't tried it but Asda appears to do this one

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Updated 3rd Apr 2020Last updated 3rd Apr 2020 by Danze1984
FREE. KetoDiet: The #1 Keto Diet App For iOS
I think I will need this as I am putting on weight because of lockdown. :) WHAT IS KETO? The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet that causes ketones t… Read more

All well and good until you get gallstones and spend a week in hospital with pancreatitis.


I’m surprised they didn’t slap a free for NHS for the PR